Gourmet collection! iRocks – K86R Uji Kintoki, Soda Pudding/98 Configuration, Hot Swap

In order to meet the needs of saving space, the keyboards most frequently touched by players are nothing more than TKL keyboards with the number keypad deleted, or only 60% of the typing area. But in fact, many people will feel unaccustomed to using it. After all, the number key is also an indispensable part of daily use. The K86R to be introduced this time is a one that retains the number area, conforms to the reduced size, and takes into account both games and document processing. The keyboard can definitely meet the needs of players at one time.


Dual-mode interface: wired USB, wireless 2.4GHz
Number of keys: 100 keys
Switch type: pluggable mechanical switch
Key travel: 4.0±0.5mm
Anti-ghosting key design (NKRO)
Multimedia keys: 12 keys
Backlit special effect keys: 4 Key
Charging interface: USB-C
rechargeable lithium battery Capacity: 3750 mAh
Product weight: about 1170 grams
Product size (LWH): 384 x 139 x 40 mm

Gourmet collection! 98 configuration out of the box

K86R is a mechanical keyboard with a 98 configuration, which removes the so-called function keys and retains the function of the number keys. It can be reduced in size and function simultaneously with certain adjustments. But this keyboard has been launched for a while, but a single colour can’t satisfy players, so we have the K86R Uji Kintoki and K86R soda pudding that we will unbox today. Let us drink matcha red beans with pudding today. Review this unique K86R for everyone!

K86R outer box.
The unpacked shafts are green shafts and brown shafts.

Included accessories include the quick installation manual, the detachable Type C cable, the 2.4GHz wireless receiver stored at the bottom of the keyboard, and a set of multi-functional key pullers attached.


This time, the 2 K86Rs are based on their food names, except numbers, English, F1-F4 and F9-F12, and irregularly use colours that match their food. For example, Uji Gold is red and green; soda pudding is a Blue and yellow colour scheme. The appearance is durable and has texture.

K86R Uji Kintoki (bottom), K86R Soda Pudding (top).

Based on the 98 configurations, K86R adds 2 keys on the right side of F1–F12, bringing the number of keys to a compact 100 keys. The keyboard cover is matched with a moderately wide outer frame. The biggest difference from the general keyboard is that the distance between the keys is shorter, the 9 editing keys are also reduced to 6 keys, and they are placed on the top row. The shift and the number 0 on the right are retracted to make room for the direction area. Take a closer look at the slight downward movement of the arrow keys. Combined with the partition in the middle, the arrow keys have a relatively independent space.

The edit key moves up, and the arrow key moves down.

The multimedia indicator keys are moved to the position of F6 – F12. Fn can be used with the function keys to provide multimedia functions, while Fn can be used with the direction keys and the 4 editing keys above the number pad to provide RGB lighting effect adjustment. In addition to hard control, Players can also change the lighting effect settings through the K86R dedicated software.

Multimedia keys.
Use Fn to change the brightness.
Use Fn to change the lighting effect.

As for the connection part, the K86R supports 2.4GHz wireless and USB-C connections, and there is a USB wireless receiver storage space hidden above the bottom of the keyboard, as well as a wireless/wired mode Switch twist. According to official data, with a 3750mAh large-capacity battery, it can be used for about 180 hours when RGB is off in wireless mode, and it can be used continuously for about 40 hours when RGB is the brightest.

USB-C port.
The receiver is located at the bottom of the keyboard, and there is a switch key in the lower right corner.

The four corners of the bottom of the keyboard are designed with non-slip rubber strips, and the keyboard also provides 3-stage adjustment.

The bottom of the keyboard.
3-stage adjustment.

The indicator lights of K86R are vertically hidden between the keyboard area and the number area. From top to bottom, they are numeric key locks, caps locks, and scroll locks. The Win Lock light (white light) at the bottom is also low. The power indicator function (red light), through the light’s colour and the light’s pattern, allows the player to know the current status of the keyboard power at any time.

If the Win Lock light is on and flashing red, the keyboard’s battery is low, while the red light is always on when it is charging. After the charging is complete, the light will turn off, and the player can unplug it. If the Windows key lock function is turned on simultaneously and charging, you will find that the light is pink. (White + red = pink, the editor gives full marks for this wave of details)

indicator light.

K86R uses opaque two-colour formed PBT keycaps with a bit of frosted surface, neat ironing, and clear printing, and the overall quality is very good. The surface of the keycap is engraved in English, and the phonetic, multimedia, lighting control and other signs are presented in the form of side engraving, which meets the needs of users who need phonetic notation, and also makes the front of the keycap look much more elegant. As for the shaft part, K86R has three types of shafts: green shaft, red shaft, and brown shaft, and the whole key area adopts Gateron hot-swappable shaft seat, which can replace the key shaft by yourself. Welfare.

The side engraving is more textured.
PBT two-colour row keycaps.

The two keyboards of K86R Soda Pudding and Uji Jinshi unpacked this time are brown and green switches, respectively. The trigger travel of Gateron brown switches is 2 ± 0.66mm, and the trigger pressure is 55 ± 15gf; for the green switches, the trigger travel is 2.3 ± 0.66mm. 0.66mm, trigger pressure is 60 ± 15gf.

I thought that the Gateron brown switch would be similar to the Cherry MX brown switch, but in actual use, Gateron seems to have fine-tuned the pressing feel and sound. The overall percussion sound has become very quiet, and the sense of passage has become less obvious. I think it is closer to the linear feel of the red axis. The Gateron blue switch feels very similar to the Cherry MX green switch. If there is a difference, it may be that the pressing sound is not as crisp as the Cherry MX green switch. Leakage!

Gateron tea shaft.
Gateron Green Axis.

The long axis part matches the satellite axis design, which is very saturated when pressed. With the characteristics of PBT keycaps that are not easy to oil and have moderate hardness, the overall use is very balanced, and the percussion is light and stable.

The hot-swappable switch design allows players to configure switches with different feels according to the button area according their usage habits. For example, the editor may want to use W, A, S, D, and Q, W, which are commonly used for playing games. E, R replace the blue axis with obvious paragraphs and a crisp sound to increase the percussion feel.

Support hot swap.

K86R software

K86R has its own support system. When downloading, players should be careful not to download the general iRocks software. Each button in the software can be customized. As for the lighting, K86R provides 19 kinds of lighting for players to choose from. Turn off the light effect to increase battery life. In addition, the keyboard also has a game mode that allows players to quickly disable the Win key, Alt+Tab and Alt+F4, and the commonly used macro functions can also be set here.

Each key is configurable.
Light adjustment.
Game Mode.
Macro recording.
RGB backlight close-up.



This time, the K86R new product, Uji Kintoki and Soda Pudding, are super eye-catching in two colours. As the first dual-mode wireless mechanical keyboard with hot-swappable switch bodies, the K86R integrates all keyboard functions, basically what you want. It can provide you with all the keyboard functions you want. Not only the keycaps but also the shaft body is guaranteed by Gateron. It is an easy-to-play and good-looking keyboard in the hands of the player. Besides the 98 configurations, it takes time to get used to them. I feel that keeping the number keys is the only way to achieve real games and paperwork, and the space-saving of TKL and the number keys are convenient for document processing. The point is that the $2990 is not too high compared to gaming RGB products, and it gives gamers many functions, such as lighting, office work, games, axis change, and wireless. It is no wonder the concept of mass-produced and sold keyboards is so popular!

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Title: Gourmet collection! iRocks – K86R Uji Kintoki, Soda Pudding/98 Configuration, Hot Swap