[19 Reasons!] The BETTER Laptop is APPLE M2 iPad Pro 2022 or APPLE M2 MacBook Air?!

M2 iPad Pro vs M2 MacBook Air

Apple M2 iPad Pro vs M2 MacBook Air. How do You choose? Today we’ll compare everything from design, ports, displays, speakers, cameras, and more to help you make the right choice.

Design Differences

The M2 iPad Pro is 6.4mm and M2 MacBook Air is 11.2 mm.

Now I’m personally really curious about the performance of the M2 chip in the iPad, as you can see here, I have it on the Magic Keyboard, but the beauty of the iPad is that you can take it off and you have such a small It’s a very powerful thin and light device compared to an empty MacBook device, it’s also very beautiful, small and light, but it still can’t compare to the size and weight of this iPad The 12.9-inch iPad is actually the same size as this lid , but shorter and then you see that thickness there is even thinner than the bottom of the MacBook obviously it’s thicker than the MacBook and actually it’s also heavier and it’s a thick keyboard not only because it’s a 350 keyboard it’s Also more expensive, the iPad itself is at least one thousand thousand lars, if you match the storage you’ll see $1550, and $1550 if you want to make good use of apple Pencil, you’re getting close to $1,700 now, so let’s see if it’s worth the extra money right now as far as the M2 MacBook Air has 2* Thunderbolt ports.

Charging Speed

The Percent Charged in 30min of the M2 iPad Pro is 18% and M2 MacBook Air is 52%.

While the iPad has one, the MacBook has a magsafe charging port, which is excellent, but if you buy the Magic Keyboard for the iPad, you do now get an extra USB type-c port for charging, which unfortunately doesn’t charge as fast as Plugged into the iPad itself, while the MacBook can actually charge to 50% in less than 30 minutes, the MacBook can be fully charged in an hour and a half, and the iPad takes three hours, even though it has a more Big battery, we’re going to talk about battery life on the back of the iPad now, you’re going to see the camera system that the MacBook doesn’t have, we don’t just have the standard camera, we’ve got the ultra-wide camera and we’ve got a lidar sensor for those who want scan enhancement Reality of people using all these things and it will definitely increase the cost but for some people it can be very useful to be able to have a camera built into the iPad now we also have some significant differences front camera but before we compare if You are a Mac user, use Docs spreadsheets or Slides on your Mac for any type of work.

Webcam & Mic Comparison

Now, as far as the front camera is concerned, the MacBook has the standard setup built in, and the iPad still has the camera on the side, so when you’re on the keyboard, I’m looking straight at the middle display right now, and it doesn’t look like I’m paying attention to what I’m talking to people, so that’s a downside as far as the microphones go guys go ahead and let me know which sounds better MacBook or iPad.


Now with the front camera, we also have Face ID, so you guys see it immediately unlocks my app to fill in your data on MacBook, we don’t have Face ID even though we have Notch, so it’s Touch ID, not bad, but not very convenient.

Keyboards & Trackpads

Before I get into the monitor, I want to talk about the keyboard and trackpad. Magic Keyboard is pretty good. The keys feel better than any other tablet keyboard. The trackpad is also lovely to use but not as good as a genuine MacBook, and I don’t think many people use it.

When you put the iPad on your lap, it’s not balanced because the iPad is cumbersome, so the whole thing is top-heavy, and it bounces back compared to the MacBook, which is heavy on the bottom. Hence, it’s adorable and very Stable, so if you’re using it on your laptop, overall.

The macBook experience is better, and the magic keyboard doesn’t have a function row, so if you want to adjust the brightness, skip songs, etc., you’re switching to the monitor.

Doing these things and MacBook, we have full function row keys, which are very handy right now. Hopefully, Apple will update this keyboard in the future like their new folio. Still, for now, we’re stuck on the good side. For example, we also have Apple for iPad Pencil. You can’t use it on a Mac. It connects, charges, and pairs automatically. You can do things like take quick notes and draw with it, but you guys even see my handwriting sucks, so I Haven’t used it. Still, for some people, the ability of the Apple Pencil and having e touchscreen is worth buying the iPad separately.

Display Comparison

The M2 iPad Pro is 600 nits and the M2 MacBook Air is 500 nits.

The actual detail and sharpness aren’t much different for the display, but the iPad has 120 Hz Pro motion, so everything is very smooth, as you can see in the slow-motion footage. Now we’re in both brightness and manual boost. There is also a big difference in terms of users. These to the max, you can see the iPad is slightly brighter. It’s 600 nits compared to 500 nits the viewing angles of the iPad are also a lot better than the MacBook.

