The Phanteks Eclipse G500A Chassis has been upgraded and enhanced, offering even more efficient cooling capabilities

The popular mid-tower Phanteks Eclipse series has introduced a new version, the Eclipse G500A. This updated model improves upon the original P500A by optimizing the internal space and adding a modular fan bracket design for improved expandability and ease of installation.

Size: Mid-tower
Material: Steel, tempered glass
Motherboard: mini-ITX, micro-ATX, ATX, E-ATX (up to 280 mm)
Graphics card: up to 435 mm
Power supply: up to 250 mm
air-cooled Tower fan: up to 185 mm
Front fan: 120mm x 3 or 140mm x 3 (pre-installed 120mm x 3)
Top fan: 120mm x 3 or 140mm x 3
Rear fan: 120mm x 1 or 140mm x 1
Front radiator: Max 360mm or 480mm
top radiator: up to 360mm or 280mm
rear radiator: up to 120mm
PCIe slots: 7+3 (supports vertical kit installation)
3.5″ 2.5″ storage device brackets: 2 x
2.5″ storage device brackets: 3 x
2.5″ storage devices Installation position: 3

Eclipse G500A chassis out of the box

The updated Eclipse G500A chassis features a refreshed exterior design and optimized internal space. Despite its unchanged size, the cooling capabilities have been improved with the addition of new M25-140 fans. It is available in two colors: all black and all white. There’s also a version without pre-installed fans, which allows users to select their own fans.

Phanteks Eclipse G500A Case.
There is a shell-size mark on the side of the outer box.
Phanteks Eclipse G500A case.

The Eclipse G500A features an Ultra-Fine Performance Mesh front panel, which has been updated with a U-shaped embossing like the Eclipse G360A. The mesh panel doubles as a dust filter and provides various lighting effects with its metal-punched holes. The front panel also includes a new ARGB light bar, adding a luminous touch when lit.

The front panel is an Ultra-Fine Performance Mesh metal mesh panel.
The lighting effect of the DRGB fan in the front panel indicates that there will be a visual effect of the light board from the side angle.
There is a DRGB light bar and a power button on the top of the front panel.
Front I/O overview, from left to right are headphone and microphone jacks, 2 USB 3.0 ports, and lighting effect switching keys.

The Eclipse G500A comes equipped with a side-opening glass panel, which is secured with a magnetic design near the front panel. Rubber strips are placed around the inner edge of the glass to cushion it during opening and closing and also help prevent dust from entering the casing through the gap between the glass panel and the chassis.

The side is full of tempered glass.
The side panels on both sides are designed in the form of side-opening doors
There are buffer strips around the inner side of the glass side panel.

The Eclipse G500A comes with three pre-installed M25-140 fans. These 140mm fans provide ample airflow to help dissipate heat. If a different fan is desired or if the fanless version of the Eclipse G500A is preferred, the front fan can be replaced thanks to its modular bracket design with symmetrical brackets for ease of installation. The internal space allocation has also been adjusted, allowing for the installation of three 120/140mm fans at the top, though the largest water cooling radiator that can be installed at the front is 420mm, and 360/280/240mm radiators can be installed at the top.

Front and rear fan installation positions.
The front fan is installed with a modular bracket.
There is a space of about 9 cm in the reserved opening for the water cooling row in front of the compartment cover.
The installation position of the upper fan.

The Eclipse G500A follows in Phanteks’ fine tradition with its storage device installation options. The accessory package includes two adapter brackets that allow for the installation of either 2.5-inch or 3.5-inch drives. These brackets can be mounted to the wall of the main compartment and support up to six brackets in pairs. The lower compartment can accommodate up to four brackets in two pairs, or two brackets can be combined into one group and installed in the center for a well-balanced storage installation, power supply space, and front water cooling setup.

The motherboard is installed with 4 cable management baffles beside it.
Two 3.5-inch compatible 2.5-inch storage device holders.
After the cable management baffle is removed, at most 6 storage device brackets can be wall-mounted.
In the lower compartment, up to four storage device brackets can be installed. An additional bracket can be stacked on top of two installed brackets, or two brackets can be stacked and installed in the center.

Along with the 2.5-inch dedicated installation spots, the Eclipse G500A also features three quick-release brackets at the rear of the case. The two cable management dividers on the left and bottom sides provide additional three 2.5-inch installation positions. Rubber plugs are also provided to cover the installation lock holes, giving a clean appearance even if you don’t have a 2.5-inch device installed.

There are three 2.5-inch quick-release hard disk racks in the middle of the rear of the case, and the left and lower side cable management panels also support three 2.5-inch device installations.

Eclipse G500A Installation Test

The main compartment of the Eclipse G500A has been re-designed to create a larger visual sense of space while maintaining support for hardware installation. It supports E-ATX motherboards with a maximum width of 280mm, making it compatible with most flagship models from major manufacturers. The top of the motherboard provides ample space, about 7cm high, for installing water-cooling radiators. Cable management is made easier with the added flexibility for the growing number of fans and ARGB connectors on the motherboard.

The motherboard can support mainstream E-ATX installation. The picture shows the installation diagram of an ATX motherboard.
Schematic diagram of 360 water cooling installation above.

The Eclipse G500A has ample space for graphics card installation, with a width of 435 mm capable of accommodating various RTX 40 series giant graphics cards. There are also 3 slots for upright installation, but it is recommended to install a 2.5-slot graphics card instead of a thick graphics card as it can affect heat dissipation. The Eclipse G500A also supports general upright graphics card kit installation if the player does not have additional expansion card installations.

The PCIe slots are given a 7+3 configuration.
The PCIe extension cable base in the accessories needs to be installed and used with Phanteks own PCIe extension cable.
Schematic diagram of graphics card installation. 
(ROG Strix RTX 4070 Ti)

The rear side of Eclipse G500A has multiple cable grommets, which helps to keep the cables organized and hidden, providing a clean and professional-looking build. The pre-cable design and the cable grommets make it easier for players to manage the cables, ensuring optimal airflow and preventing tangled or messy cables. The rear also has a pre-installed 140mm fan and 7 expansion slots, allowing for multiple GPU and other add-on card installations.

List of spaces on the back.
This makes it easier for players to connect the D-RGB and fan header to the motherboard without having to mess around with cable management behind the motherboard. The pre-organization of connectors also helps in creating a cleaner and more organized look for the build.
The installation of the power supply adopts a pull-out design.

Phanteks Eclipse G500A Summary


In terms of storage device installation, the tradition of Phanteks is still in place, providing multiple brackets for both 2.5-inch and 3.5-inch storage devices, and offering flexible installation options to balance storage, power supply and front water cooling. The rear space design remains strong, with pre-cable organization and Velcro straps for easy cable management. Overall, the Eclipse G500A chassis has seen some fine-tuning and upgrades in various areas, providing improved performance and easier installation and management.

In conclusion, the new Eclipse G500A has made some improvements and upgrades, but it still maintains its classic design and excellent installation experience, making it a great choice for players who value both performance and aesthetics.

The Phanteks Eclipse G500A is a great option for both new and existing Phanteks users. With its refined main compartment and improved fan and water cooling performance, it offers a top-notch installation experience at a price of 4840 yuan. Its classic design, excellent cable management, and pre-wiring make it a reliable choice for anyone looking to build a new machine.

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Title: The Phanteks Eclipse G500A Chassis has been upgraded and enhanced, offering even more efficient cooling capabilities