Unpacking review of SMI Solution’s Transcend ESD310C, a compact dual-head USB SSD along with a PCIe SSD 250H

Silicon Motion (SMI) has developed two SSD controllers: the SM2320 USB SSD controller and the SM2264 SSD controller. These technologies have allowed Transcend to introduce the highly compact ESD310C USB SSD pen drive and the M.2 NVMe PCIe 4.0 x4 PCIe SSD 250H. During initial unpackaging and testing, the performance of SMI’s controllers was evaluated …

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FSP Hydro PTM PRO ATX3.0 PCIe5.0 1200W power supply out of the box / One line is enough for RTX 4090 power supply

The new generation of RTX 40 graphics card fully adopts the new power supply interface of 12VHPWR, and after Intel released the power supply design specification of ATX Version 3.0, we finally saw the power supply manufacturer FSP FSP launched a new generation of new power supply products that meet the ATX12 V3.0 specification. The …

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