CORSAIR K65 Pro Mini: The Perfect Blend of Compact Design and Functionality for Chinese Gamers

Many fans of shooter games prefer compact keyboards, and CORSAIR had previously released the K65 Mini and K70 Pro Mini, both featuring a 60% layout. However, for users who rely on the Chinese input method and require directional keys for character selection, these models could be challenging to use.

CORSAIR’s recently introduced K65 Pro Mini gaming keyboard comes with a 65-key layout, adding arrow keys to better cater to Chinese players. This design balances both gaming and everyday typing requirements.

Technical Details:

  • Key Arrangement: 65 keys
  • Switch Type: CORSAIR OPX Optical switches
  • Key Travel Distance: Adjustable up to 1mm
  • Actuation Points: Up to 2 customizable settings
  • Keycap Material: Dual-color PBT molding
  • Connectivity: USB 3.0 or 3.1 Type-A wired connection
  • Polling Rate: As high as 8000Hz
  • Onboard Storage: 8MB
  • Warranty Period: 2 years


In recent years, the demand for compact keyboards has surged, and CORSAIR’s earlier models featuring a 60% layout generally worked well for non-Chinese speakers. However, for those who require character selection in Chinese input methods, the newly released K65 PRO MINI with its dedicated arrow keys is a more suitable choice.

Beyond the layout adjustments, the K65 PRO MINI also incorporates in-house OPX optical switches. Coupled with AXON Hyper-Processing technology for connectivity, the keyboard supports a high polling rate of up to 8000Hz. This ensures quick and precise key activations and extends the device’s lifespan.

Moreover, the keyboard now includes dual layers of sound-dampening material to improve tactile feedback and minimize typing noise. Overall, these enhancements contribute to a significantly improved user experience.

K65 PRO MINI packaging front.
The product features, shaft markings, and keycap configuration in English are printed on the front of the package.
There are two layers of acoustic damping inside the keyboard.
Keyboard, transmission line, and pattern-printed blank keys.

The recently introduced K65 PRO MINI stands in contrast to its predecessor, the original K65, in several ways. Notably, it features a 65-key layout that includes directional keys and an additional 4 keys. The construction has also been revamped, showcasing exposed switches and an aluminum alloy top plate, enhancing both its aesthetic and tactile qualities. As previously noted, dual layers of sound-damping material have been incorporated internally. In summary, the K65 has undergone substantial improvements from the inside out. For those who prioritize typing ease, the K65 PRO MINI is unquestionably a more fitting choice compared to the K70 PRO MINI.

K65 PRO MINI is configured with 65 keys.
The keyboard adopts a bare-shaft design, and the upper cover is made of hairline aluminum alloy.
Keyboard cover //K65 printed.

Due to its 65-key compact layout, the keyboard has significantly fewer keys compared to a full-sized version. To compensate for the missing functions, users can employ the Fn key in combination with other keys. For instance, the F1 to F12 functions can be accessed through the Fn key combined with the number keys 1 to 0. If users have additional customization requirements, they can also set up new key combinations via the iCue software.

The default shortcut key function uses side engraving printing.
The shortcut keys on the left provide mouse operations, lighting effect adjustment, and other functions.
The shortcut keys on the right provide function key area, multimedia keys and macro functions.

The keycaps are crafted from dual-color molded PBT material that is translucent. They have a matte finish, making them resistant to oil and grime. As for the switches, the keyboard uses proprietary OPX optical switches. With a key travel distance of just 1.0mm, these switches actuate more quickly than Cherry Silver switches, allowing for faster and more precise keystrokes.

Schematic diagram of PBT keycaps and lighting effects.
Double-color molded PBT keycaps.

Regarding the base design, the K65 Pro Mini marks an upgrade from its predecessor, the K65 Mini, which featured a single, fixed-angle support leg. The new version offers a two-stage adjustable support leg, providing users with more flexibility in setting their preferred angle. The keyboard comes equipped with a Type-C connection port at the back.

View of the underside of the keyboard.
Two sections of support angle.
Type-C port.

iCUE software

The iCUE software offers a range of customizable options including key assignment, lighting effects, and polling rate adjustments. Additionally, users interested in keeping track of their hardware specifications can also access this information within the iCUE software.

iCUE software.
In the key function settings page, users have the flexibility to remap keys based on their specific needs. For instance, in Chinese typing, the Ctrl key is often used for entering punctuation marks. If you find this more convenient, you can easily reassign the Alt key to perform the Ctrl key’s functions through the software settings.
Lighting effect setting page.
Win Lock function settings.
The device settings can turn on the 8000Hz polling rate.


After using the K65 Pro Mini for a few days, it’s evident that it’s more user-friendly than its predecessor, the K65 Mini, especially when balancing gaming and document-related tasks. However, due to its non-standard 65-key layout, it may require some time for users to fully adapt.

From a design perspective, the upgrade is highly satisfying. The K65 Pro Mini features exposed switches topped with an aluminum alloy cover, bringing back the signature CORSAIR feel. Additionally, the internal sound damping enhances both the tactile feedback and the auditory experience. Overall, the performance is solid. Those interested in acquiring a compact keyboard should certainly consider this option.

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Title: CORSAIR K65 Pro Mini: The Perfect Blend of Compact Design and Functionality for Chinese Gamers