Snow white and bright Fractal Design Torrent White RGB case out of the box/ best air-cooled match, all white and bright

Fractal Design has received wide acclaim after launching the Torrent series of enclosures. The Torrent series is known as the strongest air-cooled enclosure in recent years. The design of the enclosure structure on the air duct and the 18cm air intake fan on the front are very suitable for air-cooled towers. It has an excellent matching degree, and this time Fractal Design has launched a total of all-white RGB series such as Torrent White RGB, Torrent Compact White RGB and Torrent Nano White RGB, which can satisfy DIY players with good looks.

Torrent White RGB Specifications:
Size: 544 x 242 x 530mm
Material: Steel, Tempered Glass
Motherboard: E-ATX / ATX / M-ATX / Mini-ITX / SSI-CEB
CPU Air Cooling: 188mm
Graphics Card: Max 461mm / Front 423mm after fan installation
Power supply: ATX 230mm
Pre-installed fan (front + bottom): 180mm x2, 140mm x3 Radiator
Support: front 420/360mm (maximum width 180mm), bottom 420/360mm, rear 140/120 mm
Fan installation positions (front+bottom+rear): 180mm 2+2+0, 140mm 3+3+1, 120mm 3+3+1
Top I/O ports: USB 3.1 Gen2 Type-C, USB 3.0 x 2. HD Audio
Hard drives and storage slots: four 2.5-inch and two 3.5-inch

Torrent White RGB cases out of the box

The version I got started this time is Torrent White RGB. The dimensions of the chassis itself are 54.4 x 24.2 x 53cm. The Torrent, which belongs to the mid-tower size chassis, is the largest model in this series. Compared with the length and width, it is a mainstream mid-tower machine. The casings are even larger. If you want a smaller size, you can refer to the compact version of Torrent Compact White RGB or consider the smaller size of Torrent Nano White RGB that supports ITX/DTX motherboard installation.

The most distinctive feature of Torrent Compact White RGB itself is its iconic air dam front panel, with a full-area shape deflector and built-in dust-proof mesh, providing sufficient air intake for the two front Prisma AL- 18 ARGB PWM 18cm fans.

The positioning of the Torrent series is not the same as that of Fractal Design’s other popular models, such as Define, Meshify, Pop and other series. The power supply structure differs from the current common bottom-mounted and left-right compartment installation structure. The space under the chassis is provided for two 18cm or three 14cm fans to be installed. The bottom-mounted fans can blow cold air directly from the bottom. For the graphics card, the intake pressure of the chassis itself does not depend entirely on the front fan.

Torrent White RGB has a length, width and height of 54.4 x 24.2 x 53cm, and the case itself are a bit larger.
The full-area Y-shaped deflector air dam is matched with a built-in dust filter, and the problem of insufficient air intake is not suitable for this coffee case.
There is a Fractal Design logo in the lower left corner, and the brushed metal nameplate adds a lot of texture and faith scores.

Torrent White RGB is equipped with full-transparency tempered glass, and you can directly see the white interior installation space under direct viewing. The overall theme and style are quite complete and unharmonious. When opening with force, there is an outwardly protruding structure under the side panel to prevent the side from falling directly downward and breaking. However, there is no protection against falling outward, so the other hand still needs to protect the side panel when opening.

Fully transparent tempered glass.
The installation display is without power on, and the internal hardware details are quite clear.
Both side panels are opened outwards by auxiliary paddles.

Torrent White RGB adopts the common top-mounted power supply structure in the past, but unlike the past big stuffy tank clerical case, Torrent puts the power supply on the top-mounted way, leaving the bottom for the air intake of multiple fans, and the entire back of the case All use the honeycomb ventilation mesh structure so that the air cooling tower and the waste heat of the graphics card can follow the airflow of the front fan, and be directly exhausted from the honeycomb structure backwards to reduce the heat dissipation burden of the top-mounted power supply.

The rear supports a 120/140mm fan and water-cooling installation and has a seven-slot PCI-E device expansion installation position. The reusable bezel decoration is pre-installed at the factory. The original does not support the vertical installation slot of the graphics card. If necessary, The upright function of the graphics card requires an additional purchase of Fractal Design’s own Flex B-20 graphics card upright kit. In addition, the PCI-E baffle also uses a honeycomb structure design.

The top-mounted power supply structure and full-area honeycomb mesh support the installation of 120/140mm fans and water cooling.

