“Glory” leaves port! K70 RGB PRO Gaming Keyboard/OPX, 8,000Hz, by CORSAIR

A while ago, CORSAIR launched the K70 RGB PRO mechanical keyboard based on the CHERRY switch body. As for its own CORSAIR OPX optical switch version, it was not on the list. It was not until recently that the K70 PRO with OPX optical switch was officially launched. Based on the powerful foundation of K70, K70 RGB PRO OPX may become a new generation of classic mechanical keyboard of K70 PRO.


Product size: 104 keys
The average number of presses: 50 million times
Keycap material: Chinese version: PC, English version: PBT
Keycap printing: Two-color moulding
Number of keys: 104
Rate of return: Up to 8,000Hz with AXON
Special Features: Full Key (NKRO) with 100% Anti-Ghosting
Built-in Memory: 8MB
iCUE Software Support: Yes
Connection Interface: USB 3.0 or 3.1 Type-A
Keyboard Dimensions: 444mm x 166mm x 40mm

K70 family classic continuation

Except for the switch body, the returned K70 RGB PRO OPX is actually exactly the same as the previous K70 PRO in terms of specifications, with the same 100% 104-key standard configuration, the same 8000Hz polling rate, and two-colour lined PC keycaps. was completely preserved.

K70 PRO RGB OPX case.

The packaging of the keyboard still continues the consistent style of CORSAIR, with a very high degree of brand recognition. From the introduction of the features on the back, you can quickly understand the RGB lighting, OPX optical axis, AXON technology and two-colour moulding keycaps it carries, and this keyboard can also be used on PC, MAC and XBOX.

Unpacking the CORSAIR OPX shaft this time.
Support PC, MAC, XBOX, and iCUE software.
Corsair products always have a slogan for the product, this time it is “PRESS THE ADVANTAGE”, which means press your advantage!

In the package, a USB cable, manual, warranty card, and ultra-wide full-size wrist rest are included. The improvement of this wrist rest has also been mentioned before. The updated rubber buckle is more durable and is not as easy to break as the hard PC material. Moreover, it is much easier to assemble with magnetic suction and a keyboard after a redesign. If it gets dirty, you don’t need to worry so much about cleaning it, just rinse it with water and wash it off!

The rubber buckle is not easy to break.
Magnetic assembly.

CORSAIR K70 PRO OPX still continues the family-style style. The full-size layout, black textured aluminum alloy brushed top cover, floating bare shaft design and detachable wrist rest make it highly recognizable. The metal panel of the keyboard is made of aviation-grade aluminium, and it adopts an anodized wire drawing process, which can bring more lightweight features and durability and can also make the touch feel more solid and stable when tapping.

The original intention of the design of the suspended bare shaft is to reduce noise and reduce finger fatigue. I think it is also more beautiful and easier to clean than traditional keyboards. And reducing the key travel can reduce the work done by the fingers, and the fatigue will naturally decrease; reducing the strength of the wrist can reduce the force of the finger tapping, and the sound will be lower and the fatigue will be reduced when the finger force is small.


The keyboard is a classic and practical full-size arrangement, and the keycaps are OEM height, allowing players to get started quickly. The top of the keyboard has CORSAIR’s iconic design and multimedia control area. The three buttons on the left are for switching configuration files, adjusting light brightness and WIN KEY LOCK functions; the light-transmitting LOGO in the middle is integrated with the keyboard indicator light; the button on the right is a mute function, the metal scroll wheel is used to adjust the volume, and the four buttons below it are used to stop, switch to the previous song, play/temporary, and switch to the next song. It is very convenient and simple for daily use.

There is K70 in the lower left corner of the keyboard.
Switch configuration files, adjust light brightness and WIN KEY LOCK.
The keyboard indicator light is hidden on the 2 sides, which also accentuates the texture of the keyboard.
Mute function, volume adjustment function, the four buttons below stop, switch to previous track, play/temporary, switch to next track.

There is a cable management slot on the back. Although the keyboard does not support wireless mode, it is also designed for wired desktops as much as possible. It is still designed for the separation of keys and wires and provides a more convenient USB Type-C interface on the upper left, and next to it is the newly added “competitive mode” toggle switch of the K series, which is equipped with a fixed buckle and an indicator light. In the competitive mode, the keyboard will disable all the shortcut functions set up to make the e-sports competition fairer.

The cable management slot is convenient for the whole line.
Type-C interface and competitive switch.
A total of 2 heights can be set.
Highly displayed.
Competitive mode is on.

Lower latency! OPX axis return

The biggest difference this time is that the previously launched K70 RGB PRO-based only on the CHERRY shaft body, this time it is finally equipped with CORSAIR’s own OPX optical shaft, linear feel, trigger force of 45g, trigger travel is only 1mm, and the colour of the shaft centre adopts representative The speed is silver-grey, with a lifespan of 150 million times, and the optical sensing structure has a lower delay performance than traditional physical contact, allowing players to complete more operating instructions at the same time, and has a better performance.

CORSAIR OPX optical axis.

The two-colour moulded keycaps can also resist intensive friction and knocking by players, and the fonts are still intact after long-term use. With AXON technology and competitive focus mode, it will definitely become a sharp weapon in the hands of professional e-sports players.

The Taiwan version keycap is made of PC polycarbonate.
Two-colour moulding is more durable.

When the optical axis is pressed, the axis blocks the light to trigger the switch, and the grating emitting and receiving components are on the front of the PCB, so the trigger stroke is short and the response is faster.

CORSAIR OPX optical axis close-up.

Players who are familiar with CORSAIR peripherals should know the richness of functions of its own software iCUE driver software. The current iCUE is quite mature, with a clear interface, rich function settings, and high playability. After the settings are completed, the operation is smoother.

First of all, in the setting, you can reset the function of any key, and you can also set an infinitely long light calibration. Of course, you can also store all the settings in iCUE in the configuration file of the keyboard, so that after you change to a new computer, you do not need to download the iCUE software again, and you can also obtain the lighting effects and all settings stored in the keyboard between devices.

Each key can be reprogrammed.
Lighting settings.
Performance Settings.
8000 Hz polling rate setting.
Display of Rainbow Fluctuating Light School.
The backlight looks better.
RGB for a closer look.


CORSAIR K70 RGB PRO OPX continues the consistent features of the K70 series in appearance, low-key and calm, but without losing the sense of quality. In terms of switch selection, in addition to the OPX optical switch introduced by this editor, the K70 RGB PRO also provides a CHERRY switch, which players can choose according to their usage habits and preferences. And AXON 8000Hz high polling rate + competition switch also provides an excellent performance guarantee for players to experience games and e-sports events. The font on the keycaps is quite clear, providing a high-quality feel and durability. The large key position is designed with a satellite axis. Trying it out also improved the spring sound that players responded to before.

The trigger stroke of the OPX optical axis equipped this time is only 1mm, which means it can be triggered even shorter than the silver axis. The CHERRY MX RGB silver switch or the CORSAIR OPX optical switch can be triggered in a very fast way. It is quite suitable for players who want to send a signal when they touch it, but on the contrary, if you are a player who is used to putting your hands on the keyboard, you must be careful of touching it by mistake, so it is recommended to try it out before buying to decide which keyboard is suitable for you!

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Title: “Glory” leaves port! K70 RGB PRO Gaming Keyboard/OPX, 8,000Hz, by CORSAIR