Apple Watch Ultra Casual Review Perspective

This review is for all casual people like me considering buying the Apple Watch Ultra but not running marathons or doing any of those extreme sports. Apple showed off in its marketing. This review is for those who want to buy the Apple Watch Ultra because it’s freaking fantastic.

Now, the cool factor isn’t the only reason casual users should be buying the Ultra because there are many reasons that I’m going to cover in this review, which will basically wrap up my experience with the Ultra over the past week. And let me tell you, I’ve never been this excited about an Apple watch because, unlike any of the previous updates, this is the first time an Apple Watch ever felt this unique or fresh. After all, all the other last updates didn’t change much besides the display.

For the first time since the original Apple Watch, we finally have a significant redesign that ranges from the brand new shape with a protruding flat casing at the top to protect the flat glass panel as well as a vast and unique crown down to the addition of the Crown Guard, an additional button on the side and a redesigned speaker, which is much louder than before.

This significant design change right here is the number one reason I upgraded because it feels like a different watch with industrial and severe styling that I love, but it’s not. It’s still just an Apple watch, and it’s the best Apple watch. But before I get into why I fully believe in that statement, let’s start this review with some of the simple things that are unique to the Ultra, but I love it so much as a casual user.

First of all, the night mode feature is fantastic because it gives you the option to have two different watch faces, and you can instantly switch between them at any moment by simply rotating the crown. And I have fallen in love with the red and black night mode theme so much that I’ve been using it exclusively throughout the past week because it’s so cool.

It is not only that but as the added effect of saving extra battery life because more of the display is pitch black. And if you didn’t already know, the red LEDs require the least amount of voltage and power to light up, leading to even more battery life savings. And speaking of battery life, it’s so good that my low battery anxiety has disappeared.

Something that’s never happened before. Depending on your actions, I’m talking about two to three days of battery life. I’m not even kidding. People with battery life anxiety should consider upgrading for this reason alone. On top of that, the new Wayfinder watch face is honestly the one I’ve always dreamed of. Something that looks more serious and more like an analog watch while also packing a bunch of clean complications. No other watch face before. It has impressed me as much as this one, and it’s honestly part of why I like the Ultra. Another thing I want about it is the new flat top design with the matte display glass, which makes this watch much more rugged. I don’t do any crazy sports or anything like that, but over the past week, I’ve already smacked a couple of things on accident, and behold, not a single scratch on display.

We had to try super hard to break it. I don’t even worry about it anymore. At the same time, every previous watch model came with rounded glass fully exposed to direct hits, which always concerned me, but not with the Ultra.

I also appreciate the extra piece of mind knowing that this watch is rated for the most intense dust scratch and water resistance levels with the 810H military standard rating and the e N 13 319 certifications for water resistance. So I can take it anywhere I’d like to without worrying about it. And honestly, I have a thing for titanium metal, which is the only finish available on the Ultra. There’s just something about the durability, weight, and color of titanium that I’ve always loved so much that I even bought nomads expensive titanium pen, which I find incredible.

The simple fact that the Apple Watch Ultra isn’t painted with the finish being the actual bare titanium metal means that if you get a scratch on it, it’s not going to be noticeable like the space black stainless steel, which has silver-colored metal underneath the paint. So that’s another reason not to worry about scratches on the Altra.

Another aspect of the design I like is the new Crown guard that protects the crown. Still, the most significant advantage is that, together with the thicker design, the crown no longer gets accidentally pressed against your wrist, which unintentionally invokes Siri. That alone is a nice bonus. I originally got the Alpine Band, which was the only option we could choose if we wanted to get it on launch day.

Since the trail loop models were all delayed, I’m not fond of the Alpine Band. I wouldn’t say I like the clasp, which takes forever to put on and adjust. And the fabric itself wasn’t very comfortable since it allowed the watch to wiggle around a bit on my wrist.

Unfortunately, I had to leave my Ultra behind when I went wake surfing a few days ago because I didn’t want this Starlight Alpine band to get wet and potentially smelly and dirty. And I know Apple has their ocean band for that, but I wouldn’t say I like it. It isn’t pleasant and doesn’t match the Ultra’s aesthetic.

If you disagree, prove me wrong in the comments, but thankfully no mad sent us over a couple of their sports bands, which I love because it comfortably grips my wrist. And the rugged design with these embedded notches matches the Ultra much better than Apple’s Sport Band.

Now, going even more profound, I think Apple failed in a big way in terms of the Ultra, and that’s the fact that they’re only offering three new band styles with it, and none of them are stylish or fancy for those casual users out there that want their watch to look good. These classy steel bands come from our partner George, with excellent interlace band links, either with a hundred percent natural wood or this unique thermostat material.

The unique features of the Ultra, I love how the display can go up to 2000 nits because I could see and read anything on the show, even in direct sunlight, without any issues.

Since the battery life is so good, I don’t have to worry about the extra brightness draining the battery, I was also able to set the standard brightness to the max without a second thought, and I don’t even have to use the theater mode at night because of the new night mode, which is even quicker to enable and disable.

This past week, I haven’t had time to test new features like the dual-frequency GPS for backtracking and weigh points, the diving app with water temperature readings, and the siren.

But it’s nice to know that when I eventually go on a wild camping or hiking trip or anything like that, I can put those features to use. Who am I kidding? I don’t go wild camping.

Those features are pretty cool for those who do. And as for the action button, at the very least, it can turn on the super bright 2000 knit flashlight instantly.

Maybe I’m more casual than the average Apple watched user, but no one can argue with this last point for why the Apple Watch Ultra is worth it. And that is, of course, value.

If you configure a stainless steel series eight Apple watch with a 45-millimeter case size that best matches the 49-millimeter Ultra, the price is already $750, even with the cheapest sport band. And the reason you do this is that only the stainless steel models come with a Sapphire display, which is similarly scratch resistant, like the Ultra, as the Illumina models are known to scratch easily both on the glass and the case itself. And then, if you choose a better band for the stainless steel model, you’re sitting at $800, the same price as the Ultra.

So if you compare all the feature differences, including the battery life and some features that Apple didn’t mention, like the fact that the tactic engine is quite a bit stronger and more responsive, the Ultra is, of course, the best bang for the Buck Apple watch of all time.

That’s even before considering how the design is fresh, new, and likely won’t change for at least a few years, making it the perfect time to upgrade from an older Apple Watch, even for casual users like myself. And with that said, I don’t regret spending $800 upgrading to the Ultra, knowing that it’s the complete Apple Watch model ever made, so I will likely stick with it for years.

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Title: Apple Watch Ultra Casual Review Perspective