Intel Demo supports DDR5-6400 next-generation Granite Rapids Xeon CPU

Intel showed a new demo of the next-generation Granite Rapids Xeon CPU supporting DDR5-6400 memory.


On January 10, 2023, Intel will officially launch its fourth-generation Sapphire Rapids Xeon product line using the 10nm ESF process. The company also plans to launch an HBM2e version shortly thereafter, before moving on to the fifth-generation Emerald Rapids series.


At its latest Innovation 2022 event in Taipei, Taiwan, Intel showcased its Sapphire Rapids platform implementing DDR5-5600, an increase over DDR5-4800 and DDR5-5200. But during the demonstration execution, Intel also showed a DDR5-6400 stress test performed on its future Xeon Scalable processors. The platform performs 1DPC (single DIMM per channel).

As far as we know, neither Sapphire Rapids nor Emerald Rapids Xeon Scalable CPUs support DDR5-6400 natively. So this could be the first time we’ll see a 6th Gen Granite Rapids CPU that will launch around 2024 and utilize the Intel 3 process.

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Title: Intel Demo supports DDR5-6400 next-generation Granite Rapids Xeon CPU