Enhance your couch comfort! An unboxing walkthrough for the iRocks T07 NEO ergonomic PC chair

The iRocks T07 and T07 Plus computer chairs have garnered high praise. Now, the T07 Neo version has been introduced, offering a large-scale elastic foam design for superior comfort and durability compared to mesh chairs. This model carries forward the T07 Plus’s effortless self-loading stepless base and two-tier mesh backrest, which can be adjusted in multiple ways. It’s manufactured in Taiwan, comes with a 2-year warranty, and is priced at 12,500 yuan.

Series Name: T07 NEO
Chair Type: Computer Chair
Mesh Material: High Elastic Taiwan Mesh Mesh
Color: Gray Tray Material
: Metal Armrest
Type: 5D Curved Armrest (up and down + left and right + front and rear + rotation + rear folding storage)
seat Type: Comfortable wide mesh seat
Fixed reclining angle: Yes
Back reclining angle: 25°
Adjustment range of seat back up and down: 5cm Air pressure rod
: Class 4
Hanger function)
Chair leg type: Metal five-star chair leg
Chair wheel size and material: 65mm PU silent chair wheel
Self-assembly: Yes (ultra-simple assembly)
Weight limit: 125 kg
Origin: Taiwan
Warranty: Normal use for two years for all chairs


iRocks T07 NEO unpacking and assembly

The iRocks T07 NEO sports a light grey primary frame combined with a dark grey mesh and cushion. At first glance, its design sets it apart from the usual dark-toned computer chairs, lending it a chic demeanor. While it’s listed as a computer chair on the official website, its multitude of adjustable features and unique shape hint that it is not just a regular computer chair but more akin to an ergonomic chair. It’s designed to cater to the needs of modern users who spend prolonged hours in front of the computer. The T07 NEO chair’s backrest incorporates a two-tier design. The protruding lumbar area ensures enhanced support for the waist when sitting upright, while the backrest height can be adjusted in four stages. Moreover, both the seat cushion depth and the headrest can be modified, allowing users to discover their most comfortable seating position.

The T07 NEO requires self-assembly. From the armrests to the seat cushion, chair back, and headrest, everything is assembled from bottom to top. It’s advisable to flip the chair upside down during assembly for convenience. However, the armrests aren’t labeled as left or right, so be cautious not to install them in reverse.

iRocks T07 NEO carton packaging.
The chair cushion, chair back and metal chair feet, and rollers are pre-installed.
Other accessories come in a separate box.
List of accessories.
Class 4 air pressure rod.
There will be a stamp on the certified air rod.

The initial step of assembly involves inserting the air rod into the central hole of the chair leg.

Install the air pressure rod.

The second step involves attaching the armrests to the tray, and securing them with three screws on each side. At this stage, you’ll need to use the provided L-shaped wrench since the included hex screwdriver might be obstructed by the seat back adjustment lever.


Once the armrest is installed, you’ll need to gently align the tray with the air pressure rod and slide it into place. There’s no distinction between the front and back during this step.

Chair cushion installation.

Next, it’s suggested to flip the seat cushion upside down and secure the seat back. If you’re assembling the chair with another person, there’s no need to invert the seat back.

Seat back installation.

Finally, secure the headrest. If you’re also using the hanger, make sure to lock it in place as well. It’s important to note that it cannot be quickly disassembled independently.

The case where the hanger is not attached.
Install hangers.
Install the hanger.
T07 NEO assembly completed photo.

T07 NEO Feature Introduction and Adjustment Display

Firstly, let’s delve into the standout feature of the T07 NEO. It’s constructed with high-density and high-elastic foam, measuring 56cm in width, which is wider than the T07 PLUS, and offers a surprisingly comfortable seating experience.

Human design of chair surface.
The mesh of the seat surface is very detailed.

