You can connect the Corsair EX100U 2TB portable solid-state drive to USB Type-C or USB-A, more compact than a business card, practical, and transportable


In the past, when we bought mobile hard drives, there were always HDDs inside the mobile hard drives that were heavy and slow in read-and-write performance. The mobile hard drives were large and could only be carried in bags. It is quite inconvenient to carry a rather heavy hard drive. Corsair has launched the 22g ultra-lightweight 1600MB/s high read/write performance, even small enough to carry in your pocket EX100U 2TB mobile solid state drive, whether it is data It is very suitable for accessing or backing up game files.

Corsair EX100U Specifications
Storage capacity: 1TB, 2TB, 4TB
Connection interface: USB 3.2 Gen2x2 (20Gb)
Transmission cable: USB 3.2 Type-C, USB 3.2 Type-A
Weight: 52g (including cable)
Warranty: Three-year limited warranty
Dimensions (long x width x height): 79x37x11mm

Corsair EX100U 2TB out of the box

Corsair’s new portable mobile solid-state drive EX100U is characterized by the lightest size and largest storage capacity, aimed at professionals who pursue extremely fast read and write performance and large-capacity file transfer needs Workers and other customers.

The EX100U adopts the USB 3.2 Gen2x2 interface to provide a transmission speed of 20Gbps. The cable has two connection interfaces, USB Type-C and USB Type-A, which can be used whether it is an old computer, gaming PC, Mac, or a game console. Compatibility, easy to realize the convenience of plug-and-play of various devices and multi-platforms, but you need to pay attention to whether the connected device interface is USB 3.2 Gen2x2. You can make EX100U play its due performance with the correct interface specification.

Different from the e-sports style impression given to players by Corsair in the past, the EX100U has a low-key and simple visual style, whether it is its own appearance or the design language of the outer packaging, because compared with the gorgeous RGB appearance, Emphasizing on a lighter size and excellent read/write performance is the product goal of mobile solid-state drives.

The EX100U outer box is printed with sequential read and write up to 1600MB/s and 1500MB/s.
Support PC, Mac, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Corsair EX100U has three capacity specifications of 1TB, 2TB, and 4TB. You no longer need to worry about insufficient storage space for backup and storage of audio-visual and photo files. The connection cable provides two options: the current mainstream USB Type-C to C and the USB Type-A to C, which has better device compatibility.

Corsair EX100U is connected to the device through USB 3.2 Gen2x2 Type-C and Type-A cables.

The product features of the EX100U mobile solid-state drive are advertised as being smaller than a credit card. The size is only 79x37x11 mm, and the mobile hard drive weighs only 22g. I thought someone took the EX100U away and didn’t leave it in the box. The ultra-lightweight design is a great boon for users who often need to run around with files!

The ultra-small size of 79x37x11 mm is smaller than credit cards and business cards.
The weight of the EX100U mobile solid-state drive is only 22g.
Even if the two wires are included and measured together, the entire set of mobile solid-state drives does not exceed 52g.

The shell of EX100U is made of frosted aluminum alloy. The surface is treated with black and light grey anodizing to improve the texture of the mobile solid-state drive and the service life of the shell. A light grey Corsair logo is printed on the hard drive’s centre. One end point of the drive has a black cable opening, which can be used to decorate the EX100U with mobile phone straps and lanyards; on the back of the product, there is a label sticker of the product model, and the entire external hard drive is presented in shape similar to a square platform.

The frosted aluminum alloy shell has a hanging rope fixing hole.
Corsair EX100U bottom.
EX100U is printed on the side trim strip.

Seeing this, you may be a little confused. Why can’t you see the connection interface on the EX100U? In fact, after pulling out the dustproof bottom cover at the bottom of the EX100U, you can see the USB Type-C 3.2 Gen2x2 interface Hide here.

At the same time, the bottom cover can achieve dust-proof, simple appearance, interface protection, etc., which greatly reduces the frequent occurrence of dust in the USB interface, which causes the interface to oxidize, and then leads to poor contact after the interface has been used for a long time. The block next to the interface is matched with a brushed glossy decorative cover, which also makes the shape of the EX100U achieve a modified and simple look.

The outer ring is surrounded by a black trim strip around the light gray case.
The USB Type-C 3.2 Gen2x2 port is hidden under the dust cover.
In the gradually popular USB Type-C to C connection method, the two transmission lines in the accessories are both 30cm long.
Even if the old computer does not have a USB Type-C interface device, it can still use the included USB Type-A to C cable for data transmission.

Portable SSD Corsair EX100U 2TB Transfer Performance Test

The Corsair EX100U mobile solid-state drive uses a PC for data transmission performance testing, using Intel’s 12th generation i9-12900K processor with an ASRock Z690 Taichi Razer motherboard to build a Windows 11 test platform.

View the system’s detailed content and data of Corsair EX100U 2TB. The default file system is the exFAT mode, and the usable capacity is 1.81TB. In addition, the default settings for storage devices in Windows 10/11 operating systems are relatively conservative. The removal principle will quickly remove this safer setting, change the removal policy to “better performance”, and turn on “Enable write caching on the device” in the write cache policy to get better system performance, but turn on After these two functions, you must obediently use the exit disk drive function.

The default file system is exFAT, and the usable capacity is 1.81TB.
Enable better performance and write cache settings in the system.

First, check the basic data of Corsair EX100U 2TB through the CrystalDiskInfo software. It adopts the NVME Express 1.0/1.1 standard to support the SMART function, and the standby temperature is 50°C without the direct blowing of an additional fan.

