Cooler Master – Masterbox 520 Mesh, MASTERACCESSORY Universal Vertical Graphics Card Stand V3 Unpacking Test 

Masterbox 520 Mesh retains the design language of the Masterbox series. It is the continuous improvement and evolution of Cooler Master using MB520 as the base, and finally reappears in the form of Mesh breathable mesh. I believe the performance is better than the blue. The appearance replaces the front panel of the mirror with a whole piece of high-density mesh, while the large air intake meshes on both sides are completely retained. Focus on modeling and lighting effects, to provide players with good cost performance and quality. The newly upgraded fuselage makes the Masterbox 520 Mesh more compatible with hardware, and the improved design according to players’ opinions also makes the installation process more convenient. The convenient and functional configurations such as the precision fine-pored screen plate, removable hard disk rack, and pull-out dust filter are also full of details and no ambiguity.


Material: mesh, metal, ABS, plastic, tempered glass
Size/volume: depth 502 x width 210 x height 498mm (including protruding parts) / capacity 50L
Motherboard Support: Mini ITX, Micro ATX, ATX, SSI CEB, E-ATX*, (*up to 12\” x 10.7\” motherboard)
Expansion Slots and Hard Disk Shelves: PCI Expansion Slot x7, 3.5\” HDD x2, 2.5\” HDD x3
Pre-installed Fan and Accessories: CF120 ARGBx3, ARGB Light School/Fan Hub
Fan Support: Top 3 x 120mm/2 x 140mm, Front 3 x 120mm/2 x 140mm, Rear 1 x 120mm
Water Cooling Support: Top 120mm/140mm/240mm/280mm/360mm ( Recommended installation thickness 55mm), front 120mm/140mm/240mm/280mm/360mm, rear 120mm
CPU radiator support height: 165mm
Power supply support length: 200mm (170mm recommended)
Graphics card support length: 410mm
Warranty: 2 years

Classic and then upgrade to Masterbox 520 Mesh

Masterbox 520 Mesh is still a familiar classic after dismantling it. The appearance roughly maintains the original appearance of MB520. Punch holes. I believe players can guess that the new “Mesh” in the product name is an upgrade with heat dissipation as the main axis. In the picture below, you can see that the front panel has abandoned the original mirror design and changed it to a mesh with excellent ventilation. The panel is also in response to today’s increasingly advanced fever monsters.

Masterbox 520 Mesh case.
Masterbox 520 Mesh changed the mirror panel to the mesh panel.
The classic LOGO of CoolerMaster is placed on the front panel.
Flushing mesh next to the front panel.

In addition, the left side of the chassis is equipped with a full version of tempered glass. This time Mesh adopts a design that can be opened without tools, allowing players to install the system more quickly. The way of adding metal plate barbs to the lower edge is stuck on the edge of the casing, which also improves the strength of the glass and reduces the occurrence of shattering. The right side is a general steel plate.

Masterbox 520 Mesh front design.
Tempered blackened glass on the left.
Normal steel plate on the right.

There is a set of 120mm fans or radiator installed on the upper right at the rear of the case (one set of 120mm fans is standard), and there are 7 PCIe slots in the middle. It is the air inlet for the power supply and has a detachable dust-proof rack, which is easy to remove and makes cleaning easier.

The back of the case.
At the bottom of the case, all four feet have an anti-skid design.
The dust filter is a pull-out type.

The front panel snap design of the case can be removed by itself, and the three standard CF120 120mm ARGB fans can be seen in the inner layer, and a controller is attached to manage the lights. In addition, the shape of the holes on the top of the casing is arranged in parallelograms and staggered, which can be completely removed for installation, making it more convenient for players to install fans or water cooling. The I/O ports are located on the edge of the front panel, providing one USB3.2(Gen2) Type-C, one USB3.2(Gen1) Type-A, one 3.5mm (microphone + headphone), and one lighting effect Control key for easy control.

