The white air cooling division has increased by one! They have unpacked the DEEPCOOL AG620, which features an anti-gravity design, two towers, and two fans

DEEPCOOL, a cooling manufacturer, has recently released the AG620, a new series of air-cooled units. This is the twin of the AK620 and features 6 heat pipes, double towers, and two 120mm fans with hydraulic bearings. The fan speed ranges from 300-1850RPM, providing 67.88 CFM of airflow, 2.04 mmAq of wind pressure, and a noise level of less than 29.4 dBA. The AG620 is available in three different versions: AG620, AG620 ARGB, and AG620 WH ARGB, with the only difference being the presence of lighting effects and color options. The white color, ARGB lighting, and anti-gravity design make it visually striking, whether it is upright or horizontal.

White Twin Towers AG620 Unpacking

The AG620, which was recently unpacked, features a symmetrical double-tower design and has dimensions of 129 x 136 x 157mm. It boasts a large air volume and air pressure, with a maximum fan speed of 1850 RPM and a noise level of 29 dBA. The ARGB models include an ARGB lighting effect and support for motherboard lighting synchronization. For those who prefer a more subdued look, there is also a non-RGB version available. The unit is equipped with six 6mm copper heat pipes and two 120mm fans and has a maximum heat dissipation power consumption of 260W.

Three types of AG620.

Inside, there are multi-platform buckles, serial cables, and thermal paste. It supports INTEL LGA1700 and AMD AM5 platforms, and the improved metal backplane and adapter frame make installation easier.

AG620 WH ARGB (left), AG620 ARGB (middle), AG620 (right).

The AG620 is compatible with the latest INTEL LGA1700 and AMD AM5 platforms. The most popular white color version is available for those who want to match their hardware theme. The top 6 heat pipes are also coated in white, and the unit has a height of only 157mm, making it compatible with most computer cases.

The AG620 tower has a U-shaped structure that is designed to dissipate heat effectively. It features Kyushu Fengshen’s unique symmetrical fin matrix design, and ARGB fans are positioned on both sides. The two 120mm fans are installed in a sandwich configuration and are secured with wire hooks, eliminating the need for any tools during installation. The top of the unit has 6 exposed heat pipes, which the manufacturer claims improve the internal permeability and stability of the heat pipes. At the rear, you can see the special arrangement of the cooling fins that don’t cut hands, which is actually the grid-shaped logo element of Kyushu Fengshen.

Let’s take the most popular white as the protagonist!
Heat pipe and Kyushu Fengshen brand new LOGO.
Lattice cooling fins.

The fans come pre-installed with buckles that securely attach them to the cooling tower. The fans also provide a PWM 4-pin connector and a dedicated RGB 3-pin connector, which are connected in series using the included adapter cable. The fans have a speed range of 300~1850 RPM (PWM) ± 10%, the air volume of 67.88 CFM, air pressure of 2.04 mmAq, and a noise level of ≦ 29.4 dBA, providing both good cooling airflow and quiet operation.

The buckle is pre-installed.
The buckle is anti-drop type. I like this design quite a lot.

The bottom design of the AG620 features a pure copper-plated contact surface, the base is slightly elevated, and the pressure from the buckles ensures a tight fit. Six copper heat pipes run through the two towers and the central copper base. The copper base also has anti-scratch stickers, which should be removed before installation.

6 heat pipes, also painted white.
Anti-oxidation sticker on the bottom.
Pure copper-plated base.

Thermal installation test

The AG620 is compatible with both AMD and INTEL platforms. During testing, it was used with the ASROCK Z790 STEEL LEGEND WIFI. To install it, first, the INTEL-specific backplate is installed, and the base screws are locked in place. Then the mounting brackets are placed on both sides and secured with four screws on top. After placing the tower, the fans need to be removed, and the screw holes on the corresponding sides of the radiator are secured.

Install the adapter bracket.
You need to remove the fan before turning the screws.

It is recommended to first install the memory when installing, as it will be difficult to do so once the tower is in place. Be mindful of the memory height, as a memory that is too tall may not fit. The memory in the picture has a height of 34.9mm, which is relatively compact.

The distance between the memory and the tower is shown in the figure.

The fan provides a PWM 4pin and a dedicated RGB 3-pin connector, which need to be connected in series with the attached adapter cable.

Connect the fans in the series.
After crossing the street, it is recommended to plug in the CPU fan for power supply.

Test Platform

CPU: Intel i7-13700K
CPU Cooler: DeepCool AG620 WH ARGB
RAM: Kingston FURY Beast DDR5 16GBx2
Design PSU: 850W
OS: Windows 11

After installation, the AG620 was tested in the 1st Player SP7 case using the recommended i7-13700K and Z790 setup, simulating general usage with the unit in the upright position to test the anti-gravity design. The fans were set to run with the preset fan curve, and the P core was manually overclocked to 5.3 GHz and the E core to 4.2 GHz. Heat dissipation was tested using AIDA64-CPU, R23 for lower load and close to daily use, and Fire Strike to simulate gaming conditions.

The AG620, using the officially recommended i7-13700K, effectively dissipated heat under the test conditions, and the temperature of all cores did not exceed 90 degrees. The editor also attempted to test it using the AIDA64-FPU extreme project. However, since the AG620 is a twin-tower air-cooled unit, it’s designed to dissipate heat from power consumption up to 200W when running AIDA 64-FPU. It is not fair to the 13700K specification and would not be able to handle the power consumption. Therefore, the editor did not include the test results for reference.

AG620 Thermal Test.


DEEPCOOL AG620 This twin-tower radiator has a good overall design and heat dissipation capability. Three versions are available to meet the preferences of various players. If you don’t like light pollution, you can choose the matte version. If you like RGB, you can choose the ARGB version. The super popular white nowadays. The AG620 is equipped with dual 120mm fans at an entry-level price. In terms of heat dissipation, the AG620 is equipped with the officially recommended i7-13700K installed in the chassis for testing. The overall test temperature is controlled below 90 degrees, showing the heat dissipation capability.

The price of DEEPCOOL AG620 in Taiwan is NT$ 1,390, NT$ 1,490, and NT$ 1,590 according to whether it has light or color, giving players new choices of twin towers, ARGB, and white under the same entry price.

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Title: The white air cooling division has increased by one! They have unpacked the DEEPCOOL AG620, which features an anti-gravity design, two towers, and two fans