iRocks K74M Mechanical Keyboard Overview / Floating Keyless Design with Hot-Swappable Smart Dial


iRocks introduces the user-friendly and easy-to-maintain K74M mechanical keyboard, featuring a “smart wheel.” This keyboard boasts a popular design with an exposed stem, aluminum casing, double-shot PBT keycaps, and hot-swappable switches. It utilizes long-lasting Gateron Brown switches for a quieter typing experience. To further enhance the sound, the keyboard case includes three layers of noise-absorbing padding. The smart wheel offers various functions, such as volume control, window switching, and customizable wheel settings, providing a more seamless keyboard experience.

Model: IRK74MS
Interface: USB-C
Mechanical switch: Mechanical switch Gateron brown switch, hot-swappable
Number of keys: 107 keys
Keystroke: 4.0 mm±0.5mm
No conflict in the whole area: N-Key rollover (NKRO)
intelligent push roller: 1
Multimedia key: 12 keys
Backlight key: 8 keys
Backlight: white single light
Length: 180 cm
Dimensions: 442 (L) X 139 (W) X 41 (H)mm
Weight: 910g

iRocks K74M mechanical keyboard out of the box / Bare shafts, aluminum top cover, two-shot keycaps, hot-swappable

The iRocks K74M mechanical keyboard offers a user-friendly design with minimalistic features such as slim edges, exposed stems, and an aluminum top cover. This design not only gives the keyboard a tidy appearance but also makes it easier for users to clean. The understated black K74M comes with a 107-key layout and a “smart push wheel” that has Windows smart wheel functionality.

Equipped with Gateron brown mechanical switches, the keyboard supports a hot-swappable feature, allowing users to customize different switch sections in the future, enhancing its reliability. The brown switches are silent mechanical switches with a 4mm travel distance, and each switch has a white LED backlight to make keycap labels visible in darker environments.

The K74M also includes Fn Key integrated multimedia controls, backlit keys, and a standard N-Key rollover (NKRO) design to avoid key conflicts across the entire area. Moreover, the double-shot PBT keycaps are printed with English, Zhuyin, Cangjie, and other characters, featuring a slightly rough surface for a non-slip, durable, and oil-resistant touch.

The iRocks K74M’s exterior packaging features a sticker that indicates the use of Gateron Brown switches.
The rear side of the outer packaging displays descriptions of the keyboard’s features and technical specifications.

Included in the keyboard package are accessories such as documentation, 2 key pullers, 4 additional Gateron Brown switches, and a 180cm long USB Type-C cable.

Keyboard Accessories.

The sleek and stable black K74M features a popular narrow, frameless, floating, and exposed stem design, giving the keyboard a clean and appealing appearance. This design also simplifies the keyboard cleaning process, requiring just a brush to easily remove dust from the surface. Moreover, the floating exposed stem design adds visual appeal to the keyboard’s side profile.

K74M Monochrome white LED backlight.
The minimalist style of suspended bare shafts.
Front of a keyboard.

The keyboard features a standard configuration of 107 keys, including a full-length Enter key, and offers multimedia functions through Fn Key combinations. The F and J keys have raised bumps for finger positioning. The multimedia keys and functions, which are accessible through Fn Key combinations with the F1-F12 keys, are as follows:

Fn+ESC: keypad lock
Fn+ Win: Lock Win key
Fn + F1: Show desktop
Fn + F2: Windows locked
Fn + F3: Search
Fn+ F4: small abacus

Fn+ F5: My Computer
Fn + F6: E-Mail
Fn+ F7: Home
Fn+ F8: Multimedia player

Fn+ F9: Play/Pause
Fn+ F10: previous song
Fn+ F11: stop
Fn+ F12: Next song

keyboard typing area.

Regarding the arrow keys and the numeric keypad, there are N/C/S/W Lock key indicators located above the numeric keys. The lighting Fn Key combination keys are as follows:

Button backlight
Fn + Ins: Backlight switch
Fn + Home: Raytracing
Fn + PgUp: constant light
Fn + Del: Customize
Fn + End: Breathe
Fn + PgDn: marquee
Fn + ←/→: Adjust backlight speed
Fn + ↑/↓: Adjust backlight brightness

Keyboard functions, directions and numeric keypad.

