Complete Guide in How to Recover LOST or DELETED Data on macOS

How to Recover LOST or DELETED Data on macOS: Full Guide

Let’s say you just realised that you accidentally deleted or lost data on your Mac. This video will show you several ways to recover that data, including accidental deletion of items like SD cards, external hard drives, or internal drives. Before I review the best ways to recover your lost data, let’s check the more straightforward methods first. The first method to recover data is straightforward. It might even seem funny or evident to you. be careful not to empty it when you don’t need to because if you do, it will be gone.

You’ll have to use some other techniques that I’ll discuss, but for now, if it’s in the trash bin, it’s simple to recover. Just select it, right-click, and then click put back there you go. It just appeared back on the desktop. But let’s say you did empty the trash bin, and now it seems to be lost forever. The following technique I want to discuss is a time machine backup, which you can find by going into these settings and then typing “time machine” into the search box.

As you can see, we don’t have a backup disc set up, but if you did, you can get it, plug it in, and access your data or restore a lot of data that you had previously backed up. This is another technique, and it could save your life. Go to, click on your name or account in the top right corner, select Account Settings, and then scroll down to the Advanced section. Click on the restore files link to start searching for recoverable files. If any files have recently been deleted from the iCloud drive and your Mac, they should appear here, and you can restore them.

You can see that we can also Health is evident from this point. The main feature we want is data recovery for hard drives, internal drives, or SD cards. If you’re wondering which scenario Stellar data recovery can help you with, first of all, it’s available for both Mac and Windows, and it can help you with. Stellar data recovery is available for both Mac and Windows, and it can help. The seller has an article that I’ll leave a link to in the description below for how to recover data in all of these situations with step-by-step information just in case you need a little bit of help, so check that out if you need to, but with that said let’s show you an example of how this can work.

Suppose you deleted files from your iCloud drive and it’s past the restore period, or you overwrote some of your old data and need to recover it. When compared, it is deleted, leaving you no choice but to. Here we have our Untitled SD card slot, but first, let’s delete the data from this card. We have some thumbnail images here that we recently took, as you can see right there, and we also have some video clips. These could be very important, so let’s go ahead and delete them, and I’ll show you how. Stellar data recovery software lets me plug this into the SD card slot.

There you go, it’s refreshing the drive list, and it should detect it right here you go, we have our With that said, use the links below to check out Stellar data recovery because it can be a huge help and recover your lost or deleted files.

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Title: Complete Guide in How to Recover LOST or DELETED Data on macOS