ASUS established Metaverse NFT platform to attack Web3.0

Looking at the next-generation business opportunities, ASUS officially entered the Metaverse and established “ASUS Metaverse Co., Ltd.”, integrating the group’s cloud computing, artificial intelligence, blockchain and other resources, and launched a “cross-border application NFT platform” through art, photography, fashion. , video and games and other related content and IP, allowing more people in the metaverse to create personalized characters, spaces through NFT, and even have fantasy collectibles that are out of reach in reality.


Xie Mingjie, Chief Operating Officer and Global Senior Vice President of ASUS, said: “ASUS pays special attention to the development trends of the new generation industry, especially the power of Web 3.0, so we set up a new company to express our determination to operate the Metaverse for a long time. The first step is to Establish an NFT platform and invite content creators in various fields to become new partners of ASUS.”
At present, the platform is checked by Zeng Mingnan, chairman of Zhongding Art, famous writer Cai Shiping, curator Wang Kunsheng, media people Dai Zhongren, Zhou Mingjing and others. Introduce the works on the shelf. The first wave of creators to join include Zhang Zhenyu, the former director of the Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Yang Yannang, a full-time professor of the Department of Calligraphy and Painting, National Taiwan University of the Arts, and the first Chinese in history to use Da Vinci. Lin Jian, the creator of “Transparent Dyeing Method”, Zhang Peijun, who has accumulated hundreds of awards in national competitions, and Wang Zimian, a cutting-edge illustrator who has participated in the Paris Art Salon for many times, will also be included in various fields in the future. Content creators, helping them connect to the Metaverse.
A series of activities will be planned for the follow-up platform. For more information, please refer to the official website link:

Features of ASUS Metaverse Cross-border Application NFT Platform
1. Official genuine certification, preventing inferior products or piracy: All works are only put on the shelves after double checks by galleries, experts, and platforms, and only limited NFTs with only genuine, carefully selected high-quality content are sold.
2. Comments by professional connoisseurs, highlighting the uniqueness and value of the works: Through expert opinions, you can have a deeper understanding of the artist and the value of his works, and it is easier to buy works of collectible significance.
3. NFT is additionally empowered to obtain VIP exclusive privileges: What collectors buy is not just digital files, but can actually be used as VIP certificates, enjoying special qualifications or priority, and narrowing the distance between them and artists. For example, after purchasing the works of Lin Jian, who is known as the first painter of the Yellow River, he can also be invited to visit his private cave painting space to achieve an interactive experience of virtual and real.
4. Lower the entry threshold and easily own NFTs: works are priced in fiat currency, and there is no need to hold cryptocurrencies and bear the risk of currency fluctuations. Anyone can purchase them in fiat currency through simple steps.
5. The platform has undergone strict checks and security tests to effectively prevent malicious attacks, and has been audited by third-party authoritative units to improve the security of smart contracts, making them stable and reliable.

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Title: ASUS established Metaverse NFT platform to attack Web3.0