iPhone 14 Pro Max – Top 10 Problems & Fixes after 2 Weeks!

iPhone 14 Pro Problems

I have been using and testing the iPhone 14 for close to two weeks now, and although the 14 pro-Max is by far my favorite iPhone and I highly recommend it to anybody wanting to upgrade.

There are still some software and Hardware limitations that you should be aware of before buying, so I’m going to be discussing those in this video, as well as some solutions to some of the problems, so let’s get right into it.

Battery Life Problem

The first one is battery life. In the last few years, iPhones have been impressive with battery life, but unfortunately, this year, it is different.

I ignored the battery life the first few days since I was using it so much, but I was shocked on my first regular use date when my 14 pro-Max was at 18 battery before 4 30 PM. I hoped it would get better the following week, but nope, and even Angelica commented that she had a top-off for 14 pros each day before the day was over this past weekend. Because of a few new features that are nice but kill the battery. Thankfully, there are a few adjustments that you can make to help, which I’ll share after the following few problems.

Display Brightness Problem

The second is the display brightness. Now I love that it gets super bright outdoors, and that’s very helpful, but as I was shooting videos from my insanely detailed camera comparison between the 14, the 13, and 12 Pro Max, by the way, make sure you guys are subscribed so you guys don’t miss that I noticed that the 14 series consistently chooses a higher auto brightness than the rest of the older phones and in my regular use I kept having to turn it down in the evenings manually this might be because Apple added a second ambient light sensor which is now in the back and it’s helpful since it will bump up the brightness if you have the Sun or something else that is bright behind it whereas the 13 and older wouldn’t, but I would still love to have an auto-brightness preference adjustment in the settings.

Always-On Display Problem

The third is the always-on display that I also like, and I talk about how much better it is than Samsung’s, but I’ve always felt that it’s way too bright in many situations, making it look like the phone is now on, the phone does automatically Adjusting the brightness is always on display but like regular screen brightness it’s biased towards being too bright and of course all of this can lead to poor battery life so here are some work rounds and we still don’t have a way to adjust the auto brightness for your one thing What can do is use manual smarts when you don’t need the super crazy 2000 nits, it’s really going to drain your battery so the manual won’t allow the only thing is, unlike Android, it’s hard to find a setting An iPhone, but what I did was create a link workaround with a shortcut, then I put that shortcut on my homepage and it automatically opened the settings so I could quickly adjust it for always-on display, instead of turning it off like some people chrome eats a custom focus mode that doesn’t change anything other than dimming the lock screen and still showing off my nice wallpaper when i lift it up this will save battery life, While still showing widgets and notifications, if you want to go a step further, I changed the text and icon color to red, which is the lowest power consumption color for OLED displays, if you want to go further and set the lock screen to a full black image, it still Will pop up in screen dimming mode, so Samsung may be right they’re always on.

Chargers Problem

Since we’re talking about battery life, we should cover Chargers. Everybody knows Apple no longer gives you a charger in the box, but that is not the problem. It is a fact that they recommend their own 20-watt Apple charging brick even though the new 14 pro accepts up to 28 watts of charging and runs at 25 and 26, and the max runs at 27, peaking at 29. so if you’re gonna buy one make sure to buy a 30 watt model so we’ll charge faster and be more future proof even on regular iPhones thankfully bass has partnered up with us to show off their new 30 watt super PSI Pro quick Chargers which support whole speed PD fast charging with enhanced temperature control but they also come with an additional USB type a port for broad compatibility as well as foldable prongs that make it much more compact than Apple’s version not only that but they’ve also got their Adam into 10 000 milliamp hour Palm size power bank which literally has three times the battery capacity of the iPhone 14 Pro and also supports full speed PD 30 watt fast charging just like the Super Side Pro on top of that it comes with a high quality metal casing for durability as well as a convenient display to check how much battery has left and it gets two extra USB type A ports so you can charge three devices at once and the power bank itself has fast charging capability as well and can be fully charged in 2 hours and 45 minutes.

Screen Dimming Problem

The next one is screen dimming. We talked about this a lot with the iPhone 12 pros and pro-Max’s the 13, and with the 14, it has gotten a lot better but what I have found is that the iPhone 14 pro dims more so than the 14 pros Max and that makes sense because it’s a more petite body so the heat has less area to expand to and that is just a little bit annoying because it’s still there so if you don’t want to deal with screen dimming if you want the ultimate brightness outside if you’re going to do stuff like drones I would suggest going for the 14 pro-Max

eSIM Problem

The next one is eSIM. I’ve mentioned how it sucks that Apple did this in some countries and that even though it was easy to switch over to eSIM, I still had some issues with some calls not coming through. I had some weird pop-ups, and then the last couple of days, my wife has been trying to send me texts and images, and it just wasn’t coming through. I wish that Apple stuck with the SIM models everywhere because there’s just a space where the Sim used to be in these phones, and I know some people straight up didn’t buy a new iPhone 14 because their carrier did not support it, so they bought a 13 series phone instead.

