The most striking Montech SKY TWO case unboxing demonstration and Moroccan blue special colour double-sided panoramic display glass

The launch of SKY TWO makes people see that Montech has innovated in the concept of the chassis while maintaining super high aesthetics, displayability and, most important, heat dissipation performance, whether it is the appearance or the heat dissipation performance. SKY TWO can pass the level with a high score! The tall body supports the largest ATX motherboard, 168mm air cooling tower, 360mm water cooling, 400mm graphics card installation, and for the first time launched a third special colour, “Moroccan Blue”, besides black and white, allowing the chassis to match the colour Different new options appeared on the plate.

Montech SKY TWO Specifications:
Dimensions: 430 (L) x 215 (W) x 490 (H) mm
Colour: White, Black, Blue
Material: Steel, Tempered Glass
Motherboard: ATX, Micro-ATX, Mini-ITX
CPU wind Cooling: up to 168mm
Graphics card: 400mm
Power supply: ATX 210mm
pre-installed fan (side+rear+power compartment): 120mm 2+1+1
fan installation position (side+upper+rear+power compartment): 120mm 2+ 3+1+2, 140mm 0+2+0+0
Radiator Support: Side 240/120mm, Top 360/280mm, Rear 120mm
Top I/O Port: USB 3.0 x2, USB 3.2 Gen2 Type-C x1 , AUDIO, MIC, ARGB control keys
Hard disk and storage slots: three 2.5-inch and two 3.5-inch

Montech SKY TWO case unpacking

SKY TWO is the second generation of Montech’s SKY case series. Sky One LiteIn terms of the design concept, it is a completely different chassis. This design concept focuses on the fusion of heat dissipation performance and aesthetic display. The biggest product feature is that the front and side panels are connected by the full-transparency glass to form an integrated structureless Panoramic display window.

SKY TWO launched a total of three colours: “Classic Black”, “Snow White”, and “Moroccan Blue”. The case measurements are 43 x 21.5 x 49 cm. The taller body belongs to the mid-tower size specification.

A total of three colours have been launched this time, and a bold new colour scheme of Moroccan blue has been launched.
SKY TWO visually tends to be tall and compact, with measurements of 43 x 21.5 x 49 cm.

The front panel is not the same as the common case configuration. Full-transparency glass is used instead of the mainstream mesh or glass front panel configuration, plus a fan mounting bracket for a more intuitive hardware display. The internal air intake task is handed over to the reverse fan on the side, so the front panel can be better viewed and integrated.

Glass side through the front panel.

The full-transparency tempered glass on the side and the steel side panel are disassembled differently from the previous generation. The common backward extraction method is used. After removing the fixed hand turn behind the glass side panel, the side panels on both sides can be pulled out backwards. The shell structure under the power compartment extends outwards to provide anti-drop support for the bottom of the glass side. However, there is also a warning label on the anti-scratch film of the glass side. When removing the glass side panel, it is recommended to remove the host Lie down to perform the movement.

Fully transparent tempered glass side panel.
The full-transparency glass still has a good viewing effect when there is no power on.
Both side panels are secured by rear thumb screws.

A 12cm AX120 PWM fan is pre-installed at the rear for internal heat dissipation. The rear of SKY TWO only supports a 12cm fan and water cooling installation. SKY TWO adopts the current mainstream bottom-mounted power supply installation structure. There is a seven-slot PCI-E device expansion installation at the rear, using a barless setup with a reusable PCI-E baffle.

It’s a pity that the original graphics card does not support the vertical installation slot. Still, you can purchase Montech’s VGM vertical graphics card set if you need the vertical graphics card function. Still, it has not yet officially arrived at the unpacking time, so it cannot be installed and displayed. , but after reading the article, montech has now arrived and can be purchased. There is a dust-proof filter for the power supply at the bottom of the case. After pressing down, it can be pulled to the rear to clean it separately.

The rear supports a 12cm fan and water cooling installation.
VGM PCI-E 4.0 vertical graphics card set can be purchased additionally.
There is a removable dust filter at the bottom of the rear to reduce the amount of dust entering the power supply.

Due to the heat dissipation plan adopted by SKY TWO, honeycomb ventilation mesh holes are on the steel side plate on the other side to ensure that the two RX120 PWM reverse blade fans are pre-installed on the side of the case have sufficient air intake channels. The other side of the steel side panel is pre-installed with a magnetic dust-proof filter. After the main unit has been used for a period of time, it can be wiped clean with toilet paper or a dry cloth.

The steel panel on the right side of the cabinet is equipped with honeycomb ventilation mesh.
A magnetic dust filter is included.

The top of the case is a steel ventilation mesh cover. The mesh has the same diameter as the magnetic suction dust filter. The small holes can isolate most dust and small foreign objects, so the dust cover can achieve the two major functions of heat dissipation and dust prevention. Require.

This time, the special fine dust-proof cover can be removed separately. Since it is made of steel plates, it can be washed with water to achieve a quick cleaning effect. However, after washing, let it air dry before installing it back.

