PHANTEKS is about to launch the RTX 4000 water block

With the birth of a new generation of GeForce RTX 4000 graphics cards, Phanteks is about to release the Glacier G40 GPU water block. The Glacier G40 GPU water block has excellent cooling performance, and with the unique water block features, it builds the ultimate water cooling system.

For Geforce RTX4000 series graphics cards, Phanteks Glacier G40 GPU water block provides efficient water cooling. The design of the acrylic water collector in the GPU provides the best heat conduction performance, and the simple-looking backplane can dissipate heat from the parts on the back of the PCB board. In addition, the copper water-cooling plate directly cools the memory/MOS and power-related components on the PCB board, with high-quality heat sinks.

The Glacier G40 GPU water block also introduces some innovative features, such as the design of the inlet and outlet water joints, which can have a good pipeline configuration even in a compact and small case. In addition, in order to make the water block more stable, the GUP support bracket is used to connect the water block with the PCI bracket behind it, so that the overall device will be more solid.

Like all Phanteks Glacier products, the Glacier G40 GPU water block is also made in Taiwan, using a high thermal conductivity red copper base, high light transmission acrylic and anodized aluminum cover plate, and is equipped with aerospace grade Viton O-rings. In addition, the Glacier G40 water block is combined with D-RGB lighting effects, and can also be used with other Phanteks D-RGB products.

Glacier G40 GPU water block will support RTX 4000 series, please stay tuned to Phanteks website and social media for more detailed information.

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Title: PHANTEKS is about to launch the RTX 4000 water block