HDR Video & Blooming

When you watch HDR content, the iPad looks so much better because it uses a mini LED display so that it can go up to 1600 nits and only 500 nits, so the video pops if you are in a darker Ambient viewing, the difference is enormous because you have almost OLED-like pure black levels compared to the LCD in the MacBook, which is grey everywhere, so now viewing with the iPad with the mini LED The movie experience is much better if you put the brightness and it’s pure white blacks, but the MacBook is blooming everywhere because the LCD makes everything bright so when I’m at home or going somewhere, I want to watch one I’m planning a movie, and I want to bring my iPad.

Speaker Comparison

Play the NCS music.

Now, our speakers are also different. The iPad has four speakers. It has a woofer and a tweeter. There are no speaker holes compared to the speakers that are built-in and hidden inside the case, so let’s go ahead and compare the speaker quality. Let’s hear you bring me back. Now, Apple advertises the MacBook speaker system, which has a woofer and a tweeter, but the iPad’s mids sound much better. You have more bass, it’s louder, and it’s more articulate, and not only that, when When you’re watching one thing, you can’t if you’re watching a movie, online listening is a separation, the speakers are on the sides, so the whole sound is all around you from here, right in the center where the speakers are, in terms of audio, much better on iPad.

Storage Speed Test

The Storage Speed Test – WRITE of the M2 iPad Pro is 953 MB/s and the M2 MacBook Air is 1,421 MB/s.

Now let’s get into the performance. Starting with our disk speed test, I’ll run black magic here and test it here now. The essential MacBook Air only comes with a Nan chip which makes the storage slower, and we have a correct speed difference of 1421. Now the 128 GB version of the iPad Pro is compared to the 953.

The iPad Pro (12.9-inch) is in the 5th generation of the (iPad 13.8) WiFi with a Read speed is 3240.51 MB/s and a Write speed is 2124.48 MB/s.

but the 256 GB version is 2124. In terms of reading speed, it’s almost twice as fast as the MacBook. We have 1443 compared to 1570, so even the 128 gig is quicker, but the 256 is much faster than the 3240.

File Transfer Test

Now that internal speed is only one aspect, what about real-world transmissions? Both have Thunderbolt ports, so you think they are the same, but I tested transferring a 24.6 gig file, and it took 36 seconds on the iPad and only 16 seconds on the iPad now on the MacBook. Suppose you think It’s just because of the slow travel speed of 128 gigs. In that case, you’d be wrong because even the 256 gig model takes about 37 seconds, and that’s because the Thunderbolt port in the iPad is, for some reason, compared to the base MacBook, here The data transfer speed is nowhere near as fast as this issue we had on the M1 iPad Pro, I hope it gets fixed, but no, the M2 still does the same thing.

Web Browsing Performance

Now in terms of network performance, I’m going to run speedometer 2.0 here and test things like loading javascript web-based apps, and as you can see, both are incredibly faster than anything else, well the iPad 1 doesn’t really matter a little bit, but it does feel a bit fast as far as the promo feels.

Geekbench 5 CPU

The Geekbench 5 Single-core CPU of the M2 iPad Pro is an 1864 Score and M2 MacBook Air is a 1924 Score.
The Geekbench 5 Multi-core CPU of the M2 iPad Pro is an 1864 Score and M2 MacBook Air is a 1924 Score.

Now in terms of M2 chip performance, I’ll go ahead and run Geekbench to see the performance, some people are concerned that the M2 chip will be slow in such a thin tablet, and both chips have 8 GB of RAM. Now MacBook, you can have up to 24 GB, but more importantly, you can say the storage is lower but still up to 16 GB, whereas on an iPad, you have to buy at least 1 TB to get 16 GB, and you are paying extra for 16, so Apple locks it down or the other way around forces you to get 16 gigs when you probably don’t want it or need iPad OS if you wish TB we’ve addressed our performance issues MacBook is slightly better than iPad in single A bit in terms of core and multi-core performance, but it’s pretty secondary.

Geekbench 5 Metal GPU

The Geekbench 5 Metal GPU of the M2 iPad Pro is a 32,921 Score and M2 MacBook Air is a 26,382 Score.

In terms of graphics performance, I will run our Metal Compute test, which tests many different things and see the results. The iPad’s M2 chip is actually faster, and that’s because Apple doesn’t use ten-core graphics for the iPad, and With a MacBook, you have to pay extra to get it, or it only comes with an eight-graphics core M2 chip, which is about 25 slower.

3DMark Gaming Test

The 3DMark Wild Life Extreme Unlimited of the M2 iPad Pro is 41.3 FPS and M2 MacBook Air is 34 FPS.
The 3DMark Wild Life After 15-20 min of the M2 iPad Pro is 35.2 FPS and M2 MacBook Air is 34 FPS.

Now in terms of gaming performance, I’m going to run the 3D Marks Wildlife extreme test in infinite mode and see the results of the iPad. Even though you might think it’s only throttling in such a thin body, it’s still around 22% faster. I’ve run it here multiple times in terms of frame rate. After you play for about 15 to 20 minutes, the iPad slows down to almost MacBook performance after multiple runs, so the MacBook actually speeds up almost immediately, and the iPad gives you more glamour and then goes away, so they don’t need to provide it with extra graphics now, at least now longer renders.