The fan lock hole on the top adopts an offset design, providing multiple lock hole installation positions. The top of the case supports three 12cm or two 14cm fans for installation, and the water cooling support can be installed with 120/140/280/360mm sizes of water cooling.

The mesh top cover has good heat dissipation performance.
The steel dust-proof upper cover is fixed by the rear thumb screw, and can be washed and cleaned separately after disassembly.
The hole diameter of the upper cover is the same as the magnetic dust filter, so it can isolate most of the dust.
A maximum size of 280/360mm water cooling radiator can be installed on the top.

The I/O interface of the case is set on the right side of the top cover. The I/O on the top is more convenient for users who place the desktop under the table. Still, the panoramic double-sided glass of SKY TWO has a pretty good display. Therefore, most users should place it on the desktop for display and use, so setting it on the front panel or side cover would be a more suitable location.

The I/O interface provides hard disk and power operation indicators, ARGB lighting effect control keys, two USB 3.0, USB 3.2 Gen2 Type-C, HD AUDIO, MIC, etc. The top-mounted design needs to pay attention to the natural dust in the air. The interior of the interface and whether the masters of the family will step on and press when heating, but if there is dust, you only need to use the dust plug provided in the accessories to avoid poor contact.

The I/O above the case provides ARGB lighting control keys, two USB 3.0, USB 3.2 Gen2 x2 Type-C, HD AUDIO, MIC, etc.

SKY TWO uses the same steel dust-proof side panel as the dust-proof upper cover on the front of the power supply compartment and the glass side surface. To provide enough air intake space for the two intake fans above the power supply compartment, the two side panels next to the power supply compartment are changed to ventilation. Mesh design.

The power supply compartment is equipped with L-shaped perforated mesh panels on both sides to allow sufficient air intake for the fans in the power supply compartment.

The two mesh side panels are also detachable and fixed by screws. The punched mesh panel under the front panel can be seen after removing the upper glass. Two fixing screws can be seen. After removing the front screws, the front mesh panel can be removed. The perforated mesh panels on the side are more troublesome. There are two at the front, two at the rear, and one at the bottom. There are five screws in total to fix them, but the removal of these two mesh side panels will not affect the installation process or Convenience has been improved, but it needs to be disassembled and cleaned separately when dust needs to be cleaned after a period of use.

The front perforated screen is located above the two set screws.
The side mesh side panels have five set screws, two of which are on the back of the perforated front mesh.
The other two screws are located on the rear of the case.
The last one is next to the rivet on the bottom of the case.
The perforated mesh panels on both sides are fixed with seven screws in total.

Montech SKY TWO internal hardware installation space overview

SKY TWO is pre-installed with two RX120 air intake fans on the side and one AX120 cooling fan at the rear. The user can decide whether to install it according to its actual use. That is to say, there are three RX120s with reverse blades and one AX120 with four fans.

Two fans on the side and one fan on the rear are pre-installed, and an additional fan has not been disassembled.

This time, the three colours also use the same paint colour in the core hardware installation space, support ATX, Micro-ATX, and Mini-ITX size motherboard installation, the maximum installation height of the air cooling tower is 168mm, and the maximum graphics card installation space is 400mm, the current high-end and mainstream hardware are compatible.

The chassis itself adopts a side-inlet structure. The two reverse-blade RX120 air-intake fans are pre-installed on the side. The side supports the installation of a water-cooling radiator up to 240mm at the same time. Still, the length of the graphics card in-line mode will be limited to 18cm after the water cooling is installed at this position, which can be avoided by installing the graphics card upright through the VGM vertical graphics card kit, just mentioned conflict.

Overview of core hardware installation space.
Two reverse-blade RX120 fans are preset on the side for air intake, and a maximum of 240mm water cooling can be installed on the side.
The top of the case is specially raised for water-cooling installation to avoid installation conflicts between water-cooling and motherboard, memory, etc.
There are seven keyholes with built-in PCI-E expansion slots without horizontal bars.

A reverse-blade RX120 fan is bound by a cable tie above the power supply compartment of SKY TWO, which can be installed on two 12cm fan mounting positions on the power supply compartment. Two wiring holes are provided on the top and right side of the position, corresponding to the slot wires under the motherboard and the power supply wires of the display card.

The RX120 fan is supplied with the power compartment at the factory.
The installation diagram is printed on the fan box, and the long screws needed to fix the fan are stored in the case parts package.
The RX120 fan with reverse blades can rotate up to 1600RPM and provide a maximum air volume of 59CFM.
The power compartment supports the installation of two 12cm fans. The fan cannot be installed if the VGM vertical graphics card kit is used.

The wiring space on the back is about 2cm. The upper I/O interface and fan wires have been pre-wired before leaving the factory. SKY TWO adopts a fully planned wire management design. Three Velcro cable ties are pre-installed to match the whole The line track improves the user’s whole line experience.

The full line space on the back has a depth of 2cm.
The fan and I/O cables have been bundled with Velcro cable ties and arranged with the cable grooves.
List of I/O cables on the top.

