Unboxing the SilverStone Shark Force 120 ARGB and Shark Force 140 ARGB Fans with Shark Spirit Possession Features

SilverStone’s Shark Force 120 ARGB and Shark Force 140 ARGB are the newest versatile fans featuring unique bionic shark pattern blades. These fans can function both as air pressure fans and airflow fans. Among their attributes are a smart 0 RPM stop function, ARGB serial cable, FDB fluid dynamic bearing, and a three-phase six-pole motor.

Specifications for SilverStone Shark Force 120 / 140 ARGB:

  • Color: Translucent Blades with a Black Frame
  • Materials: Polycarbonate blades and a PBT frame
  • Dimensions: 120 x 120 x 25 mm for 120 model, 140 x 140 x 25 mm for 140 model
  • Voltage: 12V DC
  • Maximum Fan Speed: 2500 RPM for 120 model, 2200 RPM for 140 model
  • Maximum Air Volume: 100 CFM for 120 model, 120 CFM for 140 model
  • Maximum Air Pressure: 4.66 mmH₂O for 120 model, 4 mmH₂O for 140 model
  • Noise Level: 41.2 dBA for 120 model, 38.3 dBA for 140 model
  • Bearing Type: Fluid Bearing (FDB)
  • Connectors: PWM 4-Pin, 5V 3-Pin ARGB
  • Warranty: One-year guarantee

SilverStone Shark Force 120/140 ARGB fan out of the box

SilverStone has launched the Shark Force ARGB series fan in three sizes: 160 mm, 140 mm, and 120 mm. However, unlike the light version of the Shark Force series, the 160 mm size isn’t compatible with most mid-tower cases. In this review, I will focus on the two more mainstream and commonly used sizes: 140 mm and 120 mm.

A standout feature distinguishing the Shark Force ARGB series from the matte Shark Force series is the ARGB lighting effect. The ARGB series includes a 5V 3-Pin ARGB connector that can be hooked up to either a motherboard or a controller. Additionally, it offers compatibility with custom lighting effects for five major motherboard brands: MSI, ASRock, GIGABYTE, ASUS, and BIOSTAR.

SilverStone Shark Force 120 ARGB, Shark Force 140 ARGB fans.
Support software control of lighting effects of five common motherboard brands in Taiwan.
Shark Force 140 ARGB Paper Specifications.
Shark Force 120 ARGB specification chart.

The Shark Force 120/140 ARGB fans are sold in single fan packages, with each package containing only the fan body, wires, short screws, and so on. The dimensions of these fans are 120 x 120 x 25 mm and 140 x 140 x 25 mm, both having a common thickness of 25 mm, making them compatible with most case installations.

The Shark Force 120 ARGB’s speed can be adjusted from 0 to 2500 RPM, offering a maximum air pressure of 4.66 mmH2O and a maximum airflow of 100 CFM. On the other hand, the larger Shark Force 140 ARGB requires only 2200 RPM to achieve a stronger airflow of 120 CFM, with a wind pressure of 4 mmH2O, not much different from its counterpart. Such specifications indicate that the Shark Force ARGB fan series is suitable for use both as radiator fans and case fans.

All Shark Force ARGB series fans utilize FDB dynamic hydraulic bearings and are equipped with a three-phase six-pole motor, delivering a quieter and smoother operating experience to consumers. The inclusion of a PWM control IC chip allows control by the BIOS or other software. This enables a set fan speed curve that achieves a 0 RPM stall function, reaching 0 dB(A) fan noise under low-temperature standby or light load conditions, enhancing overall performance and user experience.

List of contents.
Both fans are 25 mm thick.
Shown on the back of the fan.
Destructive teardown showing a three-phase six-pole motor.

The Shark Force fans feature seven and nine blades for the 140 mm and 120 mm sizes respectively. The design of the fan blades is inspired by the texture of shark skin, creating an optimal hydrodynamic texture. Although SilverStone doesn’t use real shark skin on the fans, the texture is referenced and constructed on the fan blades through 3D modeling to enhance airflow and reduce operational noise.

This shark skin texture concept isn’t new and can also be observed in “sharkskin” swimsuits, which are often worn for swimming or surfing. The design emulates the unique properties of shark skin, aiming to improve performance by reducing drag and optimizing flow, much like the efficiency sought in these particular fans.

Seven and nine blades.
Close-up of imitation shark skin texture.

The fan frame of the Shark Force ARGB series includes specific slots for the fan power supply and LED connections. Accompanying accessories include 4-Pin PWM power supply wires and 5V 3-Pin ARGB control wires. Additionally, the ARGB connectors feature both male and female expansion connectors, allowing for series connections.

This design proves particularly convenient when installing multiple Shark Force ARGB series fans, as the whole line process is simplified. The ability to connect in series fosters an easier and more streamlined installation process, especially when setting up multiple fans within a system.

The functions of the fan slots are clearly labeled, and the installation specifications for the two wires are different, so it’s important to follow the correct guidance and not make a mistake during the installation process. Careful attention to these details ensures that the setup goes smoothly without any unexpected issues.

ARGB serial connector.
Display of wire installation.
Fan accessories.

The Shark Force ARGB series fans are designed with multiple LED lamp beads situated on the rotating shaft at the center of the fan blade. Once the fan is connected to the motherboard or a controller slot using a 5V 3-Pin ARGB cable, these lamp beads can reflect on the translucent polycarbonate fan blades. The resulting light refraction effect illuminates your personalized PC, adding a unique and vibrant touch to the overall appearance!

Lighting effect display on the front of the fan.
The effect of the light fruit on the back is also quite good.


The recently unboxed Shark Force 120 ARGB and Shark Force 140 ARGB fans are compatible with most mainstream chassis specifications. Key to their cooling performance is their impressive maximum air volumes of 100 CFM and 120 CFM, as well as their strong air pressure capabilities, boasting 4.66 mmH₂O and 4 mmH₂O, respectively. I tested the Shark Force 120 ARGB by placing it upright on the desktop and running it at full speed; its robust wind pressure and air volume were even able to drive the displacement of the entire fan. This makes me confident that the Shark Force ARGB series can efficiently serve as the air pressure fans required for radiators, or as intake/exhaust fans for the case.

Featuring shark pattern blades, the Shark Force 120 ARGB and Shark Force 140 ARGB fans are currently priced at NT$620 and NT$700 in Taiwan’s sales channels. If you’re in search of a fan that offers ARGB lighting effects and adequate heat dissipation performance, the Shark Force 120 ARGB and Shark Force 140 ARGB are indeed worthy options to consider.

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Title: Unboxing the SilverStone Shark Force 120 ARGB and Shark Force 140 ARGB Fans with Shark Spirit Possession Features