Standard 3 CF120 120mm ARGB.
The front panel can be removed.
After removing the screw, there is a safety design at the bottom, so that the glass will not fall off as soon as it is opened.
The top cover is changed to a large cooling panel.
The top cover can be completely removed for easy installation of the water cooling row.
Chassis I/O.

Internal space

Masterbox 520 Mesh is a mid-tower type case, that supports the largest ATX size motherboard installation, 410mm graphics card space, 165mm CPU tower fan height limit, 5 storage space configuration, 200mm length power supply installation, the final heat dissipation is There are 6 sets of 120mm fans and 360, 240, and 120mm water cooling radiators. The interior space is large and the ceiling is designed. There are 8 cable holes for wiring.

Internal space.
Fan hub, pre-installed with a 3P fan and 5V ARGB lighting effect HUB, the front 3 fan cables have been connected to the HUB, there are still 1 3P fan and 2 5V ARGB lighting effect jacks.
The openings on the cover of the power supply provide power for heat dissipation using different placement angles.
Case wire.

There are two 2.5-inch SSD installation positions on the side and a composite hard disk bracket at the bottom that can be removed or moved back and forth. The default position is close to the front of the case, but in my opinion, installing it on the left will not affect the water cooling installation. , then there is no need to move to the right to compress the power supply space, and a 2.5-inch SSD can be placed on the top of the hard disk bracket.

Install the prepaid pads and screws and you are ready to use.
Installation demonstration.
Composite hard drive cage.
As long as they are aligned with the screw holes on both sides of the 3.5-inch hard drive, they can be fixed, and then push the hard drive rack to prevent sliding, which is equivalent to a screw-free installation design.
Actual installation.

MASTERACCESSORY Universal Vertical Graphics Card Bracket V3 Installation

This time the machine is equipped with the same MASTERACCESSORY Universal Vertical Graphics Card Bracket V3 launched by Cooler Master, which not only allows the graphics card to be placed upright but also makes the graphics card more stable. Most of the MicroATX, ATX, and EATX chassis on the V3 market can be used. Open the box and attach the V3 body, PCIe 4.0 riser cable, installation manual, and 7 black screws.

DESIGNED BY COOLER MASTER is also engraved on the stand.

MASTERACCESSORY Universal Vertical Graphics Card Holder V3 is made of SGCC iron. The size is 249mm x 148.1mm x 141.8mm and the weight is about 0.81kg. Compared with V2, this time V3 is upgraded to support a three-slot graphics card. The overall tool-free design and instant compatibility Adjusting the design of the vertical and horizontal axes makes it more convenient for players to use.

MASTERACCESSORY Universal Vertical Graphics Card Holder V3 The horizontal axis of the V3 can be adjusted horizontally by 65mm, which is more convenient to install with tool-free clips. This time, the V3 also adds a Z-axis for the depth movement of the graphics card, which is not limited by the thickness of the case. ; Second, the graphics card can also be presented at the best angle.

Move angle display.

Buy the PCIe 4.0 Riser Cable that comes with Cooler Master, also backward compatible. The overall use of Copper Wire 30 AWG specification wire core, supports up to PCle 4.0 specification. The wire head adopts a PCB multi-layer board and adds a nickel immersion gold process to ensure the durability of the socket, which can endure high temperatures while maintaining good performance.

PCIe 4.0 Riser Cable extension.

The old version V2 can only support ATX or above chassis with at least 7 PCIe slots. The new version V3 only needs to use 6 PCIe slots when it is installed in ATX and has added support for the M-ATX chassis, but the CPU cooler cannot exceed 7 cm. The bracket also provides 2-slot disassembly flexibility. If you originally used an ATX case, you can also switch to a 4-slot M-ATX case without pain.

2 slots are removable.

