iPhone 14 Buyer’s Guide – DON’T Make these 14 Mistakes!

Intro to iPhone 14

Just like last year when Apple released four new iPhones, this time, the lineup is very different, with Apple completely changing their strategy with the new 14-plus model. They didn’t even raise the price of the pros, which makes choosing a suitable iPhone model more difficult than last year, so in this article, I’ll go through 14 buying mistakes you need to avoid to make the right choice. Then I will give you some efficient advice, depending on what you care about.

Mistake #1

Let’s jump right into the first mistake you must avoid. If you want the best features and value, you must buy the pro model because the regular 14 has the same 128 GB storage as the pro model. Now They have 6 GB of ram to keep your apps open like a pro. Even though the pro models have better camera capabilities, the regular models now get sensor-shift stabilization with motion mode. Finally, the 4k movies model, like the pro models, also receives the same new selfie camera features. Of course, people who want a big display can now use the new 14-plus model without spending $1100 on the pro max.

Mistake #2

For mistake number two, please don’t assume that the displays between these two are the same because they’re far from it. The pro models now get upgraded displays with up to a massive 2000 nits of outdoor brightness with 1600 nits peak for hdr content compared to only 1200 on the regular 14s and up to a thousand nits of manual brightness to 800.

On top of that, the pro models finally got rid of the notch to utilize the new dynamic island feature with the pill-shaped cutout that morphs into the content that you’re using, totally changing how the UI feels. Of course, the pros get pro motion technology with refresh rates up to 120 hertz for buttery smooth animations as well as now going down to one hertz for better battery life and to enable the new always on display which makes it feel like a different phone.

Mistake #3

For mistake number three, please don’t assume that the pro max model gets the best camera features as it did in the iPhone 12 lineup because now the parts are identical except for the display and battery sizes, with no other differences at all making it great for people who want to try out the smaller size of the pro but don’t want to sacrifice features.

Mistake #4

Now for number four, if you’re looking for the best 5G in the connectivity features, you don’t have to go all out with the pro models because this year, we didn’t get any special exclusive features on the pros like we expected the lightning port speed is still the same with no upgrades. They’re all still on regular wi-fi six instead of wi-fi 6e, and everything else is the same, including the new Bluetooth 5.3 upgrade.

Mistake #5

For mistake number five, if you hate large camera bumps that stick out the front of the phone, then you need to avoid buying the pro models because the camera bumps are massive this year. Just look at the difference in the footprint of the square bump itself and now look at the profile view. The camera bump on the 14 pro and pro max stick out way more than ever before, and it’ll most likely cause your iPhone to wobble when on a flat desk so avoid that mistake if you hate large camera bumps.

Mistake #6

Moving on to number six, don’t assume that the a16 chip in the pro and pro max will be a massive performance upgrade compared to the regular 14s. Because it still has the same six-core CPU with minor performance improvements, the 14s now come with the five-core version of the GPU from the 13 pro, which is fast and on top of that. Apple mentioned that the thermal system is upgraded on the 14s, which will by itself give a massive boost in performance compared to the previous 13 models, so don’t feel like you need the a16 chip.

Mistake #7

Now the next mistake you need to avoid is browsing the open web without being protected by a VPN like our sponsor private internet access, which changes your IP address and reroutes your internet traffic through an encrypted tunnel to hide and protect your online activity from your isp the network admin and the government on all of your devices and that means hackers can’t see your keystrokes passwords accessed files or internet activity and the best feature is that pia has 50 servers in 50 states as well as many other countries so you can access content that’s not available where you live or even watch a television premiere before it becomes available in your time zone private internet access is also the most customizable VPN on the market and the world’s most transparent VPN provider with over 30 million downloads and they never record or store any user data.

Mistake #8

Moving on to mistake number eight, if you want the absolute best camera features, you need to get one of the pro models because they pack features you can’t get on the regular ones. First, the pros get the new 48-megapixel camera system that supports full resolution in pro raw mode. They use pixel binning to combine four pixels into one, significantly improving low-light photos and night mode, mainly thanks to second-generation optical stabilization. Because only the pro models get the lidar scanner, they’re the only ones that can take night mode portrait photos as well as better portraits in general not only that but the ultrawide camera is much improved this year and enables macro photography, which the regular 14s don’t get and don’t forget that the pro models get the additional telephoto lens as well.