The top of the case is a full-coverage shield. Due to its own heat dissipation structure planning, Torrent chose to seal the top cover to avoid the problem of dust entering and obtain better visual effects. The top cover of the case is fixed by two thumb screws at the rear. After removing it, you can see the installation space for the top-mounted power supply. The installation experience of the Torrent White RGB power supply is much friendlier than that of the bottom-mounted power supply compartment. The total length of the ATX-size power supply is limited to 230mm.

But the more embarrassing point is that there is an RGB light bar next to the power supply compartment, and the ARGB wire of the light bar directly passes through the upper-mounted power supply compartment and enters the rear cable management space. It may not be so comfortable for users with obsessive-compulsive disorder. I look forward to Fractal Design Better-looking solutions can be found in subsequent styles.

Closed top cover for complete dust protection.
The top-mounted power supply compartment supports ATX 230mm power supply installation.
The upper top cover is secured by the two rear thumb screws.

Torrent White RGB sets the I/O interface on the upper front. For users who are accustomed to placing desktops under the desktop, the top-mounted I/O will be more convenient to use, but some points need attention, such as those who like Whether the master stepping on the shell will touch the power button by mistake and the natural dust floating into the interface slot may cause poor contact and other problems. The I/O interface provides a headphone jack, a microphone jack, two USB 3.0, a power button, and a USB3 .1 Gen2 Type-C power reset button.

Upper I/O interface.

Torrent White RGB hardware installation space

Torrent White RGB is pre-installed with two 18cm fans on the front and three 14cm fans on the bottom. After installing the fan adapter bracket in the accessory, the front can be converted to install three 12/ 14cm fan models.

There are two Prisma AL-18 ARGB PWM fans on the front; three Prisma AL-14 ARGB PWM fans are pre-installed on the bottom, and the rear fans are not pre-installed at the factory. It is recommended that players purchase additional fans for this part. Purchase a fan to retrofit.

Two 18cm fans at the front and three 14cm fans at the bottom are pre-installed at the factory.
The front fan is equipped with two Prisma AL-18 ARGB PWM.

The front panel of Torrent White RGB’s air dam is fixed by tenons, which is very convenient to disassemble and secure. The use process and experience are quite good. The inner side of the front panel is pre-installed with a detachable dust filter, which can be used separately after a period of use. Remove the dust filter, take it to rinse or wipe it with a dry cloth for cleaning.

To cope with the installed intake fan, the bottom of the case is also equipped with a removable dust filter. After removing the front panel, the dust filter can be pulled out from the bottom forward for cleaning.

The front panel has a built-in detachable dust filter.
There is also a dust filter on the bottom of the case.
The dust filter at the bottom is pulled forward and removed.

The hardware installation space inside the case supports E-ATX/ATX/mATX/ITX/SSI-EEB/SSI-CEB motherboards, the maximum installation height of the air cooling tower is 188mm, and the maximum installation space of the graphics card is 461mm (in After installing the front fan, the remaining 423mm), the internal depth of 188mm in the case will have more room for the RTX40 series graphics cards and 12VHPWR power supply cables that are currently being discussed. It can even meet the requirements of various power supply brands for cables 3cm recommended installation reserved depth.

Core hardware installation space inside Torrent White RGB.
Seven-slot PCI-E without cross-bar bezel setting, with nickel-plated thumb screws to fix the bezel.
Distance between the main board copper pillar and the upper power supply.

Torrent White RGB is pre-installed with three white Prisma AL-14 ARGB PWMs at the bottom, and three 14cm fans introduce cold air from the bottom of the case to blow the graphics card directly, ensuring that the graphics card has enough cool air for heat dissipation during operation.

The fan installation area at the bottom is a detachable module bracket. After removing the two thumb screws, the entire set of fan brackets can be disassembled and replaced. In addition to supporting the installation of three 14cm fans at the bottom, it can also be replaced by three 12cm or two 18cm fans can be installed, and it is compatible with radiators up to 420/360mm in size.

Three Prisma AL-14 ARGB PWM fans are pre-installed on the bottom.
Detachable fan mounting bracket, easy to replace with fans of other sizes.
Provide a male and female 5V 3-Pin ARGB connector that can be connected in series and a PWM fan power supply connector.

The common steel side panel used on the back of Torrent White RGB can completely cover the space of the entire cable. The depth of entire cable has a 3cm deep space at the deepest point. Even a thick 24-Pin power cable will not easily cause the side panel to be difficult to cover. It’s good news for newbies.

