It’s NOT What We Expected – iPhone 14 Plus vs 14 Pro Max!

iPhone 14 Plus vs 14 Pro Max

The iPhone 14 Plus is sweltering horribly. Apple has finally made a large-screen phone that is less expensive, but should you spend an extra $200 to get the 14 Pro Max’s additional features? Today, we’ll go over every difference, starting with the design and comfort and moving on to the displays, the new Dynamic Island versus the notch, the performance, the battery life, and more.

Design Differences

I’ve had the 14 Pro Max for over two weeks, so I’m eager to review it. The weight of the phone and the numerous fingerprints that have already been left on it are the first things that I noticed. I think the 14 Pro Max is a bit too heavy and would prefer a lighter phone. The crazy thing is that the 14 much smaller pro is more severe than the 14 plus because of the massive camera system on the 14 Pro.


So in terms of comfort in the hand, I would definitely give it to the 14 plus just because that shiny back gives you a lot of extra grips, so if you don’t like using a case, that is nice. Taking a look at the front, the first thing I notice is, of course, the dynamic Island and that regular Notch.

You guys let me know which one looks better, but I’ve been using dynamic Island for a few weeks now, and I love it. When I’m running a timer, it shows up there. Same thing with music. It just pops into there. You can see what’s playing. You have access to shortcuts. It gives you directions. And this morning, I had a notification showing me that my AirPods case was low, and I could see that. The other thing I noticed is that the bezels are slimmer on the 14 pro-Max.

Speaker Comparison

If there are any other differences with the screen, we’ll go over them shortly, but the first thing I want to do is test out the speakers because the 14 pro-Max sounds terrific, and I’m hoping that the 14 plus does as well. Let’s take listen. I’m so happy that these things almost sound identical because the 14 pro-Max was such an upgrade, so thankfully, Apple didn’t skimp on the speakers on the 14 plus. It’s straightforward to set up and block various ads across the web and now also blocks over ten types of YouTube ads, so download Magic Lasco Adblock for free from the app store.

Display Comparison

The other thing that speeds up your phone is promotion. That is the ability to run at 120hz and then slow down to one Hertz for the always-on display or 24 Hertz. If you’re watching a movie now, you see some slow-motion shots because it’s tough to show this off in regular video but in the real world.

The 14 pro-Max feels so smooth compared to the slightly stuttery 14 plus. With that said, I think most people will buy a 14 plus and have not tried Pro Motion so you won’t miss it. If you try both out, it’s a big difference. The other big difference is display brightness. I have these both maxed out in manual and the 14 pro-Max looks slightly brighter even though you think it’s a bigger difference.

A thousand nits compared to 800 for typical turning on auto brightness and stepping outside in the sun. The Pro Max can reach 2000 nits compared to about a thousand, maybe 1200 on the 14 plus, but I’ve got to be honest, I was expecting a bigger difference, and I’m having a hard time believing that the 14 plus is limited to 800 and that 1200. It looks like it’s brighter, and Apple is underestimating it.

HDR Video Playback

For the most part, we also have a difference with HDR video. The 14 pro-Max can reach 1600 nits compared to 1200, and looking at it, I can see it’s brighter, especially with that motorcycle shot, but for the most part, I was expecting a bigger difference and once again, I think that the 14 plus is doing a better job than what Apple states in terms of brightness.

As far as detail, they look the same. They’re both very sharp displays, the contrast looks great, and if we go ahead and stretch out the videos with the notch, I think it’s a little bit less distracting even though it’s larger because, with the 14 Pro Max, you have a video off to the side, that kind of makes that Dynamic Island pops a bit more than the regular notch but you guys let me know what your preference is down in the comments.

Geekbench 5 CPU

The 14 plus has the a15 bionic with the five-core GPU from last year’s pro phone, and the pro-Max has the new a16. Now let’s test out the performance. I’m going to go ahead and run Geekbench’s CPU test but look at that RAM right there. I have to say that with real-world use over the last two weeks, I have not noticed the 14 pro-Max being any faster than my previous 13 Pro.

The scores are in, and we have a difference of eight per cent in single-core and about 15 in multi-core. So even on a percentage basis, it is not huge. I think the 14 per Max is a little bit more powerful, but I think the fact that this year Apple added in six gigs of RAM to the cheaper phones, just like the pros, makes a real-world difference with apps staying open longer in the background.

Metal Graphics

Now, as far as graphics performance goes, I’m going to run the compute test here, and both of these processors have five-core graph ethics. Last year’s 13 had a slower four-core, so let’s see the difference. Here we go with the graphics. The difference is 25. And with that, the a16 uses little power to achieve this score. We’ll talk about battery life in just a sec.

Gaming Performance

I’ve been gaming with the 14 Pro Max, and it has done a great job, but I think the bigger deal has a large display. It makes it so much nicer in your hand. And with that, even though the a15 is weaker in the most challenging test, Genshin, it was barely any slower, so as of now, you’re not going to notice the difference. We have that promotion display, so some games might look a little smoother if they’re not super tough on the graphics. Still, I think the bigger deal is if you’re going to have the 14 plus, well, that is when games are going to be more complex, and the 14 Pro Max will start to have a bigger difference in performance.

Screen Dimming Overheating

The 14 Plus is slightly hotter, but there’s much more heat there, spreading out more. The 14 Pro Max, my phone, is not doing so well. There you go now. The 14-plus dimmed down as well. If you care about gaming, go for the pro-Max. Apple said that they improved the thermal performance of these phones.

Battery Life Comparison

So let’s talk about battery life. The 14 Plus has a larger battery than the 14 Pro Max, and I’ve been disappointed with the battery life of my 14 Pro Max using it daily. I mentioned the always-on display briefly in the beginning. It’s very convenient, but it drains your battery. Same thing with the crazy brightness of that 2000-nit display. It has been worse than my phone last year. 

Camera Comparison Test

Now the cameras are probably one of the biggest reasons somebody wants to buy the 14 Pro Max. It has the extra three times optical zoom lens that gives you better quality, the new 48-megapixel sensor, and even though the selfie cameras are identical, there is a difference in processing now.

Which One to Buy?

So let me know what your thoughts are. Is the 14 plus worth the savings, or should you spend the extra money? I think you should for the 14 Pro Max. Check out one of those great ones right over there.

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Title: It’s NOT What We Expected – iPhone 14 Plus vs 14 Pro Max!