Here is a battery life comparison between the iPhone 14 Plus and the iPhone 14 Pro Max!

Everyone says the 14 plus has the best battery life ever in an iPhone, and I think so, but we’re wrong. I’ll explain why I found so many surprises with this new budget plus-size iPhone.

I’m amazed. After watching YouTube for about 20 minutes, the 14 pro max is still 100, while the 14 Plus is 97. After about 35 minutes, the max drops to 99, and the plus is 96. Still, I’m curious if there’s a difference due to promotions that can lower the screen’s refresh rate to match the video would make a big difference or if Apple were calculating these phones differently, I’d cover a little bit.

I’m on cellular in the first half, so I’m going offline to connect. The world is as accurate as possible. When I get to the office, I switch to Wi-Fi as usual, and I spend about half an hour going through email texts and social media, as I do most mornings, which resulted in a 14 Pro Max drop of 7% from 99 to 92, and a plus drop of 6 to 90.

Seeing that most battery tests are fake, or at least done in a lap setup, makes it easier, but I wanted to compare the most realistic battery life.

I’ve ever seen it, so I used an iCloud backup for both phones, Got the same setup, and logged into all my apps. Many use location services background apps to refresh Bluetooth and even more. I even paired my Apple Watch with every phone so that I could get notifications. Seeing people who made me feel embarrassed to wear two watches helped me find a distinct difference.

For the next hour or so, I put both down and got to work. Of course, max Always shows on top, which makes it easier for me to see notifications that appear, but it does use more battery. I did a 20-minute call, 10 minutes per phone, to make it fair. In the meantime, Pro Max uses longer battery life than both phones, plus 87 bar Life sucks after about two and a half hours unplugged.

But what’s weird is that max shows all notifications even when connected to a connected Apple Watch, while the 14 plus doesn’t light up if I see text on the watch or if it pops up on my pc. Still, for email, both light up. I noticed that the 14 plus is a lot brighter than the max, but it also shuts down pretty quickly, so I have to periodically check to see if I’m missing something as I do in the real world if I don’t have an always-on display.

This is one of the problems with most battery comparisons I do online, now I respect the amount of hard work and time, but these tests don’t take into account the always-on display background tasks or the extra brightness people use.

After I threw both phones in my pocket, which turned off always-on on the Max Show, after a while, I went out to meet my family, and yes, I took these 4K video clips on both phones to test. I meticulously did everything the same on both, and when I got into the truck, The battery on the pro max is only 1% off when it’s in your pocket, and it’s always on display now. I use google maps for navigation using GPS and cellular.

By the way, only the one with the a16 The Pro Max has the new, more efficient Snapdragon x65 modem. It sometimes shows fewer bars but still has faster speeds. With 5G at other times, it receives better than the 14 Pro when I arrive about 35 minutes later, and It uses the same modem as the iPhone 13s, and the 14 plus loses 25 more battery, from 85 to 73. The Pro Max is more efficient, from 86 to 77, which surprised me because other people’s comparisons are different in this test. I’ve been using auto-brightness throughout the video.

This is what most people do, even Apple hides that toggle in the settings, and with Android, you can easily find that the 14 Pro Max has a new display that’s good outdoors compared to the 1200 nits on the 14 plus Up to 2000 nits and again when I set everything up I noticed again that the 14 pro series always has higher auto brightness Same scene as the 14 lines it does use more power.

Now some say the iPhone will be in about a week after auto-calibrating to the brightness I like, but it’s been almost three weeks, and still brighter than the older generation and sometimes too bright on the other hand.

The 14 plus is pretty good for the most part, just a little too dim at times when the phone When too dark or too bright I adjust them to my liking as I use them in the real world, but with 75 or so, I’ll leave it as is, because even if the max is a little too bright or the plus is a little too dark, most No one touches it.

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I’m spending the next few hours with my family. My kids have jiu-jitsu, so I took some 4K videos and photos on both phones. Some of those times, I checked other emails on social media, and we went out to eat, so I used my phone as usual for the photos I took. I remember Pro max had 48 More megapixels of image and video processing. The primary camera consumes more battery, and it does.

As the Pro max is down 12 and the plus is down 10. After we got home, I connected the AirPods to both phones, and although it was a pain, I synced the two phones to play in separate ears while I was doing my regular chores around the house.

I could listen to this time Podcast. Pro max may be missing five instead of 7 because they are in my pocket and always show off. Time to have some fun. I make sure all settings are the same d. I didn’t download the HD graphics Bag. I played the Cod phone for about 45 minutes with the monitor brightness at 80, neither phone was too hot, but the Promax did use slightly more battery, resulting in a 3% lead now, although the a16 is more potent for me.

Noticing that it does an excellent job with background tasks is probably because its efficiency cores are more powerful and efficient, so I don’t have to use the performance cores as often to get the late-night productivity videos I usually enjoy opening in the background while I’m done.

The display is dimmer than usual, and after an hour and a half, the Promax drained 9% battery instead of 11%. This is where I had to add the latest iOS update installed on both. I noticed this on my 14 Pro. The Max has better battery life, although I’ve complained about it in the past, I think a lot of it is just a buggy version of iOS, and now I find that ending the night with an HDR movie pushes the Pro Max even further.

I set the phone to 12:30, and it’s now up to 4% ahead. It doesn’t make much of a difference, but I think the 14 plus would be a ten ahead of a15 because it has a bigger battery and a Darker screen, and it doesn’t keep showing.

When I wake up after six hours, plus it only drains 4% on its own, and max drains 6%, I do my usual routine, starting with some reading, Email social media, and then why am I ready? I listened to some more YouTube videos before I left the house.

When I left the house, both phones dropped the same 15. I went to a meeting where I used my phone to take notes and schedule, and once I got back to the office, we were both under ten. I got them both to keep up with the stock and social media, and the plus started to drop like a rock to 2%. I don’t think that’s just a promotion. It seems the pro max stays at 100% for a lot longer and stays better below 10%, so I’m guessing apple has set different battery indicator percentages on both phones.

Then at 11, the 5% battery remaining on the Plus Pro max is gone. So even without the extra power-sucking feature, the Plus doesn’t last much longer in actual use, but what strikes me is how long the Pro Max lasts. I use it to airdrop videos and photos to reply to some texts and emails, and it’s still not dead. I set up a camera to record when it dies, and although it still gets notifications, it lasts until 12:15, about an hour and 10 minutes longer than the Plus.

You could say this test is unfair because I don’t have the brightness locked at the same level as many. I use the always-on display and other features, but the pro max beats the 14 plus.

I think my test will be way ahead of everyone else’s, plus I lock it l down. I guess I didn’t expect the new 4nm a16 processor, which we usually do all day. Much less power is used in simple tasks. And it also draws power for background use, and the new modem offsets the extra draw from the new display and features, which also means that if you turn it off and use manual brightness, The battery life difference will be more considerable.

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Title: Here is a battery life comparison between the iPhone 14 Plus and the iPhone 14 Pro Max!