The chair back and headrest are designed with a woven mesh, manufactured in Taiwan. The most unique feature of the T07 series is the C-shaped standalone lumbar support, which is more ergonomic than a small pillow at the back of the seat. The silver-grey appearance exudes a technological aesthetic, and the mesh surface primarily aids in ventilation, allowing air from a fan to easily pass through from behind the chair.

Mesh headrest.
Mesh seat back.

The T07 NEO’s headrest retains the design from the T07 PLUS. It uses the same mesh material as the chair back and features two joints plus an adjustable lift. Most users of the T07 PLUS have expressed considerable satisfaction with this headrest design.

Headrest adjustment.

The T07 NEO’s chair cushion has a height adjustability range of 9cm, and the seat cushion depth can be adjusted seamlessly. The backrest offers four height adjustments and can recline up to 25 degrees. The self-loading, step-less tray can be adjusted according to the user’s weight to optimize backrest support.

The seat cushion can be lifted and lowered.
The back of the chair is tilted in four sections.
The seat back can be raised and lowered in four stages.
Cushion depth adjustment.

The chair back hanger’s design may have been inspired by the common habit of people hanging their clothes on the back of their chairs. While this hanger adds convenience, it’s important to avoid hanging heavy items on it, as this could disrupt the chair’s center of gravity and potentially cause it to topple over.

The T07 NEO’s armrests are crafted from a relatively uncommon soft material. This not only enhances comfort compared to the typical hard plastic armrests, but also elevates the chair’s overall texture. Featuring a 5D adjustment design, the armrests don’t just move forward, backward, left, or right, but can also move laterally, lift, fold, and even swing backwards.

The armrests are made of soft materials.
Adjust up and down.
Front and rear adjustment.
Rotate left and right.
It can be retracted backwards.

The controls on the right side manage the height of the seat and the depth of the seat cushion. To adjust, turn the circular knob clockwise. If you want to lower the seat, you must be sitting on the seat cushion, and to raise it, your bottom must leave the seat. To adjust the depth of the seat cushion, sit on the chair, lift the lever and push your body backward.

The right control stick.

The controls on the left side manage the back tilt of the chair. To lock it in place, turn the circular knob counterclockwise, and to unlock, turn it clockwise. Once unlocked, you can use your back to adjust the backrest angle. When you’ve found a comfortable position, turn the knob counterclockwise to secure the chair’s backrest.

The left control chair tilts back.

Beyond their added durability, the metal chair legs also provide robust rigidity, which is essential for smooth rolling. Coupled with the 65mm PU silent wheels, the chair’s movement is remarkably smooth.

Five-star metal chair legs.
65mm PU silent roller.


The iRocks T07 NEO is designed and manufactured in Taiwan, featuring adjustments that are better suited to the body shapes of Taiwanese people. It boasts enlarged and widened seat cushions, a low seat height, 5D armrests, back tilt and height adjustments, and a headrest with multiple adjustment levels, empowering users to find their ideal seating posture. With its Class 4 air pressure bar, high-elastic mesh, metal five-star chair legs, and 65mm PU silent wheels, the T07 NEO offers assured safety and durability.

The T07 NEO diverges from common computer chair aesthetics. Its grey-centric color scheme aligns well with trendy light-colored decor. While the comfort of the seat is crucial, the chair’s visual appeal is equally significant.

The T07 NEO maintains the design elements of the T07 Plus, but switches the seat cushion to foam. From my personal experience, I found it impressively comfortable. It’s soft yet supportive, making it very cozy to sit cross-legged or lounge languidly due to its broad seating surface. Of course, the foam material might feel a bit stuffy, which is a factor consumers need to evaluate for themselves. If you prefer the cool sensation of mesh cushions, you could opt for the T07 PLUS. On the other hand, if you’re more inclined towards a sizable foam sofa-like feel, the T07 NEO could be your pick. For those requiring this feature, the T07 PLUS is certainly worth considering.

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Title: Enhance your couch comfort! An unboxing walkthrough for the iRocks T07 NEO ergonomic PC chair