Video Quality Problem

Now I want to switch to the camera because we do have some issues and I have some workarounds now as well now the first one I want to talk about is video this phone is really good at shooting video with a new action mode movie mode which is so much better, But what Apple doesn’t give us right now is 8k video.

When we were in the league week with the 48 megapixel camera on the iPhone 14 pro and pro Max, we thought it was because of 8K video, because this sensor is excellent for shooting 8K video nothing like Samsung Phones like that, but unfortunately Apple didn’t give us that, I think it’s just an excuse to add it next year and at the same time if you don’t it gives you an excellent reason to upgrade now’ don’t believe Apple is just holding back This, think about last year’s iPhone 13 series, movie mode can only shoot 1080p, and hdrs is limited to 30 FPS, we believe it’s a hardware limitation, but now with iPhone 14, this thing can do 4K HDR movie mode, even if It uses the same camera and the same processor as the 13 Pro, so it’s not a more complicated limitation, it’s a software, and even though it comes with the same hardware now, Apple didn’t add it to the 13 Pro as a software update Phones, it’s just they let you upgrade now I know some people say why do you even need 8K video, you can say the same with 4K or even 1080p before that, if the hardware is capable I’d rather have the best possible resolution to get from 5 years from now and 10 years from now, when I have footage of my kids, where we go I have the best quality.

Photo Problem

Now let’s switch over to photos Apple’s really hyping up the 48 megapixel sensor all the detail that you’ll get from it but the problem is if you’re just taking regular pictures and they’re using their quad Bayer technology the images don’t look any more detailed than the iPhone 13 Pro photos at least in most lighting conditions that’s because apple is compressing all of those to 12 megapixels and they’re recording in heic and the detail just isn’t there now when we switch over to Apple 48 megapixel Pro raw it looks so much better in every single way but the problem is that the file sizes go from around two to three megabytes to about 75 they are massive and apple doesn’t give us an option to make small files that are compressed not raw like Samsung does and even worse is that there is no easy way to convert these vast files into compressed ones that are going to be roughly three four times larger than the 12 megapixel ones online Apple says that’s going to take up a lot of storage so you’ll probably want to upgrade your phone to more storage or their option is to save to iCloud and then download and then it’s going to eat up your iCloud space and your data and of course they have a link just to bring you to getting iCloud or upgrading your storage now I searched everywhere how to do this and the easiest way if you can believe it is to edit the photo first then upload to your files app let it upload to the cloud and then you take that re-download it send it to images that will convert it and that’ll make the file size roughly around 16 or so megabytes instead of being 75. Thankfully, that file’s quality is very similar to the raw file, with a little bit more compression and a little bit sharper, but that saves so much space now.

If you don’t like doing this method and having to find the photo delete the old one, you can download the Highlight app, which is a paid app, and that will allow you to take pictures right away in that converted format. It’s about 15 megabytes. It’s HAC, so it’s higher quality, and it looks slightly better than the converted files themselves and even somewhat sharper than Apple’s Pro raw file.

Now know this video is not sponsored by halide, but I just thought it was cool that you’re able to do that, and with that, they even have options to add widgets to your lock screen so you can quickly open that app for those images when you want that detail or even jump into the ultra-wide the regular the telephoto mode, so it’s an excellent app, but you do have to pay for it.

Lightning Port Problem

Now the next one is tied into this, and that is the fact that the lightning Port is still here, and even worse, it is still USB 2.0, which is insanely slow the old Samsung S8 plus was USB 3.1, and when I was transferring these huge Pro raw files to offload them I was getting around 20 25 megabytes per second transfer speeds instead of what could be about 400 450, and we have shown you guys that the storage that is in here is insanely fast even faster than the fast one’s last year, so it’s more than capable, but apple is just limiting it probably because they want to bring USB type-c next year or even Thunderbolts and make it a much bigger deal.

Speaker Position Problem

Lastly, I have this straightforward one, but I keep running into this issue, and that’s the fact that the Erp speaker no longer has a grill right there at the glass. Because of that, stuff keeps jamming into there. It’s a pain to clean out because the slit is tiny, so what I found as a solution is to have a can of air, and that’s the easiest way to blow all that stuff, lint, whatever out of there and to keep it clean and of course sounding its best, so there you guys go those are my top 10 problems with this phone after using it for close to two weeks hopefully all the solutions that I gave you guys helped you guys.

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Title: iPhone 14 Pro Max – Top 10 Problems & Fixes after 2 Weeks!