Lighter and faster! ROG’s Keris Wireless AimPoint Gaming Mouse weighs 75 grams and lasts 119 hours

ROG released an upgraded version of the classic series Keris on the 28th — Keris Wireless AimPoint. Available in black and white, Keris Wireless AimPoint uses the latest generation of AimPoint 36K optical sensor to bring players lightning-fast tracking while supporting up to 36000 DPI, with triple-mode connectivity, 75g feather advantage and replaceable The unique micro switch design prolongs the lifespan and also gives players the best FPS gaming experience.


Connectivity Interface: RF 2.4GHz + Bluetooth 5.1 + USB 2.0
Sensor: Optical ROG AimPoint, <1% cpi Deviation
Resolution: 36000-100 DPI, 50G, 650 IPS
Polling Rate: 1000 Hz Report rate
Micro Switch: ROG 70M Mechanical Switch (pre-installed), micro switch (included)
Weight: 75g
Dimensions: 118(L)x62(w)x39(H) mm
Battery: Built-in lithium battery 370mAh / 3.7V / 1.369Wh
Continuous line (RGB Off) : RF 2.4G – 119 Hours, BT 149 Hours

Faster, a lighter weapon for FPS players!

ROG Keris Wireless Aimpoint offers tri-mode connectivity, 2.4 GHz, Bluetooth, and wireless 1000 Hz polling rate, with ROG SpeedNova technology for reduced latency and stable signal. Its honeycomb structure and the weight of the mouse is only 75g. The implication is that it was born to play FPS shooting games. The new Keris Wireless AimPoint is equipped with an AimPoint 36K optical sensor, bound to bring players a faster and better experience.

The focus of this update is to:

  1. Lost 4g weight, only 75g
  2. Upgrade to AimPoint optical sensor, support 36000-100 DPI, 50G, 650 IPS
  3. Comes with a ROG gaming anti-slip sticker
  4. Stronger battery life RF 2.4G – 119 Hours (RGB Off)

The micro switch slot II, ROG 70M Mechanical Switch, and the hub key structure are all completely preserved.

Keris Wireless AimPoint case.
Product features are written on the back.

Keris Wireless AimPoint uses a completely different way of opening the box. You need to pull up the box from the bottom first, and then it will open like a flower. The mouse comes in a textile bag on top of the cardboard box, while the accessories can be found underneath an envelope. The contents include non-slip stickers, belief stickers, a manual, a warranty book, an OMRON micro switch, USB-C braided cable, a USB extension street, PTFE Teflon mouse feet and a mouse.

A different way to open the box than before.

Keris Wireless AimPoint is made of hard plastic, with a smooth surface and PBT left and right buttons, taking into account the texture and improving grip and durability. Using the included rubber stickers can further improve friction, and because of its the printed look, the barbed wire also provides a full gaming feel.

Keris Wireless AimPoint.
Eye of Faith LOGO.
The attached anti-slip stickers have never been seen before!

Keris Wireless AimPoint is completely symmetrical at first glance, but from the rear, it can be found that it is slightly tilted to the right, which is more in line with our hand feeling when using it. On the left side of the mouse, there are two side buttons that can be compiled by yourself. The button position just fits the shape of my hand. There is no gap when clicking, the driving force is small, the loudness is medium, and the overall grip area has a certain degree of curvature. To improve the stability of the grip, on the right side, you will see the laser engraving of ROG.

Ergonomic angle.
Left mouse button.
ROG on the right side of the mouse.

Keris Wireless AimPoint adopts separate left and right keys, and the left and right keys are also added with a pivot key structure. This structure can use springs and metal shafts to balance the keys and greatly reduce the distance between the keys and the micro switch, providing extremely short force distance and fast rebound to ensure that every click can achieve excellent speed, response and consistency.

Schematic diagram of the pivot button structure.
Separate left and right buttons.
Use the USB-C port.
Soft braided wire.

The Keris Wireless AimPoint is designed with simplicity in its lines and details, but that will be key to its comfort and adaptability to the three ways to hold the mouse. The overall length, width and height of the mouse are 118 x 62 x 39mm, and the overall size is short and compact. Boys’ hands are more suitable for grasping and pinching grips. If you want to use a prone grip, the palm of a big hand will be a bit small, but because the editor is a girl, the prone grip is relatively very suitable for me, but in the end, it is still necessary. It depends on the player’s usage habits.

For girls, the prone grip is just right.

At the bottom of the mouse, in the middle, is the AimPoint 36K optical sensor, which provides 100 to 36,000 DPI resolution, supports up to 650 IPS speed and 50 G acceleration; on his left side, there are DPI button, pairing button; and on the right side can See, switch the SWITCH button of the three-mode connection. There are also mouse horns made of 100% Teflon on the 4 corners for a quick and flexible sliding feel. Finally, you can see the 2.4GHz receiver and storage location at the bottom.

Mouse bottom.
Adjust button.
2.4GHz receiver.
Featherweight mouse (due to different scales, there will be a slight error).

Internal architecture

This update can also be seen from the previous Chakram X, such as the Aimpoint optical sensor and the replaceable Push-Fit Socket II switch, so players should be familiar with the replacement. The Keris Wireless AimPoint was originally equipped with ROG’s own micro switch, which has a relatively brittle feel and provides a durability of 70 million clicks. If you don’t like the feel of the ROG switch, you can replace it with the micro switch you are used to. A micro switch is provided in the package for us to replace.

To open the mouse, you only need to remove the two rubber covers and screws from the bottom and then open the top cover from the rear part of the groove. Still, this time the grooves are very dense, and it is really difficult to open, but, On the one hand, it can also ensure that we will not deform the shell due to too much grip when playing games.

First, dig out the rubber cover.
Then remove the screw to open it.

After disassembling the mouse, you can see that the upper cover and the bottom case of Keris Wireless AimPoint adopt a honeycomb structure, and you can see the PCB and other buttons in detail inside. This time, the direction of the entire circuit board is further optimized, and the battery is also moved to the centre. Position to improve weight distribution. The lithium-ion battery has 370 mAh and can power the mouse for 86 hours wirelessly with RGB on and up to 119 hours with RGB off.

Honeycomb architecture.
ROG micro switch.
Replaceable micro switch.

Armoury Creat

Then, through its own system Armory Creat players can easily program the mouse button, performance, lighting, calibration and polling rate settings.

Key programming.
DPI settings.
Light adjustment.
Light Show.


Keris Wireless AimPoint has an excellent ergonomic design for all three gripping methods. Personally, I feel that the grip is the most comfortable, and it is also the most suitable for FPS players. Fits better in the palm of your hand. The smooth feeling of its mouse feet and the weight of 75g bring out the overall excellent handling, and the feature of a replaceable micro switch greatly increases the mouse’s life.

In actual use, the most amazing thing is that Keris Wireless AimPoint, as a wireless gaming mouse, can be lightened to 75g simultaneously with high battery life. The key point is the blessing of ROG AimPoint, which has 36000 DPI and 650 IPS and can withstand 50G acceleration. The overall performance is outstanding. Short length, up to 36000 DPI, 75g weight and support for three-mode connection, how can you miss it as an FPS player.

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Title: Lighter and faster! ROG’s Keris Wireless AimPoint Gaming Mouse weighs 75 grams and lasts 119 hours