Lightroom Photo Editing

The Lightroom Mobile 50x 42MP Export of the M2 iPad Pro is 2:58 Min/Sec and M2 MacBook Air is 2:00 Min/Sec.

I don’t just want to run those benchmarks. I want to run real-world stuff. Many people like to do photo editing on the iPad using the Apple Pencil is excellent, and you have a lot of control, but I’m curious about the performance here. I have 50 42 megapixels of Raw file. I have edited all the images here, and they are great so I will export them. I’m going to start my timer here. I’m using Lightroom Mobile in these two, so the same software. On the chip, we only have iPad OS vs. Mac OS, and the MacBook hits 108 degrees C almost immediately, and now it’s throttling to 103 and 104, but it’s still outputting faster than the iPad we’ve done here. I have to save first, not counting that it takes 2 minutes and 58 seconds to keep the iPad and 2 minutes for the Macbook, so even if everything else is equal, the MacBook is 50 seconds faster. I noticed several different apps testing Mac OS compared to iPad faster place.

Operating Systems

To make me think of the whole Mac OS, you can run many iPad apps, but you have full access to a full version like Lightroom classic, which is even faster than the mobile version with iPad OS. We have an entire app store that has tons of apps. Where you have great media apps, you have great productivity apps, and multiplication, there is just one crazy library where you can do different things. For example, you have some video editing apps. They Both are very cheap compared to many Mac apps. You’ll spend more.

But it’s worth it. Like Final Cut, you can get the full version of DaVinci Resolve. Now it’s coming to iPad soon, but it is a bit cut down and still not the whole thing in terms of apps. It’s hit or miss. You have more iPad stuff, but MACOS is more powerful and multitasking. We still don’t have for iPad that offers full multitasking, and now apple has added a stage manager where you can bring apps together, so you have more control and expandability. We have sidebars you can stretch content, and then you. It’s a pleasant update to pull out that sidebar and have different pairs of apps.

But you don’t have complete control as you do with a mac. You can have windows in there, but you want to be unrestricted, so overall, As far as I’m concerned, I wish Apple would add Mac OS to the iPad and not limit us, as you know, before the general view or stage manager for AD it just opens up a lot of possibilities. It will make it an actual professional device, but Still having issues with the files app still can’t eject the hard drive. Hence, when I tested the transfer speed in previous tests, it still damaged my SSD. Even if I was cautious, I had to use a mac to fix it. People kept complaining about this stuff for a long time, but if apple added mac os here, you don’t have to buy a mac and an iPad. You could buy an iPad. You can see how powerful it is, but at this point, iPad os is still limited.

Battery Life Comparison

Now let’s talk about battery life. MacBook’s battery is 27 times bigger than iPad’s, the iPad screen gets brighter, and it also supports Promotion. Right now, Apple’s battery life figures are pretty vague. Still, if you’re doing light tasks using the iPad the most, You can get up to 10 hours compared to about 15 hours on the MacBook if you’re pushing two machines simultaneously, like photo editing. You’re cranking up what people say is as low as 4 hours of brightness, the iPad compared to the MacBook’s 8 hours. Because the screen doesn’t dry out anywhere, the battery life difference can be huge, and the MacBook charges twice as fast as the iPad if you use a faster charger. Hence, it’s a MacBook in terms of battery life big victory.

The Battery Capacity of the M2 iPad Pro is 41.2Wh and M2 MacBook Air is 52.6Wh.
The M2 iPad Pro is 600 nits and the M2 MacBook Air is 500 nits.
The Battery Life- Light Load of the M2 iPad Pro is 10 Hours and the M2 MacBook Air is 15 Hours.
The Battery Life- Heavy Load of the M2 iPad Pro is 4 Hours and the M2 MacBook Air is 8 Hours.
The Time to Fully Charge, the M2 iPad Pro is 3:10 Hr/Min and the M2 MacBook Air is 1:30 Hr/Min.

Which One to Buy!

So, to sum it up, if you buy one of those M2 iPads or an M2 MacBook Air, it’s still an insensitive choice. If you know you want an Apple Pencil, you want a rear camera like this. Obviously, you get the iPad in hand, but if you use your machine like a laptop most of the time. You want the iPad to be a suitable laptop replacement, and I prefer to have it mostly Macbook, although the display isn’t that great. The speakers aren’t that great. It’s just super convenient form factor weight balance. It doesn’t wobble. It’s a lot cheaper. You have the whole macOS. It’s a huge selling point, so for me, as long as I’m not looking for A bunch of media, music, and movies, only Apple fixes the software when you want to use it as a Macbook replacement.

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Title: [19 Reasons!] The BETTER Laptop is APPLE M2 iPad Pro 2022 or APPLE M2 MacBook Air?!