Triangular Fist Blade CORSAIR – KATAR ELITE WIRELESS Mouse / 26,000 DPI, 2000Hz, 69g

Are you that person who keeps your palms in the air while using a mouse? The Corsair Katar series of mice has a unique shape, perfect for gamers who like to operate with their fingertips! Whether the player wants a grip with arched knuckles that reduces the contact area between the palm and the back cover of the mouse compared to the grip, or a point grip that relies on the contact between the front of the five fingers and the front of the mouse to control the mouse, it is lightweight With its relatively flat, wide palm rest and 26,000 DPI, the compact Katar Elite Wireless is definitely ideal for extreme handling.


Interface: Wired/2.4G/Bluetooth
Sensor: MARKSMAN 26K
Return rate: 2000Hz/1000Hz/500Hz/250Hz/125Hz selectable
Number of keys: 6 keys
Sensitivity: 26,000 DPI
Product size: 64.2 x 115.8 x 37.8 mm
Micro switch: Omron 60M L/R Click
Battery life: 2.4G 60hrs, BT 110hrs
Product weight: 69g
iCUE Support: Yes

Unique Symmetrical Shape, New Sensor Returns

Katar is a traditional weapon of India and has a special symbolic meaning in ancient Indian society. The traditional Katar comprises a unique “H”-shaped horizontal handle and a double-edged dagger with a sharp edge. This places the blade above the user’s knuckles while the sides of the forearm are protected by metal handles. In the traditional Indian martial art Kararipayat, it is an advanced metal weapon practice. Its application methods include stabbing, chopping, grid, locking, throwing, etc. Because of its triangular shape, it is also known as the triangular first blade.

Katar Elite Wireless is based on the previous Katar Pro. The appearance is not much different from its predecessor. The changes include a new 26,000 DPI Marksman optical sensor, a USB-C port, an upgrade to a 2,000Hz polling rate, and a lighter 69g Ultra lightweight.

Katar Elite Wireless comes in classic black and yellow packaging.
Write the features of the mouse on the back.

At 64.2 x 115.8 x 37.8 mm (WLH), the Katar Elite Wireless is slightly larger than the Katar Pro XT. Unlike most mice, where the widest point is at the bottom, the 64.2mm width is measured on the top panel, while it’s only 53mm wide when measured from the bottom, making it perfectly symmetrical when viewed from the rear. The symmetrical and neat appearance design is especially suitable for players who are used to grasping and pointing. They can perform accurate operations with dexterity and precision and seize the opportunity of the battle.

Katar Elite Wireless.
LOGO is located in the center.
Symmetrical and wide palm rest.

In addition to its exquisite appearance, Katar Elite Wireless is also a highlight of low-latency wireless technology and long-lasting battery life. In addition to connecting via Bluetooth, Katar Elite Wireless is also equipped with Slipstream Wireless technology (2.4GHz) with a delay of less than 1 ms. According to official data, using Bluetooth connection can be used for up to 110 hours; connecting with Slipstream Wireless can reach 60 hours of battery life, allowing players to enjoy playing without “wires.” In fact, in the editor’s test, the battery can last for about 7 days on a 7-hour day, 2.4GHz wireless connection and RGB at 100% brightness.

KATER verifies the real body.
USB-C port.

The Katar Elite Wireless mouse adopts separate left and right buttons, and the left and right buttons also use the CORSAIR QUICKSTRIKE button. The force distance and fast rebound ensure that every click can achieve excellent speed, response, and consistency. The mouse’s six buttons, including the left and right buttons, the scroll wheel, the DPI adjustment button under the scroll wheel, and the two side buttons, can be customized and adjusted. There are triangular cut engravings on the left and right sides of the mouse, which can increase the friction of the thumb when holding the mouse.

Separate left and right buttons.
Left mouse.
Right mouse button.

Coming to the back of the mouse, the center point can see the most significant change from Katar Pro to Elite – Corsair’s exclusive Marksman sensor. Marksman sensors boast a sensitivity of up to 26,000 DPI and maintain accuracy with a maximum tracking speed of up to 650 IPS per second. The sensor also supports a 2,000Hz polling rate for smoother operation and more precise control. The left side of the sensor is the SWITCH button of the three-mode mode, and from top to bottom, are Bluetooth, wired, and 2.4Ghz. There are also mouse horns made of 100% Teflon on the top and bottom of the mouse, which can provide a fast and flexible sliding feeling. Finally, you can see the 2.4GHz receiver and storage location at the bottom.

The back of the mouse.
The receiver is located on the bottom of the mouse.
Three-mode mode SWITCH key.


When the Katar Elite Wireless is held in a point grip, the unique tapered edges provide a better side grip for the thumb, ring, and pinky fingers. Again, this shape is ideal for gripping the way players arch their palms up, allowing the index and middle fingers to tap down more naturally. On the contrary, this appearance is very unsuitable for players who are usually used to grasping. There will be no support points for the thumb and little finger when holding the grip. Therefore, if the player needs document processing after playing games, it is not recommended for players to choose unless they handle it at normal times. Documents are also used using the mouse by grasping or clicking.

Tap and hold.
Grasp is clearly beyond fingertips and is not recommended.

iCUE software

I believe anyone who comes into contact with Corsair’s products will not be too unfamiliar with iCUE. After years of tuning, it has become intuitive and easy to use. You can configure Katar Elite Wireless’s button customization actions, lighting effects, surface correction, polling rate, and macro function settings in the software. When setting DPI, you can also see that different colors will be displayed on the mouse’s DPI button according to different DPIs, so players can identify them more conveniently.

Button customization.
Light adjustment.
DPI adjustment.
Surface correction.
Settings, you can set the polling rate and check the power.


Corsair Katar Elite Wireless is symmetrical and short in appearance, which is relatively suitable for point-grip and grip players. The lightweight and unique tapered design can allow players to gain extra control, but the above reasons also make Katar Elite Wireless quite suitable. Test the usage habits of players. After all, most people will do some paperwork after playing games, which may be a little uncomfortable.

The Katar Elite Wireless mouse is recommended for FPS players who usually operate at high speed. After all, when throwing a gun or super jumping, most players will choose to grasp or click to operate the mouse. Katar Elite Wireless is upgraded with a new generation of optical Marksman sensors, with a sensitivity of up to 26000 DPI and extremely lightweight. It will definitely bring you the perfect mouse experience as an extreme gamer.

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Title: Triangular Fist Blade CORSAIR – KATAR ELITE WIRELESS Mouse / 26,000 DPI, 2000Hz, 69g