Apple iPhone 14 Pro vs Pro Max: Real Differences review after 2 weeks!

14 Pro vs 14 Pro Max

The 14 Pro versus 14 Pro Max. You choose the size that you like, right or wrong. Today I will talk about all the differences I found in the last two weeks using these phones and which one I have to go with this time.

Real Difference #1

The first obvious benefit is the comfort in the hands. The 14 pro feels excellent in my hands, and the size is perfect.

Even though I have large hands, I still feel the 14 Pro be significant, and then there is the whole issue of its reachability. It is easier for me to reach most of the things on the screen with the 14 Pro, but with the 14 Pro Max, it gets a little more complicated, particularly when trying to adjust the brightness, hit next, turn off Bluetooth or other settings. We have reachability, so you can swipe down to reach it.

The device requires two hands because I have to pull out my thumb to hit stuff. The 14th Pro feels more solid overall. Last year I chose the 13 Pro over the 13 Pro Max because you have a better grip on it, and it feels more excellent in your hand. My choice the year before was the 12 Pro Max because it had a better camera system, and photos are significant to me, so I had to go with it. I found a lot more differences in real-world usage this year.

Real Difference #2

Some of you might expect the next one, but not the next one. Let’s talk about the speakers now. Our jaws dropped when we heard how excellent the speakers are on the iPhone 14 Pro Max. In every way, they are better than the 13th Pro Max. However, after using the 14 Pro, I was slightly disappointed. Then I tested them side by side. Let’s take listen to Outta. The 14 Pro Max is noticeably louder than the 14 Pro. Now, the sound quality is similar. The 14 Pro might sound slightly better, but it only has about 90% of the volume as the larger version.

If you turn this down, the sound quality is identical, and I love having the extra headroom. Previously, when you tested this, both phones sounded the same. That’s a difference this year.

Real Difference #3

If you’re watching YouTube videos or movies, the 14 Pro also has a larger screen. But one thing I didn’t expect is that many ultra-comprehensive videos are now in a letter box on all four sides because Apple doesn’t want to cut into the island. So the video’s smaller than in previous years, which makes the 14 Pro Max much more advantageous.

Real Difference #4

If you’re watching a video, it’s perfectly formatted for the iPhone 13 and 12 series. Pull on the 14 Pro. It does cut into the dynamic island here, and it cuts into the island more so on the 14th Pro than on the 14 Pro max.

Not a huge difference, but they have a different aspect ratio. Now the next thing I want to talk about is cellular reception and speed. But before that, whether or not you’re going to be upgrading to one of these iPhone 14 Pro.

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Real Difference #5

Now let me tell you what I found regarding cellular speeds and connectivity. You would expect that both phones are the same, but they’re not inside this concrete building connected to a 5G mid-band.

Inside of 5G speedtest.

You see that the 14 Pro max gets a much faster download. Speed and upload are the same. And these phones are tested one by one connected, the same network, the same server held the same.

Inside of LTE speedtest.

Now switching over to LTE, both had the same bar shown up, and the performance was practically identical. They are now heading outside. So we’re not in a concrete building.

Outside of LTE speedtest.

The LTE speeds were again very similar, slightly faster on the 14th Pro Max and switching to our 5g.

Outside of 5G speedtest.

The download speeds were slightly slower on the 14th Pro, but the upload was close to half the rate, and you guys could see that it had one bar less reception. No, no. Some people say, Hey, those speeds are slow.

Both iPhones of the Speedtest.

I get way faster with my older phone. It all varies depending on your network where you are congested. That’s why I test these in identical situations. The same provider, uh, the same server. And it just shows you the difference in cellular reception based on the power usage.

It has what Apple’s allowing it to do. So if you want the best cellular speeds, you need the 14 pro max.

Real Difference #6

Now the next thing I want to talk about is display brightness. Now both of these have 2000 knit capable displays.

1000 nits vs 2000 nits.

They’re beautiful outside combat. With that bright light, you can see it very easily, and that’s amazing.

But with that, I noticed another difference, which comes down to screen dimming. I saw my 14 Pro Max dim outside in the hot sun after running at that peak brightness, and it wasn’t a huge deal. It dimmed just a little bit brighter than the 13 Pro Max series. But with the 14 Pro, it dims faster and more so.

I saw the same thing while playing games and testing some gaming benchmarks. And that’s just because the chassis is more diminutive. It can’t dissipate that heat. Uh, as well. It can’t spread it out as well and as far away. So it does end up dimming faster. So if you’re somebody who hates that, the 14 Pro Max helps.

Real Difference #7

Now the same thing goes as I mentioned with gaming. Since you have a larger chassis, you’re going to get higher FPS for a more extended amount of time and less DAMing.

Because of thermal performance and I ran our thermal camera, you guys could see how the 14 pro is hotter and has more concentrated heat. Now, if you love gaming, the experience on the 14 Pro Max is much better. You have a much larger device. Your thumbs cover up less of the screen. You see your enemies. If you’re playing like an FPS shooter that I love easier overall, it’s a much more excellent experience.

Real Difference #8

With that, you have a larger battery. And that leads me into the battery life section. Now, I know that some battery life issues must be due to iOS and different bugs.

But in general last year, I was able to use a 13 PRO because the battery life had such a step up from the 12 Pro, which I could have used a smaller device that lasted me a full date. But this year, this device, the 14 Pro, does not.

Now I know there are a lot of tests online comparing Battery Life. For example, in Who’s the boss, he got about two hours of extra screen time and actual world usage with a 14 Pro Max.

That was always similarly the case. But those tests don’t show you the difference when you have the auto brightness turned on when you’re hitting that 2000 peak. They don’t show you background app usage with different apps pulling your data while your screen is off.

Usually, they’re not testing out the speakers being played, either. They don’t show you the always-on display being used. For example, Phone Arena did a great video and compared it to last year’s series, but they didn’t test all of that. So the battery up didn’t seem that much worse. Or it did better in some cases. But in the real world, my 14 Pro Max performs similarly or even slightly worse than my old 13 Pro with all the same usage styles. But of course, now we always have on display the crazy bright display, and I love those features. So this year, the 14 Pro will not last me a full date. I have to charge up around six o’clock, whereas with the 14 Pro Max, some days it’ll ask me all day, some days it doesn’t.

So I am forced to go with the 14 Pro Max. Yes, even though I don’t want to, even though I love the size of the 14 Pro and the feel, I would be OK with not having that loud of a speaker. I would be OK with some of the reception issues because I love the size, but I cannot do it. And when you add all those other things in the loudest speakers, the display brighter the larger screen for watching videos and the speakers.

Real Difference #9

Even though the cameras are identical, I have to go with the 14 pro max, which matters a lot to me.

Every time I pick up the 14 Pro in front of my hands, I think, man, I should deal with this smaller phone. Because I like it so much, but I cannot. So there you guys go.

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Title: Apple iPhone 14 Pro vs Pro Max: Real Differences review after 2 weeks!