SKY TWO includes an ARGB fan hub. The hub provides six sets of 5V 3-Pin ARGB and PWM 4-Pin fan slots, supporting up to six ARGB fan installations. The three fans pre-installed at the factory already occupy three positions. , so three more devices can be expanded. In addition, it should be noted that this controller requires a SATA power supply and provides ARGB and PWM cables to connect to the motherboard. Players can use the motherboard to control software lighting and fan speed curves. Set up.

Hub with six 5V ARGB and PWM fan slots.
The hub needs a SATA for the power supply and supports a PWM connection to the motherboard for fan curve control.
In addition to setting the lighting effect through the LED control key, it can also be connected to the motherboard through a cable for synchronization.

The storage device provides three 2.5-inch and two 3.5-inch hard disks for expansion installation. Two thumb screw-mounted wall-mounted 2.5-inch installation brackets are set on the back of the motherboard. The hard disk shelf in the lower power supply compartment adopts three layers The installation structure, the lower two floors only support the installation of two 3.5-inch hard disks, which are placed in rails and fixed by side screws, and the topmost layer supports the installation of a single 2.5-inch hard disk.

There are two wall-mounted 2.5” HDD mounting brackets on the back of the motherboard.
Both hard drive bays are fixed by thumb screws and can be disassembled and installed separately.

The hard disk rack is a modular design. In addition to adjusting the position, it can also be disassembled separately. In the pre-installation mode, there is a power supply installation space with a total length of about 25.5cm, and it can be shrunk inward by about 3cm. However, there is no front water cooling on the SKY TWO. The installation space, or the side-mounted water cooling, will not take up the space of the power supply compartment below. In fact, there is no need to adjust the installation position of the hard disk. After the lower hard disk rack is disassembled separately, a 41.5 cm power supply installation space can be obtained.

The accessories and screw groups of the chassis are stored in the hard disk rack. The accessories provide Velcro felt binding ties, disposable cable ties, long screws for the fan in the power supply compartment, buzzer, motherboard copper column sleeve, I/O interface Dust plugs, various screws, etc., are packaged in separate bags and clearly marked, which is much friendlier to beginners in machine installation.

The pre-installation mode supports 21cm power supply installation and supports 23cm long power supply installation after removing the hard drive bracket.
A list of case accessories and screws, individually packaged and clearly marked for classification.

Montech SKY TWO actual installation demonstration and heat dissipation performance side test

In this SKY TWO chassis installation demonstration, the hardware configuration part uses the ATX size ASRock Z690 Taichi Razer Edition motherboard. The NVIDIA RTX 3060ti FE dual-fan graphics card with a length of 242mm also uses Montech’s new METAL DT24 Premium dual-fan. The six heat pipe air-cooled towers’ installation and heat dissipation tests were conducted.

Test Platform
Processor: Intel Core i9-12900K
Radiator: Montech METAL DT24 Premium
Motherboard: ASRock Z690 Taichi Razer Edition
Memory: T-FORCE DELTA RGB DDR5 16GBx2 6200MHz
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060Ti Case: Montech
System: Windows 11 Home Edition 21H2

The actual installation effect is displayed.
The panoramic glass has one more angle to watch the internal hardware details.
Overview of the entire line space on the back.

The heat dissipation performance test of the chassis uses the preset Intel Core i9-12900K processor. It uses AIDA64 FPU and Furmark two software to simulate the temperature data under the extreme double-baking state without additional settings on the motherboard. The Fire strike in 3D Mark will be used to simulate the game running situation, and the data collection will use HWiFO64 to collect and record the maximum temperature and power consumption.

In the test, the power consumption of the i9-12900K can reach up to 222W in the AIDA FPU project and the Furmark double-bake test, and the temperature can be suppressed at 93°C even if it is affected by the heat of the graphics card. The temperature of the i9-12900K in the middle i9-12900K is only 76°C under the maximum power consumption of 154W. In comparison, the temperature of the graphics card is only 78°C in the test under two scenarios.

SKY TWO chassis thermal performance test chart.

Summary and experience


In the popular SKY series this time, Montech launched the SKY TWO, which is different from the past with a new structure. The front and side double-sided panoramic glass display structure are equipped with three reverse-blade ARGB fans so that the fans can use the best-looking That side shown to the players, and the above characteristics make SKY TWO get a super high viewing score.

The largest compatible ATX motherboard, 168mm air-cooled tower, 360mm water cooling on the top, and 400mm graphics card installation space are no problem for the current high-end and mainstream hardware. Two RX120 reverse blade fans are installed on the side for air intake, with an AX120 fan at the rear for heat dissipation, in addition to the innovative heat dissipation airflow planning such as the anti-blade fan in the power supply compartment blowing directly to the graphics card, it also performed quite well in the heat dissipation performance test.

This time SKY TWO launched a total of three classic black/snow white/Moroccan Blue colours for purchase. The prices of the three colours are different: 2390 / 2490 / 2790. The additional VGM vertical graphics card kit that can be purchased is 1690. If the shell is different from others, you may wish to refer to it.

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Title: The most striking Montech SKY TWO case unboxing demonstration and Moroccan blue special colour double-sided panoramic display glass