Mistake #9

However, mistake nine assumes that the 48-megapixel sensor on the pro models allows for 8k video recording because apple is unfortunately not supporting that mode. You still only get the same 4k, but it might be worse than the 4k on the regular models because there’s a chance that the pro models will be forced to crop in on the large 48-megapixel sensor and only use the middle 12 megapixels leading to smaller pixel sizes and worse low light. Still, we’ll have to test that out to be sure.

Mistake #10

Now on to number 10. Apple mentioned that the iPhone 14 Plus has the best battery life of any iPhone yet. However, that’s only when you’re playing back audio where it gets a hundred hours instead of 95 on the pro max, but in reality, apple rates the pro max as getting 29 hours of video playback compared to 26 on the plus, which is much more accurate in terms of real-world battery life, so the pro max is still the best now.

Mistake #11

Onto mistake number 11, just like before, apple no longer includes a charging brick in the box, so you’ll have to buy one separately, but before you purchase apple’s 39, 30-watt charger to take advantage of fast charging stop because you can get an even better and more compact 30 watt gan charger for only 22 dollars right now on amazon so check out the link below.

Mistake #12

For mistake number 12, I fully believe that the pro models are the ones to go with now because that new pill-shaped cutout design will be sticking around for the next couple of years. Ross Young believes that the regular iPhone 15 models next year will also ditch the notch, and then you’ll feel like you made a huge mistake by buying the notched 14s, so keep that in mind.

Mistake #13

Now for number 13, if you’re going to be upgrading to an iPhone 14 model this year, don’t make the mistake of not buying apple care plus because apple has secretly upgraded it to now include unlimited repairs for accidental damage compared to previously where it only allowed for two incidents of damage every year which is a massive upgrade for clumsy people out there. Hence, I think it’s finally worth it.

Mistake #14

For mistake number 14, if you’re upgrading from an older iPhone that doesn’t support max safe, you need to keep in mind that if you’re buying a thick case, you got to make sure that it has max safe magnets built in or else the magnetic connection won’t be strong enough to work through that case. On top of that, you must realize that only apple’s 15-watt max save charger supports the fastest wireless charging speeds. All third-party models are limited to 7.5 watts, so if you want the most rapid wireless charging, get apple’s MagSafe charger using the link below.

Who should buy the iPhone 14?

Now let’s finally get into the buyer’s guide portion of this video, starting with who should be buying the regular iPhone 14 model. Of course, it’s for those on a budget who want to upgrade their iPhone for the least expensive price since it’s 799 dollars or only 33 bucks a month. Because of that, it’s likely also an excellent first iPhone for android users who are finally deciding to switch over since many android phones start at a lower base price.

Who should buy the iPhone 14 Plus?

Of course, the 14 Plus model is meant for those who have always wanted to try out the larger 6.7-inch display of the pro max model but weren’t willing to dish out eleven hundred dollars. So it’s nice of apple to give people that less expensive 900 option, especially since the plus gets quite a bit better battery life compared to the regular 14, which is another reason you might want to get that instead.

Who should buy the iPhone 14 Pro?

Now the 6.1 inches 14 Pro model is for those who want the best of the best camera and features the best materials like the stainless steel frame. Of course, for those who want the absolute best display and the brand new pill-shaped cut-out with the dynamic island feature, not only that, but you get the buttery smooth 120-hertz pro motion quality and the always-on display as well as many other upgrades, including the massive camera upgrades. Hence, it’s for those who want the best of the best for the same 1000 prices as before.

Who should buy the iPhone 14 Pro Max?

Finally, the 14 pro max is for those who want the best features with the largest display, the best battery life, and the king of all iPhones, and as a bonus, the larger display will make the pill-shaped cutout look smaller as well as the actual bezel size. So it’ll give you the ultimate experience for consuming media playing video games, and anything else you can do on your iPhone.

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Title: iPhone 14 Buyer’s Guide – DON’T Make These 14 Mistakes!