ASRock releases the latest Intel Z790 series motherboards to welcome the 13th generation Core series processors

ASRock, the world’s leading motherboard manufacturer, is proud to announce the official release of the new Intel Z790 series motherboards supporting the latest 13th Generation Intel® Core™ processors. The luxurious lineup of all products is lined up, including the flagship – “Z790 Taichi”; ASRock’s 20th Anniversary Special Edition – “Z790 Taichi Carrara”; and the undefeated legend aimed at the mainstream gamer group – “Z790Steel Legend WiFi”, the classic model – ” Z790 PRO RS”, e-sports rookies – “Z790 PG Riptide” and “Z790 PG Lightning”; of course, there are also indispensable e-sports guns – “Z790PG -ITX/TB4” and “Z790M-ITXWiFi”. With the most complete product lineup, Shanda welcomes Intel’s 13th-generation Core series processors, showing the most powerful performance.

Z790 series motherboards

A New Feeling of Millennium Tradition – Z790Taichi & Z790 Taichi Carrara

The first wave of the Z790 army, the most eye-catching one, must be the all-white ASRock 20th anniversary special edition “Z790Taichi Carrara”. Carrara is a beautiful marble with gray lines on a white background, which symbolizes ASRock’s 20 years of hard work, just as marble needs to go through thousands of trials to achieve today’s achievements. In addition to the exquisite appearance different from the Z790Taichi, the Carrara Anniversary Special Edition also comes with a 12 cm double-ball PWM marble-painted fan with an adjustable speed range of 800~2500 rpm, allowing players to install it into the case, allowing players to The system is more consistent and thematic.

Z790 Taichi Carrara

In order to give full play to the powerful performance of the 13th generation Core series processors, ASRock designed the most powerful 24+1+2 phase 105A SPS (Smart Power Stage) VRM on the Z790 Taichi series to help users build the most powerful LGA1700 platform, which gives unparalleled overclocking performance. It also supports the latest PCIe Gen5 x16 graphics card slot and a PCIe Gen5 x4 M.2 slot for the latest ultra-fast NVMe SSDs. All designs exist for the fastest and strongest!

Z790 Taichi series

And supports front USB Type-C 60W PD 3.0 fast charging technology, ensuring that your mobile phones, tablets, and laptops can get faster-charging speeds, while eliminating the need for expensive PD chargers.

Of course, the latest Intel Thunderbolt 4 / USB4 Type-C will not be missed, and the transmission bandwidth can reach up to 40Gb/s, which is suitable for connecting ultra-high-speed external storage devices.

Undefeated Legend Z790 SteelLegend WiFi & Gaming Rookie Z790 PG Riptide

Z790Steel Legend WiFi and Z790 PG Riptide not only support the latest PCIeGen5 x16 graphics card slot, but also have a set of BlazingM.2 slots to support PCIe Gen5 x4M.2 in order to be compatible with more powerful NVMeM.2 SSDs, and the effective bandwidth is the highest Twice the generation. At the same time, in order to ensure the ultimate performance of the high-speed Gen5SSD during continuous transmission, we have also equipped with a “multi-layer stacked M.2 heat sink”, which is thicker and larger to increase the heat capacity and effectively improve the heat dissipation efficiency.

Z790 Steel Legend WiFi

Z790Steel Legend WiFi has a built-in dual network interface, including Dragon2.5G and the latest 802.11ax (WiFi 6e), allowing you to connect wired and wireless without limitation. The power supply section is equipped with a powerful 16+1+1 SPS design, as well as a large-area heat sink, ensuring that all LGA1700 processors can reach their full potential.

The Z790 PG Riptide has the proud and exclusive Lightning Gaming Ports, which fully exert the performance of the high-return gaming keyboard and mouse; and the Killer 2.5G gaming network, which can fully allocate the game bandwidth; NihamicAudio provides players with the ability to fully enjoy the game scene. Immersive surround sound.

Z790 PG Riptide

These two motherboards not only provide excellent scalability and performance, but the 2 oz copper foil PCB also ensures excellent thermal performance under continuous heavy load operation.

The entry-level e-sports vanguard Z790 PG Lightning

Providing the most affordable price with high-quality materials and powerful specifications has always been ASRock’s commitment to every entry-level player, and we are pleased to include the latest Lightning series in our PhantomGaming product line.

Z790 PG Lightning

Although it lacks a bit of gorgeous appearance, practicality is the last word! There are two types of PG Lightning series, including Z790 PG Lightning with DDR5 specification, and Z790 PG Lightning/D4 with DDR4 specification, so that the DDR4 memory in your hand can be used to the last minute. 14+1+1-phase digital power supply with Dr.MOS, and a huge heat sink, it is out of the category of entry-level products, making mid-to-high-end competitors feel threatened. 2.5G network, front USB 3.2 Gen2x2 20Gbps Type-C and 4 sets of Gen4x4 M.2 specifications also make PG Lightning more, faster and more powerful than you need!

Mighty Steel Cannon Z790PG-ITX/TB4

The PG-ITX series has always been our proudest product, and this time we have brought the Mini-ITX version to the extreme again.


10+1+1-phase digital power supply and 105A SPS are the standard configuration. This time, we have upgraded the Intel Thunderbolt4 Type-C port from a single port to a dual port to provide users with more powerful expandability and various connections. possibility.

The number of M.2 slots is even higher, providing up to three sets of PCIe Gen4 x4 M.2 SSD slots. At the same time, 2 thermal conductive patches are attached, so that users can stick the M.2 SSD on the back of the motherboard, and the gap between the back plate of the case and the M.2 SSD to help the M.2 SSD conduct heat quickly!

Discover more secrets about the ASRock Z790 motherboard!

Finally, another feature that makes the ASRock Z790 motherboard truly unique is the built-in eDP video connector. This set of eDP video connectors allows gamers to connect to the eDP from the inside of the chassis, through a simple eDP cable, at the same time for power supply and signal transmission. Specifications screen. Just imagine, if the side panel of the chassis is no longer a simple transparent side panel, you can freely define the content of the screen, and can also be used as a secondary screen, you can have more possibilities and bring more convenience.

eDP video connector

Finally, we specially designed the Blazing M.2 Gen5 SSD Active Fan Heatsink as an optional accessory for PCIe Gen5 x4M.2 SSD motherboards. Active cooling fans can directly dissipate heat for Gen5SSD, ensuring long-term and stable transmission performance! Never slow down!

For more ASRock Z790 motherboard designs, please refer to ASRock’s official website.

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Title: ASRock releases the latest Intel Z790 series motherboards to welcome the 13th generation Core series processors