Bose 2nd Gen QuietComfort Noise Cancelling True Wireless Earbuds

Bose held the QuietComfort EarBuds II media experience event in Taipei. This is a masterpiece of noise-cancelling true wireless earphones that Bose has re-launched after two years. In addition to the obvious reduction in the size of the earphones, it is also equipped with new Fit Kit earbuds set, upgraded with eight A microphone array, and the addition of CustomTune intelligent in-ear sound field adjustment technology, etc., it can be expected that it will have a better improvement in noise reduction, comfort and music experience. The author also took advantage of this event. On the bus, I tested the noise reduction/ambient sound and listening performance of QuietComfort II.

Before explaining the noise reduction performance and sense of hearing of the Bose QuietComfort II noise-cancelling true wireless earphones, let me briefly introduce the features of this earphone to readers:

The volume of the charging box and earphones has been reduced sharply, and the new Fit Kit is suitable for the ear.

In terms of appearance design, the most troublesome thing about Bose QuietComfort true wireless earphones in the past was the discomfort caused by the huge body volume and long-term wearing. In this regard, the second-generation QuietComfort has significantly reduced the size of the charging box or earphones. And the external structure is also slightly different.

First of all, in the headphone body part, the volume of Bose’s second-generation QuietComfort noise-cancelling true wireless headphones has been reduced by about 30% compared with the first generation, the external touch area has been significantly reduced, and the weight per ear has also dropped from 8.5g in the first generation to 6.24g. It feels a lot lighter to wear, effectively reducing the burden on the ears, but it is still slightly heavier than many miniaturized TWS headphones on the market. In addition, due to the reduced body size, more than half of the body of this model will not be exposed outside the ears. , It is relatively stable and not easy to fall when exercising or running. In addition, it has IPX4 anti-sweat and water-repellent performance, so you don’t have to worry about sweating or raining to damage the headset when engaging in sports activities.

As for the inner structure of the earphone, the in-ear design is also adopted, but after a closer look, it is not difficult to find that the inclination angle and size of the new in-ear structure have been slightly changed, and it is equipped with Bose’s new Fit Kit earplugs set, which is different from the previous generation. One-piece umbrella-shaped structure + shark fin ear wing design, Fit Kit provides three sizes of ear tips, large, medium and small, as well as 1, 2, and 3 stabilizing rings, allowing users to freely match to the most suitable The combination of the size of your own ears can be more in line with the ear structure of most people in terms of fit and comfort.

The volume of the new headphone body is about two-thirds of the previous generation. In addition to the reduction in size, the weight is also reduced, which helps to improve the long-term wearing experience and stability.
Although Bose’s second-generation noise-cancelling true wireless headphones are also in-ear structures, after careful study, it can be found that the design of the mechanism size and inclination is still slightly different, and the new model is still equipped with in-ear detection sensors, removing the headphones It will automatically pause the music and play it again when you put it on.
Bose QuietComfort II provides a brand-new Fit Kit, which includes 3 pairs of small, medium and large earmuffs and No. 1, No. 2, and No. 3 stabilizing rings, providing 9 combinations for users to freely match.
The left is the second-generation QuietComfort charging box, which adopts a flat rounded shield-like design, and the right is the first-generation oval charging box. The shape and size of the two generations of charging boxes are significantly different.
The second-generation charging box can be opened directly and has no button to open the cover, and cannot be placed on the desktop like the first-generation charging box. When storing the earphones, the magnetic suction point of the earphones must be placed back upright.
The surface of the charging box is also treated with matte. Although it can avoid fingerprints and dirt, it will still be stained with oil. There is an LED power indicator on the front of the charging box, which can be illuminated by white light, orange light and red light. Simply determine whether the residual power status of the charging box is 100%, 50% or 20% or less.
The bottom adopts the mainstream Type-C charging port. Surprisingly, the new generation of charging boxes cancels the Qi wireless charging function.
There is a Bluetooth pairing button on the back of the charging box. When connecting a new device, you need to lift up and open the top cover, and press and hold the pairing button for about 2 seconds to flash blue light to put the headset into Bluetooth pairing mode.

Upgraded Bluetooth 5.3 version, but does not support LE Audio

Judging from the official hardware specifications, Bose QuietComfort II supports the latest Bluetooth 5.3 version and has better performance in connection stability and device compatibility. Use (such as MRT, high-speed train cars and cafes), there is no intermittent or disconnected problem, and it is used to watch videos and online programs on the streaming platform on mobile devices. Basically, there is almost no delay. In this case, the image and sound fit quite well.

In addition, with the low power consumption of Bluetooth 5.3, it has good battery life. The headset can listen to music for 6 hours continuously when fully charged. The charging box can provide an additional 18 hours of use time, and it also has a fast charge for 20 minutes to listen for another 2 hours. The ability of music, but it is reported that this Bluetooth encoding format only supports SBC and AAC, and the new LC3 codec is not in place at one time, so it cannot enjoy the advantages of high efficiency and high sound quality brought by the new encoder and is based on LE Audio. It’s a pity that Auracast broadcasts audio and other functions under the technology.