CrystalDiskInfo software to view basic data.

Use CrystalDiskMark software to test the read and write performance of Corsair EX100U 2TB in an empty disk state. In the default mode, the test file capacity is set to 1GiB, and the read and write speeds are 1680.04 MB/s and 1546.23 MB/s.

The Q8T1 test results in the first column represent that a thread has eight queue depths, indicating that there are eight 1MB access items waiting to be completed in the work list. The corresponding situation is, for example, eight 1MB files of different files are read from or written to the hard disk simultaneously. Generally speaking, such operations are rarely performed.

CrystalDiskMark default mode 1GiB profile test results.

For daily use situations or game players, refer to the range of items from QD1 to QD4. We switch the CrystalDiskMark configuration file to the real-world performance test, and the first column will be changed to Q1T1, although the running results will be lower than Q8T1. Some will be more in line with the performance of the actual daily use experience.

The reason is that the operating system often uses Q1T1’s mode of 1 thread and 1 queue depth in most daily operations, so Q1T1 is more suitable for daily use than Q8T1. In Q1T1 mode, the test file capacity, when set to 1GiB, the read and write speeds were 779.51 MB/s and 1274.57 MB/s.

CrystalDiskMark real-world mode 1GiB profile test results.

Next, test through TxBENCH. In the default test file 512MB mode, the results of Read 1735.104 MB/s and Write 1568.051 MB/s are obtained. After switching to the 32GB mode with a larger file size, the read rate is 1419.895 MB/s, and the write rate is 1216.984 MB/s.

TxBENCH default test file 512MB mode results.
Results in TxBENCH 32GB mode.

Then use ATTO Disk Benchmark to test the continuous read and write performance and stability of files of different sizes. The maximum value of Corsair EX100U 2TB is 1.81 GB/s for writing and 1.69 GB/s for reading.

ATTO Disk Benchmark.

The performance of writing and reading professional video multimedia files uses AJA System Test to simulate the situational test. The setting is 5120×2700 5K RED format for 64GB and 1GB files. The final score is 1GB writing 1406 MB/s, reading 1385 MB/s, 1166 MB/s write, and 1159 MB/s read for 64GB mode.

AJA System Test 1GB.
AJA System Test 64GB.

Next, use PCMARK 10 to test the storage performance. Data Drive Benchmark (Data Drive Benchmark Test) is a data drive storing files as the main test object. It is very in line with the Corsair EX100U 2TB product positioning unpacked today. You can also use this item to test NAS, USB, memory card and other related storage devices. In this test, the Corsair EX100U 2TB has a bandwidth of 93.98 MB/s and an average access time of 303µs. The final total score of the test is 570 points.

PCMark 10- Data Drive Benchmark (data drive benchmark test).

In addition to the above-mentioned running test items, the test is carried out according to the photo file transfer of the actual daily use situation. This time, the 10.1GB ARW+JPG pure photo folder is used for the test, which is copied from the desktop to the EX100U. Writing test, the writing process takes about 18 seconds, the speed is up to about 792 MB per second, and then the photo folder is copied from EX100U to the desktop for the reading test, the whole process only takes 5 seconds, and the speed exceeds 3 GB per second.

The daily writing test of copying a 10GB photo folder from the system to the hard disk took about 18 seconds to complete.
It takes 5 seconds to read and copy files from EX100U to the system desktop.

The FastCopy software greatly increases the speed of copying a large amount of data by optimizing the thread work order in the copy operation. It is a software often used to copy a large amount of data and back up files. The author uses the same 10.1GB ARW+JPG photo Folder to test and copies the same desktop to EX100U for the writing test. The total time is 8.78 seconds, and the writing transfer speed is 1172.92 MB/s; copies the photo folder from EX100U to the desktop for the reading test, the total time spent is 8.48 seconds, and the write transfer speed is 1213.83 MB/s.

FastCopy writes the test.
FastCopy read test.

Operating temperature We conduct an additional CrystalDiskMark software test. The test file size is set to 1GiB in the default mode of Q8T1 to observe the operating temperature. During the test, the temperature is up to 65°C, and the performance is quite good.

CrystalDiskMark software is tested at a maximum temperature of 65°C.

Corsair SSD Toolbox Hard Disk Software

Corsair EX100U supports its own SSD Toolbox software, which can easily view hard disk-related information and SMART status. At the same time, other functions, such as file cloning, optimization, and secure erasure, cannot be used without EX100U support.

SSD Toolbox HDD information view.
SMART status.


The EX100U mobile solid-state drive launched by Corsair this time has a terabyte-level data storage space, an ultra-lightweight of 22g and a volume smaller than a business card, making the EX100U quite suitable for carrying around for work when going out. The EX100U uses USB 3.2 Gen2x2 for the transmission Interface, such an interface is already available on the current mainstream platforms and casings, and two different USB interface transmission cables have better compatibility with various devices.

EX100U 2TB has a read-and-write performance of 1600 MB/s. Whether it is used for media data storage and transmission for professionals or for gamers to store game records, etc., Corsair EX100U 2TB can meet all kinds of needs.

EX100U has launched three capacities of 1 TB, 2 TB, and 4 TB. Currently, the prices seen on the official website are NT$3775, NT$6875, and NT$17190, respectively. The price is good to start with and provides a three-year limited warranty. If you need an action that you often carry out Type solid state drive, Corsair EX100U is definitely the best choice for portability.

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Title: You can connect the Corsair EX100U 2TB portable solid-state drive to USB Type-C or USB-A, more compact than a business card, practical, and transportable