The dual-purpose key puller included in the accessories serves two functions. The front iron hook can be used to remove keycaps, while the clip on the other side is designed to grip the switch’s latch. This enables users to easily replace both the mechanical switches and keycaps on the keyboard.

2 Use a key puller to pull out the keycap.
To remove the switch, firmly grip the shaft body vertically, apply downward pressure, and then lift it straight up.

The K74M features Gateron Brown mechanical switches, offering a 4mm key travel, tactile feedback, and silent operation. These switches are relatively lightweight and suitable for a variety of tasks, including office work and gaming. However, gamers may prefer the Red switches, which provide a linear, smooth keystroke without any tactile bump. Ultimately, the choice depends on individual preferences.

The Gateron Brown mechanical switches offer a balanced feel with their long key travel and stabilizers, providing an enjoyable typing experience.
The circuit design enables hot-swappable functionality, while acoustic foam beneath the circuit board ensures a cleaner and crisper typing sound on the keyboard.
Two-shot PBT keycaps.

The K74M offers a two-tiered stand with 6° and 8° angle options, enabling users to customize the keyboard’s inclination for a more comfortable typing experience.

The two-stage tripod allows for 6° and 8° angle adjustments to customize your typing experience.
Four rubber anti-slip pads are located at the base of the keyboard to ensure stability during use.
Two-piece tripod.

The keyboard employs a USB Type-C connector, and the included accessory cable is 180cm long, featuring USB-C on one end and USB-A on the other.

USB C cable.

Smart wheel: Music control, window switching, and App tools

The K74M’s smart wheel requires pairing with Windows 10/11 or other compatible operating systems. The keyboard comes with preset quick functions, such as adjusting volume by pressing the button on the wheel’s left side and then rotating the wheel to control Windows’ volume directly. Similarly, pressing the window-switching button and rotating the wheel activates the Alt+Tab window-switching function, allowing you to browse through open programs and switch between windows by pressing the button.

The smart wheel is accompanied by three quick-function buttons, which, from left to right, control volume, window switching, and a customizable option.
Rotary wheel volume switch.
Wheel to switch windows.

When the smart wheel is set to the custom function and pressed within a compatible application, a function menu will appear. For instance, in Microsoft Word, the wheel can be adjusted to serve as a scroll function, allowing you to scroll up and down the document with the wheel.

To customize the scroll wheel’s functionality further, navigate to Windows Settings > Devices and locate the “Scroll Wheel” page. Here, you can personalize the wheel’s preset tool and specify combined keyboard actions for turning and tilting the wheel to the left within a specific app.

Custom wheel function switch.
Windows Wheel Settings.

K74MS setting program: key customization, macro, lighting effect switching

The K74M features a dedicated configuration software that allows for key customization, macro recording, and lighting effect adjustments. Users can create configuration files to personalize all keyboard keys, as well as record macros for custom key functions. Additionally, the software offers an array of lighting effect modes, enabling users to modify the brightness and speed of the lighting effects according to their preferences.

K74M configuration program, custom button function.
Recording macro.
Lighting effect switching.


The iRocks K74M boasts a sleek, minimalist design with features like exposed switches, an aluminum cover, double-shot PBT keycaps, hot-swappable functionality, and Gateron Brown switches. It also offers NKRO and a unique “smart wheel” that controls volume, program switching, and customization.

The floating exposed switch design lends a streamlined look to the mechanical keyboard while making it easier to clean. The hot-swappable mechanical switch design has become a standard feature, allowing users the option to customize their keyboard’s key layout. Additionally, the keyboard contains three layers of sound-absorbing cotton for a more solid feel and crisp keypress sound.

Priced at $2,690 in Taiwan, the iRocks K74M is an excellent option for those new to mechanical keyboards seeking a modern style, mainstream features, and affordability, all while offering RGB, wireless, and dual-mode capabilities. If possible, it’s recommended to visit a store with a display model to try out the keyboard and find the perfect typing experience for you.

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Title: iRocks K74M Mechanical Keyboard Overview / Floating Keyless Design with Hot-Swappable Smart Dial