CustomTune smart in-ear sound field adjustment technology, accurately customize the best sound effect and noise cancellation experience

Users who have experienced Bose’s first-generation QuietComfort noise-cancelling true wireless headphones know the power of this headset in terms of noise reduction, while the second-generation QuietComfort, in addition to continuing its excellent noise-cancelling performance, has the most important feature of being tailored for users. Exclusive sound effects, the first application of its own smart sound field adjustment technology to truly wireless earphones, and a proper name: CustomTune smart in-ear sound field adjustment technology, when the user takes out and puts on the earphones A power-on sound effect allows the built-in microphone of the headset to calculate and analyze the sound effect and the structure of the user’s ear canal, and quickly calibrate and optimize the audio according to the measurement results, further improving the overall noise cancellation experience.

In terms of noise reduction, the number of built-in microphones in the new Bose QuietComfort II has been upgraded from the previous generation of 2 microphones on a single side to a single-sided 4-microphone array, including 1 microphone on the inside and 3 microphones on the outside, not only accurate Receive and measure the noise in the earphone and the environment, transmit the sound signal to the processing chip and send out the reverse sound wave through the algorithm to realize the noise cancelling experience. It automatically calibrates the noise-cancelling signal transmitted to the ear, bringing a better noise-cancelling experience for the mid-and high-frequency frequencies that were difficult to cancel in the past.

The earplug-wearing test is also provided in the Bose Music App, allowing users to check whether the earplugs are the right size and whether they are worn correctly.
The Bose Music App also has an EQ equalizer function, allowing people to use software to enhance their favourite tones.
This generation of Bose QuietComfort II is also designed for touch operation. The control gestures of the left and right earphones are the same. Click to pause/play music, double-click to switch to the next song, double-click to switch to the next song, and triple-click to return to the previous song. For a song, swipe up to increase the volume, swipe down to decrease the volume, long press to switch between noise cancellation or transparency mode, and set one of the left or right ear panels in the app to long press to activate the voice assistant function.

Measured scene: a moving bus, MRT carriage, arcade roadside

The author took a double-decker bus from the MRT City Hall along the way through Taozhuyinyuan, Xinyi business district, Taipei 101 and the East District business district, and experienced the Bose QuietComfort II on a busy and heavy-traffic section. Noise reduction capability.

First of all, when the author first put on the second-generation QuietComfort II headphones and activated the noise reduction mode, there were no TWS headphones with strong noise reduction ability in the past, which was easy to produce a vacuum stuffy or uncomfortable feeling, which is a full bonus. , and the main noise sources in the car, such as the sound of the car engine, the sound of the tires driving on the road, and the sound of the traffic on the road, can be almost isolated from the ear, and even QuietComfort II is more sensitive to some regular high-frequency noises, such as During this experience, Bose specially arranged for a staff member to read a piece of content in front of him. Basically, even the human voice was almost completely blocked, which was an inaudible feeling. During the experience, I was still amazed by its noise-cancelling performance, and the overall tranquillity made people more comfortable. Can be devoted to music or work.

However, after the event day, the author also especially experienced this headset for different scenes in life, such as the outdoor roadside and the moving MRT carriage, to test the QuietComfort II’s ability to deal with the irregular sound of motor and motorcycle horns and the high friction of the rails. With the noise cancellation ability of high-frequency sound, wall reflection hum echo and wind shearing sound when travelling in the tunnel, etc., QuietComfort II can suppress the wind noise in the MRT car and the noise generated during high-speed shuttle driving to a very slight degree. , as for some sudden loudspeaker noises, broadcast sounds and whistles, although they can be heard, the volume is significantly reduced, which means that you can still hear the surrounding sounds, but not to the level of noise. Suppose you are listening to music at this time. Then the impact of external sound is minimal, and the noise reduction performance is among the best in its class.

In addition, in addition to adjusting the sound field and noise reduction, Bose also applies the CustomTune technology to the transparent mode and integrates the ActiveSense dynamic noise sensing technology. When switching to the ambient sound mode, the headphones will automatically eliminate the background noise interference, allowing the Users can hear clearer, more natural and realistic ambient sounds when they need to talk to people or perceive sounds around them.

It is worth mentioning that users can also customize two additional modes such as focus and work in the Bose Music App, and can adjust the ten-level noise reduction intensity, and can also click the “Perceive the outside world (transparency mode)” Option to enable or disable ActiveSense dynamic noise sensing.

Overall, Bose QuietComfort II not only focuses on wearing and listening comfort, but also reduces the volume and weight of the body, and is equipped with multiple sets of newly designed Kit Fit earplugs to improve the fit and greatly reduce the pressure of listening to music for long periods of time. Combined with the exclusive CustomTune smart in-ear adjustment technology, it can bring a personal optimization experience to the sound effect, and it can also bring more advanced suppression effects to the noise frequencies such as speech that were difficult to eliminate in the past, and even integrate CustomTune and ActiveSense technology to obtain clear and natural ambient sound performance (as for the call quality performance that many users value, you can pay attention to our follow-up unboxing test video).

The above features For consumers who are looking for a truly wireless headset with powerful noise reduction, excellent sound quality and all-round functions, the Bose QuietComfort II is undoubtedly a good headset that can meet expectations without having to endure wearing discomfort for noise reduction. In terms of price, this model maintains the same price of $9,500 as the first generation, which can be regarded as an increase in volume without an increase in price. It is worth upgrading or replacing the old phone in hand to enjoy a more comprehensive listening experience.

At present, Bose QuietComfort II is available in black and white. Black has been officially released, while rock white is expected to be launched at the end of 2022.

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Title: Bose 2nd Gen QuietComfort Noise Cancelling True Wireless Earbuds