Sit upright on the couch! Unboxing and testing the iRocks T28 Plus gaming chair with cat-proof fabric. Share your experience – its durable fabric ensures cat claws won’t snag

iRocks presents their latest “T28 Plus” gaming chair, notable for its cloth covering that’s resistant to both cat scratches and water. The fabric used is woven to enhance its durability, decreasing the chances of cats causing damage and discouraging owners from inadvertently scratching it. The T28 Plus offers a seating experience akin to a firm cloth-covered sofa, thanks to its 50kg/m3 high-density foam. With its larger seat cushion and high-back design, the chair incorporates features like height, backrest, and lumbar adjustments. Additionally, there’s a removable neck pillow, ensuring optimal comfort for users.

T28 Plus Features:

  • Chair Category: Computer chair
  • Fabric: Water-resistant cloth paired with soft cotton velvet
  • Frame: Sturdy steel
  • Color: Dark gray
  • Weight Limit: 130Kg or roughly 286 lb
  • Base Tray: Versatile Z-shaped tray with a tilt ranging from 1° to 15°
  • Armrest: 4D design (vertical, horizontal, forward/backward, rotational movement)
  • Cushioning: High-density foam with 50kg/m3 density
  • Hydraulic Lift: Grade 4
  • Chair Back: Contoured, tall design with adjustable angle from 90° to 155°
  • Lumbar Adjustability: Included
  • Neck Pillow: Detachable
  • Base: Metallic five-pronged base
  • Casters: 65MM durable PU wheels
  • Assembly: DIY assembly required
  • Warranty: Comprehensive 1-year warranty, considering standard usage.

iRocks T28 Plus Cat-scratch cloth-covered gaming chair unboxing/sitting feels like a sofa, wear-resistant cloth cover to prevent cat-scratch

The standout feature of the iRocks T28 Plus is its enhanced woven fabric, boasting superior wear resistance. Thanks to this upgrade, even frequent cat scratches on the chair won’t easily result in hairball formation. Complementing this fabric is the soft cotton velvet that undergoes a “water-repellent” treatment, ensuring both comfort and durability. Internally, the chair is packed with 50kg/m3 high-density foam, offering a seating experience reminiscent of a sofa.

In terms of dimensions, the T28 Plus has a seat height that ranges from 47cm to 55cm, a seat width of 52.5cm, armrest width varying between 72cm and 75cm, a chair back height of 85cm, shoulder width on the chair back is 55cm, waist width stands at 30cm, and the total height of the chair spans from 127cm to 136cm. While its design takes cues from typical gaming chairs, it differentiates itself with an expanded seat cushion, back, and shoulder width, enabling users to sit in various comfortable positions without feeling constricted.

Further enhancing its versatility, the T28 Plus features a multi-functional Z-shaped tray that offers a tilt range of 1° to 15°, and a level 4 hydraulic lift system. This setup facilitates adjustments to the seat height, backrest, lumbar support, and 4D armrests. Stability is a key focus, evident from its flat metal five-pronged base, coupled with 65mm PU wheels. The base extends up to 74cm at its widest point, ensuring users won’t feel any wobbliness while sitting or reclining.

T28 Plus size chart.

T28 Plus Appearance and Self-Assembly Steps/The chair back slide rail is easier to install by one person

The T28 Plus does come in a DIY assembly kit. Given its larger and weightier packaging, having two people handle the transport would be more practical. However, thanks to the intuitive design of the chair back’s slide rail, putting it together can be easily managed by a single person. A word of caution during the unpacking process: always ensure you check and verify that all components and parts are present in the package before commencing the assembly.

T28 Plus outer box.
Unpacked contents.

When unboxing the T28 Plus, systematically remove each component. Start with the chair back, followed by the headrest, seat cushion, and chair legs. Don’t forget the Z-shaped tray. Lastly, within the carton, you’ll find the chair wheels and the necessary mounting screws for assembly. Ensure all these parts are laid out clearly before starting the assembly process.

T28 Plus All Parts.

For potential buyers of the T28 Pro, especially cat owners, it’s essential to note the unique design of the cat scratching cloth. While the fabric is engineered with a high wear-resistance coefficient to deter cats from sinking their claws into it, this doesn’t make it entirely scratch-proof. If a cat’s claw manages to latch onto a stitch, it can still cause damage. As a preventive measure, cat enthusiasts are advised to keep their pets’ claws trimmed.

For assembly, always adhere to the provided installation instructions. Typically, the sequence for setting up goes as follows: start with the chair wheels, proceed to the chair legs, then the air pressure rods, followed by chair cushions, and finally, the chair backs.

T28 Pro Precautions and Instructions.
Chair wheels and screws in the carton.

The T28 Pro’s metal five-star chair legs feature a flat surface design. This ensures that when you place your feet on them while seated, there’s no risk of slipping or sliding. Following this, simply slot the 65mm PU chair wheels into the designated spots on the chair legs for a seamless fit.

Flat metal five-star chair legs.
Back of chair legs.

Next, install the air pressure rod. It’s crucial to ensure that it’s oriented correctly. Once in place, don’t forget to affix the protective sleeve or cover over it for added safety and aesthetics.

Air pressure wand.

