I didn’t think THIS was even Possible.. (EufyCam 3 Review)

Eufy Security EufyCam 3

I’ve been trying to find a security system for my backyard that covers both my gate and my shop to ensure nobody’s snooping around out there.

The only problem was that I couldn’t figure out how I would wire it all up and connect it to my phone, especially since the wifi reception out there near the shop isn’t great. Well, I’m happy to say that I’ve found the perfect solution by Eufy: Wire-Free Security Camera With two cameras that support 4K Ultra HD quality and solar charging.

Why it’s so unique & impressive

Yes, you are right! It’s wholly wire-free and supports constant solar charging, requiring only two hours of sunlight per day to stay charged up perpetually without having to return and charge the batteries all the time.

I’m honestly so happy with every part of my experience with this security camera system, especially since there’s no monthly subscription.

Yes, it’s free month to month, unlike many other competitors. So what I’m going to do in this review is split it up into a couple of different sections, including the straightforward installation and set up the quality of the cameras for daytime and nighttime and the software in terms of the app and the features of the cameras.

Indoor Installation Guide

Now, I cannot stress how straightforward the installation was since everything you need is in the box, including the two palm-size cameras, the home base with the power adapter, all of the hardware bits for installation, and either net cable that connects to your router, a charging cable, and manual.

Now, setting it all up is very simple. Just plug the home base into power and connect it to your router. Then download the Eufy security app and create an account for free.

Once that’s done, add your home base as a device by scanning the QR code on the bottom, taking literally only seconds to connect, and then you can easily update the firmware.

Then add each camera by pressing the sync button on the back, which starts playing sound through the speakers to connect it to the home base. And once both of them are done, voila, that’s it. The only other thing you have to do is get them charged up for the first time, which you can do directly into the back of the home base or by simply using a wall charger with the included cable.

Now, the home base also includes a spot for an optional hard desk drive, which is very easy to access by removing the magnetic lid, simply clicking it into the enclosure, and sliding it into the home base. Then open the app, which by the way, supports face ID login. Go to the storage management section and format the drive. That’s it. You’ve got a bunch of long-term storage, especially if you want perpetual recording.

Outdoor Installation Guide

It is now moving on to the actual hardware installation. It’s so straightforward because they include these adapters, which the camera screws onto with a ball joint.

For adjusting the angle, grab the included install guide sticker, place it wherever you want, drill holes, then put in the included anchors and screw down the static portion of the base adapter.

Because it’s completely wire-free, all you need to do is draw on the second half of the adapter and the camera. And bam, there you go. It’s done. And because that was so simple without having to fumble with a bunch of wires, it made it a lot easier to install on the fascia of my shop, which is a harder-to-reach spot. Still, it only took a couple of minutes to do, and it was done and ready.

What stood out during the Installation

So I have to give UFI a ton of credit for how easy this installation was, and I’m blown away by how well their software ran during the installation process.

No hiccups, no crashes. Just a pure, reliable setup throughout the process is refreshing because I’ve used some other software from a different brand for my doorbell camera. Let me tell you, it was and is painful at times. One of the most important things to a security camera system is the app, including how well it works. So before I get into the quality of the cameras, let’s show off the UFI security app.

Eufy Security App Feature Walkthrough

First and foremost, we have the homepage right here showing two of our cameras and the UFI home base.

We have the events tab, which shows different events throughout the day. For example, when I was setting it up, it offered the modes I was switching and that it was seeing a human saying human right here, which was me setting it up.

On top of that, it can detect everything from humans, vehicles, pets everything using the bionic mind ai. You can also go into the home base, then face management, and you could even add familiar faces to your app. So it’s going to recognize you and not set off the alarm.

For example, go into the albums, then choose a face, which has detected me right here, add in my name, and say it’s a family member, which is me. The familiar faces added. Let’s add in just one more. Where is my wife over here? There she is. Foam, that’s my wife. Add her in, just like that.

