The new White TUF Gaming GT502 has arrived! It features an ATX 3.0 certification, a TUF Gaming 1000W Gold power supply, and an RTX 40 graphics card, making it the most reliable and secure option


Last year, ASUS introduced the TUF Gaming GT502, a panoramic case, and after much anticipation, the white version has finally been released in Taiwan. This is great news for players looking to build a white ASUS Faith console, as they now have a suitable option to choose from.

Additionally, the TUF Gaming series has recently launched a new high-wattage power supply called the TUF Gaming 1000W Gold. This power supply utilizes military-grade materials to provide stable output, comes with a 10-year warranty, and is certified with ATX 3.0. It also includes a 600W 12VHPWR cable, and RTX 40 series graphics cards can be directly connected without the need for adapter cables.

TUF Gaming GT502 White When unpacking the box


As you lay your eyes on the White TUF Gaming GT502 case, you first notice its panoramic design, featuring double-sided tempered glass on both the front and side panels. The interior of the case is divided into left and right compartments, providing an optimal display for the motherboard, graphics card, fans, and other hardware components. The front side of the main compartment is also made of tempered glass, allowing for an unobstructed view of the interior.

The I/O ports are conveniently located on the side of the front glass, providing access to USB 3.2 Gen1 x2, USB 3.2 Gen2 Type C, headset/microphone jacks, and LED control buttons.

TUF Gaming GT502 Case.
The front glass side panel is fixed by snap, and the side is also fixed by snap, but the side panel can only be opened by pressing the rear button to unlock it.
List of front I/O.

The TUF Gaming series cases have a military-inspired design with unique features such as an embossed logo on the front and printed words on the back panel. Additionally, the case features a silver fabric to match the color scheme.

A list of the front appearance of the case.
There are words printed on the back panel of the case.
There are two cloth handles on the top of the case.

The main compartment of the case is capable of accommodating the largest ATX motherboard and provides 8 expansion slots at the rear. Additionally, it comes with a 3-slot vertical adapter frame that replaces 6 slots with 3 vertical slots to enable vertical installation of the graphics card. The case also includes a graphics card support frame with 2 medium-height support modules that can be used for both horizontal and vertical insertion modes.

Schematic diagram of motherboard installation.
The graphics card is installed horizontally, with a straight support head graphics card bracket.
The graphics card is installed upright, with a 90-degree support head graphics card bracket.

Regarding heat dissipation, since the front of the case is made entirely of tempered glass, it does not support fan installation. However, the case comes with the provision of three 120mm or two 140mm fans at the top and bottom and a 120mm fan at the rear. The top of the case has a high ceiling design, allowing for easy installation of a 360 water-cooled radiator on both the top and side. Additionally, the case supports the installation of up to three 120mm fans, with one fan capable of being installed at the rear.

There are fan installation positions on the top, bottom, rear, and side of the motherboard.
Both the lower and upper fan installation positions are designed with modular brackets and equipped with dust-proof filters.
The upper installation position adopts a high design, and the common thin-row integrated water-cooled radiator is installed. There is still room to adjust the wires above the motherboard.
Three fans can be installed in the side fan mounting position, and TUF Gaming TF120 ARGB fans also have a white version that can be used for installation.

The rear space of the case is identical to the design printed on the metal back panel. A 3.5-inch compatible 2.5-inch hard disk bracket is located in the lower left corner, and three 3.5-inch compatible 2.5-inch hard disks are pre-installed on the side fan mounting position’s fixing plate. These brackets can be fixed at any 120-fan installation position, allowing for great flexibility in installation. The lower right corner of the case is reserved for the power supply installation position, which supports the installation of large-sized power supplies up to 200 mm. Additionally, there is a fan bracket available for installing three 120mm fans or two 140mm fans.

A quick look at the space behind the case reveals a modular fan mounting bracket located on the upper half. This allows players to install a water-cooling radiator at the back of the case, in case they do not want to install it in the main compartment.
The 3.5-inch storage device bracket is in the lower left corner.
Three 3.5-inch compatible 2.5-inch storage device brackets are pre-installed on the fan mounting position on the side of the motherboard.
The lower right corner is the installation position of the power supply, the installation space is very ample, and there is a space for hidden wires below.
There is a lot of space at the rear of the case for cable management, and Velcro straps and disposable straps are available in the accessories.

TUF Gaming 1000W Gold unpacking

The power supply of choice for this build is the new ASUS TUF Gaming 1000W Gold. This power supply is designed with military-grade TUF components to ensure stability and durability and has received 80 Plus Gold and ATX 3.0 certifications. It is capable of meeting the power demands of RTX 40 series graphics cards and multi-core processors and comes with a 10-year warranty, providing gamers with a safe and reliable option.

TUF Gaming 1000W Gold Power Supply Case.
There are 80 Plus Gold certification mark, ATX 3.0 certification icon, and 10-year warranty icon on the package.
TUF Gaming 1000W Gold Power Supply.

The TUF Gaming 1000W Gold power supply features a fully modular design, and its wire part is composed of all-black soft wires. Although it is not braided, the wires can look neat and tidy with a bit of arrangement, providing a good visual effect. Compared to common flat wires, it is easier to install. The power supply comes with 1 piece of 20+4 pin, 2 pieces of 4+4 pin, 1 piece of 16 pin, 2 pieces of 6+2 pin, 1 piece of double 6+2 pin, 1 piece of double SATA, 1 piece of 3 SATA, 1 piece of 4 big 4 pins.

List of power supplies and accessories.
The wire part is a soft wire, and the visual effect is similar to a braided wire.
From left to right, PCIe cables are two 8-pin to 6+2-pin cables, one 16-pin to two 6+2-pin, and one 16-pin to 16-pin.

The TUF Gaming 1000W Gold power supply utilizes a 135mm 9-blade axial fan inside. The axial design of the fan is effective in concentrating the airflow and providing optimal heat dissipation for the components. Double ball bearings are used inside the fan, significantly increasing its lifespan.

135mm axial fan.
Double ball bearings. 
(ASUS official schematic diagram)

Furthermore, the PCB component of the TUF Gaming 1000W Gold power supply has an additional protective coating that safeguards against the accumulation of dust and moisture in the long run, providing users with greater peace of mind. However, it is still recommended for players to regularly clean their computers as a buildup of dust can cause hardware failures.

The internal view of the power supply, some areas have heat sinks.


With the release of the white TUF Gaming GT502 case, TUF Gaming provides players looking to build an all-white console with another option to consider. The TUF Gaming TF120 ARGB fan also features an all-white style, making it a perfect match for the case.

Compared to other panoramic cases, the GT502 offers additional fan mounting brackets at the rear of the case, providing players with more flexibility in terms of assembly. There is also 3 storage device mounting brackets that can accommodate 120mm fans, allowing for further customization of the cooling system.

The new TUF Gaming 1000W Gold power supply offers flexible cables that resemble braided cables and includes 12VHPWR 16 Pin straight-out cables. Additionally, it provides 16 Pin pairs of double 6+2 Pin cables, making it easier to deal with requirements that necessitate the use of more than two 6+2 Pins. In comparison to the ROG THOR II, the TUF Gaming 1000W Gold power supply offers a reasonable price point while still providing excellent performance.

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Title: The new White TUF Gaming GT502 has arrived! It features an ATX 3.0 certification, a TUF Gaming 1000W Gold power supply, and an RTX 40 graphics card, making it the most reliable and secure option