The actual installation test

In the part of the graphics card bracket. The editor uses an ATX case to simulate the use of the M-ATX case. First, remove the 2-slot elastic space just mentioned and use it. It is recommended to use it in the M-ATX case. Use a thin and light CPU cooler, an integrated water cooling system, or an open water cooling system to ensure maximum space utilization. If there is a fan behind it, it is recommended to remove it together.

V3 graphics card bracket M-ATX case installation demonstration.

In the ATX case, the V3 graphics card bracket is easier to install by removing the 6 PCIe slots below. The entire bracket is directly inserted into the PCIe baffle card slot and fixed, and then the male connector of the PCIe cable is connected, which can be used effectively during the process. The front and rear left and right extension functions of the bracket make it easier to install. However, if the player is using a graphics card with a 2-row interface, such as a graphics card like ROG-POSEIDON-GTX1080TI, you should pay attention to installing the right row, which will be blocked by the case itself and cannot be plugged into a certain extent. Players should pay attention to it.

ATX case V3 graphics card bracket installation demonstration.

Because the DP cable is usually longer than the HDMI cable, the editor also actually tested whether the V3 might get stuck on the DP cable in all movable ranges, and the result was very smooth, and the players could move normally. You can buy with confidence.

DP line test.
Video card stands for mobile demo.

This installation configuration uses i9-11900K, ROG MAXIMUS XIII HERO, MASTERLIQUID ML360L V2, and RTX 3070 for installation and demonstration. In fact, there is not much to pay attention to when installing the MasterBox 520 Mesh. The 3 original fans are attached to the front of the case, which also allows ordinary players to blow the radiator under the CPU cooling option. It is also easy for players to install a 360 water cooling radiator on the top. Because of its own high design, it reserves enough height to avoid conflicts with the installation of the motherboard and memory heat dissipation armor. It is common for the chassis to pull the CPU power cord first. The problem is also solved by the detachable top cover, and the installation experience can be described as super good.

The length of the RTX 3070 Founding Edition is about 24 cm. Although installing the V3 graphics card bracket will add an additional 2 cm in length, the Masterbox 520 Mesh can support graphics cards up to 41 cm. The overall space is still quite enough, and the front is also enough to install AIO cold row or even It is a sandwich structure water cooling system.

Installation is complete.
Route the cables on the back.
Front fan lighting effect.

To sum up

The Masterbox 520 Mesh cooling device supports quite well, and the detachable top cover also saves time and effort in installing the hardware. Even if you suddenly find that any cable is not plugged in properly, you can rearrange it without removing the hardware. The Mesh design of this revision also increases the overall heat dissipation capacity of the chassis. The pre-installed 3 ARGB fans and the tap HUB are not only convenient but also save extra expenses for users.

Cooler Master MASTERACCESSORY Universal Vertical Graphics Card Stand Kit V3 has many improvements and upgrades, such as softer cables, more tool-free adjustment designs, and the addition of M-ATX case support on the basis of the original ATX case, and an increase in the installation of 3-slot graphics cards, etc., and on the basis of the original adjustable left and right, add the adjustment function of the front and rear depth, it is more convenient for the installation bracket and plug-in, and even add the phase of the down-blowing CPU radiator. Capacitance.

The Masterbox 520 Mesh is priced at only $2490. At this price, the removable top cover and 3 fans have a very high CP value. There is an MB520 and an existing Masterbox 520 Mesh. I believe this model will also be in the low-to-medium price case. To have a role to play. The matching MASTERACCESSORY universal vertical graphics card bracket V3 is priced at $2590 TWD, and the vertical graphics card bracket with PCIe 4.0 cable is the same as the RGB lighting effect. It is an acceptable price, it is more convenient for mounting brackets and wiring, and it can even increase the compatibility of down-blowing radiators. It can be said to serve multiple purposes!

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Title: Cooler Master – Masterbox 520 Mesh, MASTERACCESSORY Universal Vertical Graphics Card Stand V3 Unpacking Test and Review