Following that, to secure the chair cushion to the Z-shaped tray, insert gaskets into the four key holes provided. Note that the tray is designed with a specific direction in mind, and there’s a mark indicating the front. Ensure you align it correctly to avoid any assembly mishaps. Utilize the hexagonal screwdriver included in the package to lock and fasten the four screws in the specified order. When tightening, it’s advised to rotate each screw 1-2 turns, then switch to the diagonally opposite screw for another 1-2 turns. Repeat this process for all screws to ensure even and secure fastening.

Turn the chair cushion over with the bottom facing up, and attach a gasket to the keyhole.
Determine the direction of the Z-shaped tray, and install it with the front facing the front of the chair cushion (the back is the chair back).
Tighten the 4 screws in turn.

After securing the chair cushion to the Z-shaped tray, align the assembly directly above the air pressure rod. Carefully position it and push it downward until it’s securely in place.

Lastly, it’s time to attach the chair back. The inclusion of a slide rail groove on the chair’s back’s left side streamlines the installation process. This design feature ensures a more accurate and hassle-free alignment with the keyhole, making the attachment straightforward and efficient.

There is a slide rail design on the left side of the chair.
Make the chair back better fixed.
Finally, install the protective cover and you’re done.

The T28 Plus chair backrest, lumbar adjustment, seat height and 4-way armrests are all adjustable

The T28 Plus offers a seat height ranging from 47cm to 55cm, which is an apt fit for the Taiwanese demographic. Even for those slightly on the shorter side, this height ensures their feet can rest firmly on the ground. With the chair back extending to a height of 85cm and a seat cushion width of 52.5cm, it comfortably accommodates users. This design ensures that even with abrupt or forceful movements, the chair remains reliable. The added headrest, crafted from a similar fleece material, attaches directly to the chair’s back using elastic straps, enhancing comfort and stability.

T28 Plus.
Anti-cat claw fleece surface.

The chair back’s shoulder width measures at 55cm, while the waist width is 30cm. When I sat on it, there was a noticeable sense of spaciousness. The chair’s design didn’t feel restricting, allowing me to comfortably adjust, twist my waist, and stretch out while seated without any issues.

Chair back and shoulder width 55cm.
Waist width 30cm.

The seat cushion, with its width of 52.5cm and depth of 49.5cm, provides ample space, ensuring a comfortable seating experience for both adults and children alike.

Large cloth seat cushion.
The slightly dropped shape in front of the seat cushion.

The T28 Plus boasts a range of adjustable features. Firstly, the seating height can be modified between 47cm and 55cm. To make adjustments, use the handle located on the right side of the chair. If you wish to elevate the chair, ensure it’s unoccupied before pulling up the handle. To decrease the height, sit on the chair first, and then engage the switch.

Sitting height adjustment.
The sitting height can be adjusted between 47~55cm.

To adjust the incline of the chair back, utilize the handle provided. By pulling it upwards and leaning back, you can modify the angle of the chair back to your liking. Its most reclined position offers a gentle backward tilt, perfect for those occasional office naps or moments of relaxation.

Seat back elevation adjustment lever.
Seat back elevation adjustment.

On the right side of the chair, there’s a knob designed for lumbar adjustments. Twisting it in the “+” direction will protrude the lumbar support further, offering more pronounced back support. Conversely, rotating it in the “-” direction will make the lumbar support recede, providing a flatter support surface. Users can tailor the lumbar positioning based on their personal preferences and comfort habits.

Lumbar adjustment button.
Lumbar adjustment.

Beneath the chair cushion on the left side, there’s a lever for the rocking chair feature. When activated, the chair has the ability to gently rock backwards. The tension or resistance of this rocking motion can be tailored using the knob positioned directly below the lever, allowing users to find the perfect balance for their comfort.

Rocking chair adjustment.
Rocking chair elastic button.

The 4D armrest on the chair offers versatile adjustment capabilities. Users can modify the armrest’s position in various ways: vertically (up and down), horizontally (left and right), longitudinally (front and back), and it also has a rotation feature. This ensures maximum customization for user comfort.

4D armrest.

On the chair’s rear, there’s a convenient pocket designed to hold items like newspapers and magazines. However, in the company’s demonstration or display, due to the absence of books, a graphics card was humorously used as a placeholder to showcase its utility.

Back pocket.
Same velvet material.


The latest iRocks T28 Plus features an enhanced wear-resistant woven fabric with a velvet-like feel. Complemented by 50kg/m3 high-density molded foam, the seating experience is reminiscent of a plush, upright sofa. This chair is a refreshing alternative for gamers who might not prefer mesh or leather seating. It offers the comfort of a fabric surface coupled with luxurious foam. However, those wary of warmth should take heed. During summer, air conditioning or a fan may be needed to aid in cooling, but come winter, the chair will assuredly retain warmth, serving as a personal heater.

In terms of design, the T28 Plus aligns well with the physique of Taiwanese and other Asian demographics. It boasts a balanced seat height, expansive seat cushion, and tall chair back. Additionally, it offers fundamental adjustments like seat height, chair back tilt, lumbar support, and versatile 4D armrests. Priced at NT$9,690, the T28 Plus is approximately $1,100 more than its predecessor, the original T28. If the plush feel of flannel appeals to you and you’re seeking a solution to the age-old problem of feline friends scratching furniture, the T28 Plus is worth considering when the opportunity arises.

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Title: Sit upright on the couch! Unboxing and testing the iRocks T28 Plus gaming chair with cat-proof fabric. Share your experience – its durable fabric ensures cat claws won’t snag