Now they also have the security tab right here, which you can switch between the different modes, and each one has a bunch of customizations, like the further delays for the alarm or leaving.

You can switch different things for each camera to do, like, for example, video recording notifications or the extra alarms you want each one to do.

You can also go back in, for example, and turn on geofencing, which will use your GPS location to see when you left your house to switch to a different mode, which is fantastic.

Now we also have the explore tab, which shows youthy security many of their other products, including some of their discounts. As you can see, you can order other things like an add-on camera if you want three instead of two. You can even order their floodlight, video doorbell, and intelligent lock alarm system; many of these products will work together. But getting back to the devices tab, as you can see, I have my two cameras and my UFI home base.

BionicMind AI System Explained

I’m going to go into the bionic mind, AI faces management, which uses intelligent AI to detect new faces, which you can review and approve adding them to the system. Of course, you’ve also got AI empowerment, which uses the automatic intelligent AI to detect things like cars and animals, which are in beta, or humans. Now, we have the storage management page, which shows the local storage of about 16 GB. And the one terabyte hard drive, which I added in manually, but the home base will accept either a hard drive or SSD up to 16 terabytes, which is a ton of storage.

Camera Options & Features Walkthrough

But let’s go back to our camera view and over the shot. Now, check out how fast this is. That is the live preview that is audio playing.

Oh, it looks like a trade Is going by. So I’m just going to mute the audio with that button. Now, as you can see, there’s a hold-in speak button, so you could hold it and say a message to whoever’s out there. Hey, what’s up? You have the little record button right here. So it’ll record a clip. Let’s say you see somebody on the camera. If you want to record it, Tap record. There you go. It’s going.

Then as soon as you hit stop, it goes to your camera roll. There you go. On top of that, you have this little scissor button, which takes a screenshot and puts it into your camera roll.

We have some more options over here where we could turn on an alarm. Okay, so that’s going outside. That’s probably really loud. It’s going to hit the start button. That’s perhaps really loud out there. So I’m Gonna turn it off.

Then you have this button right here, which turns on the spotlight. We won’t see anything out there right now because it’s very bright, but I tested it out. Works great.

You also have night vision, which you can switch between the black and white night vision or the spotlight. And then, we have the little gear icon with different settings.

You can see the solar charging if it’s working well, you know the wifi connection, you see the battery.

You can go into motion detection and change the sensitivity. I’ve adjusted this zone, so if anything walks into here, it will give me a notification. On top of that, we have the power manager. You could optimize for battery life, and you could optimize for surveillance.

You could even go into the solar dashboard and see how the solar charging works. As you can see, over the past few days, it’s charged up to a hundred percent using solar alone. And then, going back, we have the spotlight settings, which you can set to very high brightness. And then we have the anti-theft detection and the privacy zones, which you can see. I set up a privacy zone right there.

Checking out the 4K Camera Quality

Now finally getting into the quality, I’m gonna switch over to my backyard cam and show you guys how great the 4K quality really is. Hinch to zoom, and you can zoom in, live into your feed anywhere you want. And like, Guys, this quality is crazy, crazy good.

I checked it out and I looked at myself, especially at night, and I was blown away by the level of detail you can see on my face with and without the spotlight on even the night vision. Of course, you could just hit this button and go into full-screen mode if you really want to take a closer look and take advantage of your entire display.

Why this is the BEST Security Camera System

But I’ve gotta say that the combination of incredible video quality and especially the flawless software within the app just blew my mind. Everything just works. You don’t get weird glitches. The app doesn’t crash, it does what you want it to do without a problem, which is very important for a security camera system.

But among all other features, it’s wireless and has solar charging which is definitely a game changer. Probably an essential thing for a lot of people is the fact that there are no monthly payments. Hence, I think the Eufy Security EufyCam 3 is just that in terms of ease of use and installation of a security camera system, without a doubt, especially since you can continue to add more products to the ecosystem.

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Title: I didn’t think THIS was even Possible.. (EufyCam 3 Review)