Eugenics promotes the idea of inheriting excellent genes through the use of Phanteks M25 fan


The Phanteks T30 fan gained popularity in its initial debut due to its impressive performance and left a lasting impact on players. The new M25 fan is an improvement over the T30, featuring higher airflow and pressure, as well as a shorter wire design for better performance and easier installation.

Fan size: 140 x 140 x 25mm
Speed: 500-1800 ± 10% rpm
Maximum airflow: 104.62 CFM
Maximum air pressure: 2.80 mm-H2O
Noise value: 36.57 dB (A)
Power supply connector: PWM 4-pin
power supply cable length: 140mm Daisy-Chain
lighting connector: D-RGB 3-pin
lighting cable: 300mm + 100mm Daisy-Chain
Warranty: 5 years

M25 fan

The Phanteks M25 fan is newly launched and comes in two sizes, 120mm, and 140mm, with a black color option. There are also two color choices, white and black, including a matte black version. The M25 series offers more versatility in terms of installation and color matching. The M25 fans can directly replace the original SK fans in Phanteks’ DRGB case, providing improved airflow performance to players who purchase the updated case.

The M25 fan comes in 120mm size with a maximum speed of 2000 RPM, capable of delivering 84.26 CFM air flow and 2.67 mm-H2O wind pressure. The 140mm size fan has a slower maximum speed of 1800 RPM but boasts a higher airflow of 104.62 CFM and 2.80 mm-H2O wind pressure. Both sizes have impressive specifications and overall performance.

The M25 fans are black DRGB version, white DRGB version, and black matte version from left to right.
This time I got started with the white DRGB version of the 140mm M25 fan in three packs.
List of fans and accessories.

I recently acquired a 140mm white M25 fan. It features a 9-blade design and is constructed with white light-guiding material. The center of the fan blade lacks a logo nameplate, offering a seamless circular light display when in operation. The fan blade shape and frame have been optimized, taking cues from the T30 fan, to reduce noise during operation.

The front appearance of the M25 fan.
Close-up of the fan blade.
The appearance of the back of the M25 fan.

The fan frame is surrounded by rubber pads, providing a cushioned installation, and its shape is a continuation of the T30 fan design.

Rubber anti-vibration pads around the fan frame.
Fan side shape.

The fan comes with a 14cm 4-Pin PWM cable that can be daisy-chained and two 50cm extension cables. It also has a 300mm D-RGB 3-pin daisy chain cable for lighting. As most motherboards now have a (4-1) Pin design, a D-RGB 3-pin to (4-1) Pin cable is included in the package to allow players to connect the fan to their motherboard and control lighting effects through software.

4-Pin PWM daisy chain cable.
300mm D-RGB 3-pin daisy chain cable.
The left is D-RGB 3-pin to (4-1)-Pin cable, and the right is two 4-Pin PWM extension cables.

In terms of lighting effects, the M25 fan features an enlarged motor and FDB hydraulic bearing, resulting in a larger circular area in the center. Although there is no logo nameplate in the center of the fan blade, the larger central area still exhibits reduced brightness.

Schematic diagram of fan lighting effect.
A list of installed lighting effects.

M25 Fan Summary


The recently launched M25 fan by Phanteks inherits the high quality of the T30 fan. Although it may not have the top-tier performance or multiple modes of the T30, the M25 offers a well-tuned balance of performance to meet the needs of gamers. Whether used as a chassis intake or exhaust or as a radiator fan, it is capable of handling various scenarios.

The lighting part comes with a DRGB 3-Pin connector, but an adapter cable for (4-1)-Pin is included for compatibility with other lighting hardware like the motherboard. However, having short wires like the 4-Pin PWM daisy chain cable for the DRGB 3-Pin daisy chain cable would make installation easier.

In conclusion, it’s important to note that Phanteks’ new cases such as the Eclipse G500A and Eclipse G360A come with the M25 fan. If you’re not looking for extreme performance, the M25 fan is a good choice with a balanced price-to-performance ratio and can be used in a variety of situations.

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Title: Eugenics promotes the idea of inheriting excellent genes through the use of Phanteks M25 fan