Full line space on the back of Torrent White RGB.
The deepest provides approximately 3cm of overall line depth.

The hard disk installation positions of the whole coffee case are all in the rear line space, providing a total of four 2.5-inch and two 3.5-inch hard disk installation spaces. The hard disk installation brackets are all fixed by hand-turned screws and wall-mounted. Fractal Design The whole line module is set in the central block where the power supply wire is often fixed, and it is equipped with a Velcro felt cable management belt printed with Fractal to help the whole line.

Four 2.5” HDD mounting brackets on the left side.
Two 3.5-inch hard drives can be installed behind the motherboard.
Secure the detachable HDD mounting bracket with thumb screws.
Auxiliary cable module with Velcro cable tie cable.

Torrent White RGB has set up a Nexus 9-Pin Slim PWM fan hub at the bottom of the line groove. Even if the seven fans on the upper limit of the case are installed, two positions are still available for expansion. The hub needs a SATA power supply and can be powered by PWM Connect to the motherboard fan slot and adjust the fan speed curve through the motherboard.

Set an all-white Nexus 9-Pin Slim PWM fan hub at the bottom, supporting nine PWM fan installations.
The hub needs a SATA for the power supply and supports connecting with the motherboard to control the speed.

The front fan conversion bracket is attached to the accessories of the case in the same way as the Torrent. Through this installation bracket, the front fan can be converted from two 18cm fan lock holes to support three 12/14cm fan installation lock holes. Use the conversion. The bracket can also be used to install a 360/420mm water-cooling radiator. Although I feel it is a pity to replace the two iconic 18cm fans, Fractal Design allows players to choose to deal with different installation situations.

Three 12/14cm fans can be installed in the front through the fan conversion bracket.

The rest of the accessories include sub-package screws, mirror cleaning cloth, motherboard copper column sleeve, disposable cable ties, graphics card support frame, etc. The all-white painted graphics card support frame is fixed through the keyhole on the case. The supporting points extending at an oblique angle can be adjusted up, down, front, back, left and right through screws.

Overview of housing accessories.
The all-white display card support bracket reduces the burden on the PCI-E slot.

Torrent White RGB actually installed a display

For this Torrent White RGB installation demonstration, the hardware configuration part uses an ATX-sized ASRock Z690 Taichi Razer Edition motherboard and a 242mm long NVIDIA RTX 3060ti FE dual-fan graphics card for installation. After installation, you can see Torrent White RGB Due to the 423mm display card installation space, there will be a large space on the right side of the motherboard after installing the original public display card, and the extra remaining space can be used for decorative purposes such as displaying models.

Actual installed RGB display.
The core hardware installation effect, the light bar above the power supply compartment, has a slight embellishment effect.

Due to the principle of light refraction on the deflector air dam’s front panel, the front fan’s RGB lighting effect will be presented in a refracted way when viewed from the side. You need to adjust the viewing angle to fully see the lighting effect of Prisma AL-18 ARGB PWM.

Front panel viewing effect.

We also used the Ion+ 2 Platinum 860W power supply for installation. The mainstream 15cm power supply also has a lot of space for hiding cables after installation. Multiple Velcro felts are on the rear of the case next to the motherboard I/O. , Install the AC power cord of the upper power supply and other peripheral wires. You can use the Velcro cable tie to help bundle the wires to help the aesthetic effect.

After the Ion+ 2 Platinum 860W power supply is installed in the top-mounted power supply compartment, there is still a lot of space for wiring.
The power supply’s AC power cord is secured by the left Velcro cable tie.
Display of actual installed capacity of the whole line.

Summary and experience

Torrent White RGB has many special optimizations for air-cooled towers, no matter the installation position of the fan or the design of the installation structure itself. It is the best for players who don’t like water cooling. The case selection, through the three 14cm fans at the bottom and the two 18cm large fans at the front, provides sufficient heat dissipation performance for the internal hardware.

This time, Fractal Design has updated all-white colour matching and Torrent White RGB, Torrent Compact White RGB and Torrent Nano White RGB models equipped with Prisma AL-ARGB fans. Friendly compact versions, even smaller mini-towers that support ITX motherboard installation, Torrent White RGB are all ready for you. As a white army and you love RGB lighting effects, you may wish to refer to it.

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Title: Snow white and bright Fractal Design Torrent White RGB case out of the box/ best air-cooled match, all white and bright