Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max appearance, audio and video, performance, battery, camera out-of-the-box measurement

iPhone 14 Pro Max out-of-the-box comprehensive test

Every year, I watch the rush to buy the new iPhone after the release, but this year seems to be a little different. Unlike the frenzy of placing an order first after it is launched in previous years, it seems that more people are watching the latest with a wait-and-see attitude this year. of the iPhone 14 series.

We have quickly brought you the horizontal comparison of the cameras of the five flagship phones. After all, the camera is only a part of the function of the mobile phone. There are still many people who care about battery life, audio and video, performance, etc., so after understanding the comparison and features of cameras, today We will officially bring you the complete unboxing of the iPhone 14 Pro Max. Through this article, we will unlock more functions other than the iPhone 14 Pro Max camera. And what are the advantages and disadvantages in actual use? Now let’s take a look at it with you through various actual tests!

iPhone 14 Pro Max
The strongest new love is crazy! What are the new features? What kind of different experience can it bring? Let’s get to know this phone better now.

Appearance and Unboxing

Since previous generations, Apple has maintained a more environmentally friendly and simple packaging, and this time is no exception. The box contains only the phone body, the transmission and charging cable, and a few simple instructions and stickers.

The Pro Max model is as solid as always in the hand. The size of the iPhone 14 Pro Max is 160.7 x 77.6 x 7.85mm and the weight is 240 grams. Whether you hold it in your hand or put it in your pocket, it has a very strong presence. One-handed use is definitely enough to burden the little finger, but at the same time, it also has a 6.7-inch large screen, a 4323mAh large-capacity battery, and a delicate and high-quality stainless steel frame. Although it is large and heavy, the texture of the entire phone is still very good. refined.

But after getting it, it is suddenly understandable that so many evaluations on the Internet can only introduce the dynamic island function. After all, the iPhone 14 Pro Max mainly continues the design style of the previous generations, and it is not too different from the previous generation in appearance. Big difference, unless you find the dynamic island design on the front, the new purple color, and the larger lens area, it’s actually hard to tell at a glance that it’s the new iPhone 14 series.

In addition, Apple’s dynamic island function for this capsule lens design is very delicate and beautiful in the display part, and can even present different shapes of prompts and shortcut functions for different applications. But for me personally, the capsule lens design this time is not better than the bangs. The main reason is that its position is moved to the center of the screen. The problem is that it is more obvious and affects the full-screen display. Visual experience, especially when watching movies or playing games. So for the function of the dynamic island, you can say that it is very dazzling, but if you insist that it is super practical or even an evolution, it will really make people feel a bit reluctant.

The environmentally friendly packaging driven by Apple has canceled the charger and wired earphones. In addition to the mobile phone, there are only card pins, charging transmission lines, manuals, and stickers in the box.
The 6.7-inch large screen is really domineering in the hand, and the front lens area of ​​the dynamic island design on the forehead is a major change in the appearance of the 14 Pro series this time. The protection ability is also very strong, although it also supports IP68 waterproof and dustproof, it can be protected underwater for 6 meters for 30 minutes, which is more powerful than the waterproof ability of ordinary Android phones.
In fact, the capsule-shaped front lens area is farther away from the frame and closer to the center of the screen. The visual interference in the full-screen display is actually no less than the bangs design, but with the animation display designed by Apple, it makes It has become a major feature, and it does have the effect of “turning shortcomings into advantages” mentioned in Jolin Tsai’s seventy-two changes lyrics.
This time we got a new color purple, but this purple is very deep, and even looks like gray in low-light scenes. It belongs to a relatively low-key purple. I personally think that the advantage of this is that it does not distinguish between genders. It fits nicely.
The stainless steel design on the side also adopts a high-brightness design, and the key configuration is not much different from the previous generation.
However, because the lens module area has become very large this time, the protective case is incompatible with the previous generation, and if you look closely, although the body is less than 8mm, due to the improvement of the camera specifications, the thickness of the lens part is almost coming to 12mm. 
Fortunately, the design of the counterweight is quite proud, and there is no top-heavy problem, but if you are usually used to small mobile phones, you will feel that it is really heavy. After a short time of one-handed operation, the little finger begins to be very burdened.

Audiovisual performance

The part of the audio and video function is the strength of the iPhone. First of all, when it comes to the screen, I believe everyone can agree that with mobile phone products, the best screens used are Samsung and Apple, and the screen of the iPhone 14 Pro Max is not only large, such as the automatic adjustment of the screen update rate ProMotion technology, HDR display, True Tone display, wide color gamut display, peak brightness up to 2000 nits and it’s all there!

Especially the high-brightness screen allows me to use it outdoors, and I can really feel the advantages it brings. In addition, the 2796×1290 resolution also has a very delicate display effect. Strictly speaking, except for the digging area of ​​the dynamic island, it appears In addition to being an eyesore, the display of this phone is really nothing to be picky about.

As for the sound performance, we are also very satisfied with this phone. In fact, starting from the previous generation of the iPhone 13 series, we often compare the speaker quality and volume performance of the phone with the iPhone 13 series. The reason is in the past. The first-generation iPhone 13 series has a very obvious improvement in the sound quality and volume of its stereo dual speakers. In addition to the loud sound and good sound quality, the restoration of the bass part is better than that of ordinary mobile phones. This time, the iPhone 14 Pro Max speakers continued. The performance of the previous generation is also very good, and there is no doubt that it can be included in the performance of the top student. You can rest assured.

The stereo dual speakers are respectively arranged at the bottom of the fuselage and the position of the earpiece. We quite like the design of the earpiece, which is hidden between the screen frame and the metal middle frame. It looks very low-key and simple, but the sound performance is very good.
The peak brightness of the screen this time has been greatly improved compared to the last time. We also specially selected an area with bright sunshine for testing. It can be found that even under the sun, this screen can also have excellent readability.

