The Stage Manager function of iPadOS 16 has only been released for two days, and it has been scolded because of many problems

At the same time as the release of iPadOS 16 on Monday, the long-awaited “front-end scheduling” Stage Manager is finally available. This new feature allows users to open multiple apps on the iPad at once, and each app window can be adjusted individually. size, location. And foreign media MacStories editor-in-chief Federico Viticci shared some views on Stage Manager, obviously, he is very dissatisfied.

Viticci expressed his continued disappointment with Stage Manager, criticizing it as an “over-engineered” and “poorly tested” feature, with “missing features, bugs, and confusing interactions all rolled into one.”

Viticci wrote: “Stage Manager is like an alien model that’s been imposed on an existing iPad app with tons of bugs. Seeing Apple screw up a feature that could have improved the operating experience so badly , it’s really frustrating.”

Viticci shared a long list of bugs, technical issues, and challenges he encountered with Stage Manager that persisted in the release of iPadOS 16 to the public this week. For example related bugs when enabling the QuickType keyboard, layout errors when switching iPad from portrait to landscape, full-screen app window resizing incorrectly, etc.

While he thinks the window management features on iPadOS are still useful, the entire implementation of Apple’s development and testing on Stage Manager has so far been wrong.

He wrote: “There was a nice seed of idea behind Stage Manager: to create an intermediate between Mac and iPad, enabling advanced users to go beyond what iPadOS has provided so far. Worst multitasking technology I’ve seen in a few years of using and writing about the iPad. Hopefully Apple will be open to our response and continue to update Stage Manager in future iPadOS 16 releases.”

He also wants Apple to release an API for developers next year that would allow apps to better support multitasking.

Stage Manager supports managing and switching up to four apps on the iPad’s built-in screen, and four more apps on the external display on iPad models with the M1 chip and newer. However, Apple delayed external display support for Stage Manager and said the feature would return in a software update later this year.

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Title: The Stage Manager function of iPadOS 16 has only been released for two days, and it has been scolded because of many problems