The clock speeds of laptops are also high! Here is an unboxing test of KLEVV DDR5-5600 SO-DIMM 16GBx2 memory

Starting in 2023, gaming laptops will begin to upgrade to the new generation of DDR5 memory with even higher clock speeds. KLEVV is set to offer the ultimate upgrade for laptop players, utilizing SK Hynix A-die chips for overclocking as standard SO-DIMM products. Their “DDR5-5600 SO-DIMM 16GBx2” memory, which adheres to the JEDEC standard clock speed, promises to deliver the highest bandwidth and performance for gamers.

Memory Capacity: 32GB (2 x 16GB)
Memory Clock: DDR5-5600
Memory Timing: 46-46-46-90
Memory Specifications: DDR5 SO-DIMM
Memory Voltage: 1.1V
Heat Sink: No
Warranty: Limited lifetime

KLEVV DDR5-5600 SO-DIMM 16GBx2 memory out of the box / Carefully selected SK Hynix A-die particles

KLEVV can be considered a rising star in the memory industry due to its excellent platform compatibility. Their SK Hynix A-die particles can easily achieve a high clock speed of 7000MT/s when overclocked. In addition, their small form factor SO-DIMM memory is perfect for laptops and mini hosts, allowing for a native upgrade to DDR5 5600MT/s speed.

The KLEVV DDR5 SO-DIMM 16GBx2 5600MT/s memory features a native clock speed, using the JEDEC standard clock of 2800MHz and 46-46-46-90 timing with a voltage of 1.1V. For notebook platforms with limited power consumption, the DDR5 memory is designed with onboard power management, allowing for lower operating voltage and effectively reducing memory power consumption while maintaining performance.

KLEVV DDR5-5600 SO-DIMM 16GBx2 memory.

The KLEVV DDR5 SO-DIMM 16GBx2 5600MT/s memory boasts a high-quality minimalist black circuit board with a product model label sticker on the front. In the middle of the memory, an integrated power control chip (PMIC) is located. The laptop provides a 5V operating voltage, which is then converted by the PMIC to the required VDD and VDDQ operating voltages of 1.1V and VPP 1.8V.

For gaming notebooks and commercial thin and light notebooks, it’s important to conserve the wattage of each component to prolong the battery life of the device. The integrated power supply design of the DDR5 memory provides better power management and efficiency, allowing notebook manufacturers to adjust the battery life of their devices.

KLEVV DDR5-5600 SO-DIMM memory on minimalist black circuit board.

The fifth-generation double data rate synchronous dynamic random access memory DDR5 provides a clock frequency upgrade to 5600MT/s, higher storage density, and single 16GB or dual 16GB x2 memory combinations. DDR5 memory uses dual 32-Bit sub-channels, which provide higher bandwidth upgrades than the previous generation of memory. Additionally, DDR5 supports built-in On-Die ECC, which corrects errors in the data within the grain and ensures data reliability.

When expanding laptop memory capacity, it’s important to first determine if the laptop supports the DDR5 5600MT/s clock. Unlike DIY motherboards, laptop memory overclocking is not adjustable by the user. However, KLEVV memory is relatively robust, and even if the laptop is powered on at the default 4800MT/s, it won’t pose a problem.

Replacing DDR5 SO-DIMM memory is a simple process. Open the bottom cover of the laptop and pull the metal buckles on both sides of the slot outward, and the memory will pop open for easy replacement.

DDR5 SO-DIMM Memory Replacement.

KLEVV DDR5-5600 SO-DIMM 16GBx2 with AORUS 17X Gaming Laptop Test

During this test, the KLEVV DDR5-5600 SO-DIMM 16GBx2 memory was tested using Gigabyte’s latest AORUS 17X gaming laptop. The laptop is equipped with the 13th generation Intel Core i9-13950HX processor, a full-powered NVIDIA RTX 4090 laptop GPU, and supports the latest DDR5-5600 memory.

Test laptop information.

The KLEVV DDR5-5600 SO-DIMM memory information was checked through AIDA64 SPD. The memory has a capacity of 16GB and 32 banks, with an operating voltage of the default VDD/VDDQ 1.1V and VPP 1.8V. Additionally, there are multiple sets of timing parameters at 2800MHz, allowing the laptop to automatically detect and achieve better compatibility.

AIDA64 SPD information.

The AORUS 17X supports KLEVV DDR5-5600 SO-DIMM memory, and during AIDA64 memory tests, it recorded a read speed of 82277MB/s, write speed of 73452 MB/s, copy speed of 74463MB/s, and delay of 89.2ns. When compared to the previous generation DDR5-4800 specification, it provides better read and write bandwidth, resulting in overall improved computer performance, creation, and gaming performance.

AIDA64 memory test.

The PerformanceTest Memory Rank test evaluates memory performance through tests such as database operations, cached and non-cached read and writes, delay, and execution read. The results are presented in a Rank format, with performance percentages compared to their own database.

The KLEVV DDR5-5600 SO-DIMM memory scored 3546 points in Memory Rank, leading by 90%.

PerformanceTest Memory Rank.


The KLEVV DDR5-5600 SO-DIMM memory features a native clock and small form factor and uses SK Hynix A-die chips, which are also used in overclocking memory. This memory has good platform compatibility and can be easily replaced as long as the laptop supports the DDR5-5600 clock. KLEVV DDR5-5600 SO-DIMM memory is available in single 16GB and dual 16GBx2 capacities.

Comparing the data with the previous laptop memory, DDR5-5600 SO-DIMM memory demonstrates higher read and write bandwidth and better latency performance than DDR5-4800 SO-DIMM memory. Additionally, compared with the previous generation DDR4-3200 SO-DIMM memory, KLEVV DDR5-5600 SO-DIMM memory provides a 100% performance increase in read and write bandwidth.

Whether for paperwork, audio-visual creation, or esports gaming, KLEVV DDR5-5600 SO-DIMM memory is capable of meeting the needs of various players seeking high-performance, high-bandwidth, and large-capacity memory.

DDR5 SO-DIMM memory read and write bandwidth comparison.

Compared to previous memory generations, DDR5 SO-DIMM memory offers improved read and write bandwidth. When compared to DDR4-3200 SO-DIMM memory, DDR5 SO-DIMM memory provides a 100% performance increase in read and write bandwidth. Additionally, when compared to DDR5-4800 SO-DIMM memory, DDR5-5600 SO-DIMM memory offers even higher read and write bandwidth.

DDR5 SO-DIMM memory latency comparison.

DDR5 SO-DIMM memory also provides improvements in latency when compared to previous memory generations. In general, DDR5 memory has lower latency than DDR4 memory due to its improved architecture. When compared to DDR5-4800 SO-DIMM memory, DDR5-5600 SO-DIMM memory offers better latency performance.

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Title: The clock speeds of laptops are also high! Here is an unboxing test of KLEVV DDR5-5600 SO-DIMM 16GBx2 memory