This time, iOS 16 has added the function of specifying desktop display, which allows users to further set their favorite desktop style, color and even words, but for users like me who use the Android system more time, in fact, This desktop style and dynamic island have similar functions on Android for a long time, but I have to admire Apple’s ability to make these things more complete and refined, and even drive the trend.

Performance and Battery

The iPhone 14 Pro Max is equipped with the latest A16 bionic chip, with a 6-core CPU and a 5-core GPU. Since the A14 and A15, Apple’s processors have performed very well in terms of performance and power consumption. This time, the A16 puts more emphasis on the GPU. and power consumption performance improvement. If you choose Apple’s new iPhone, you can basically rest assured about the performance part, because even the iPhone SE launched earlier this year has generously used the A15 bionic chip, not to mention the A16 of the iPhone 14 Pro series. , the point is, consumers don’t have to worry about buying an iPhone, whether they will pick out a processor model with a bad process that is prone to serious overheating and heat generation, and we actually tested several hardware benchmarks and test software, and they did get very good runs. The scores are also provided below for your reference.

It is worth noting that the iPhone 14 Pro Max uses A16 and is also equipped with a 4323mAh large-capacity battery, so the battery life is quite outstanding. I remember that last year’s iPhone 13 Pro Max used a similar combination and easily won the annual flagship battery life king. The title of today’s iPhone 14 Pro Max did not disappoint.

We actually tested it by playing youtube high-definition streaming videos, connecting the phone to the Internet via Wi-Fi, and adjusting the screen brightness and volume to about 50%. After half an hour of playback, the power dropped by only 2%. After conversion, In the case of full power, you can play youtube continuously for 25 hours, which is very good. It can be said that the battery life is very satisfactory.

In the endurance test part, the original power was 12%. After half an hour of continuous playback test, the power only dropped by 2%. After conversion, the power loss is only 4% in one hour, and the power consumption performance is excellent!

As for whether the “Always Display” function that everyone cares about will consume more power after it is turned on, we have also done a test. Turning on the Always Display function will continuously stand by for eight hours, and the power will drop by 9%. After turning off the Always Display function, it will also stand by for eight hours. hour, the power dropped by only 3%. It seems that although the permanent display allows users to obtain the status of the mobile phone at any time, it is recommended to turn off this function to save power when the power is tight.

Camera Experience

When everyone learned at the press conference that the iPhone 14 Pro series will be equipped with a 1/1.3-inch main camera with a large photosensitive element, they are bound to be full of expectations for this shooting capability. Of course, we are no exception. After all, the main lens is from the previous generation. The 1/1.7 inch has been increased to 1/1.3 inch this time, and the pixels have been increased to 48 million. At the same time, with the second-generation photosensitive element shock-proof technology, the hardware improvement in this part is quite large, and because of this, Apple is even more The camera function adds a 2x lens option that is cropped through the main lens, making it more convenient to shoot portraits or merchandise. Not only that, the sensor of the ultra-wide-angle lens has also been increased from 1/3.5 inch to 1/2.55 inch, as for the triple lens of the telephoto lens, the sensor is 1/3.5 inch.

However, after the actual shooting, we found that during the daytime shooting, the imaging of the iPhone 14 Pro Max does not have much difference from the previous generation, not to mention that when shooting at night, unlike Android, which can shoot the night into the daytime, the obvious difference is that Noise becomes lower, and the picture becomes cleaner, but it just can’t draw a significant gap with the previous generation. Not only our test experience is like this, but the results obtained from the evaluations of major media seem to be similar, that is, Apple focuses on the advantages of large photosensitive elements to provide a better experience rather than better picture quality, for example, the Lower time required for night mode shooting and application of double mirrors.

However, this time the Pro series does provide a higher-quality ProRAW function, which can shoot higher-quality RAW files, which is really helpful for those who have higher image needs, but this part of the application is for non-professional image use. It may be relatively difficult for the user to understand the RAW file editing, and it is also a very big test for the storage space because any ProRAW will basically occupy 70-80MB.

On the whole, the camera of the iPhone 14 Pro Max is very comprehensive, with reliable and stable performance from macro, day and night, portrait, long distance, and video, but the camera part is not very good compared to the iPhone 13 Pro series. Significant differences. What impresses us more is the sports mode added to the video this time. In fact, he uses an ultra-wide-angle lens for video recording and cuts through more viewing angles to obtain a relatively stable picture. The actual test result is very good in anti-shock effect. Even if you just hold the iPhone and run up the stairs while shooting, the imaging result is still as smooth and stable as if you were on a gimbal. I have to say that compared to the Android camp, Apple’s mobile phone is really superior in video recording. Below we also provide the results of the actual shooting for your reference. You must take a closer look. , you can clearly feel the super-stable charm of the iPhone 14 series sports mode video this time.

The iPhone 14 Pro Max is equipped with three lenses, which are 13mm ultra-wide-angle, 24mm general, and 77mm triple lenses.

The front lens is a 1/3.6-inch 12-megapixel camera. The biggest improvement is the addition of autofocus. Both front and rear cameras support 4K 60fps high-definition video recording.

Although the main camera has only three lenses, Apple has added a double-lens option on the iPhone 14 Pro Max interface, which is actually calculated by cropping the 48-megapixel main lens, but the effect is really good, plus the 48mm The focal length is very suitable for shooting portraits and commodities, and I personally think it is quite practical.

The shock-proof effect of the sports mode this time is very good, and it is the most impressive thing in the actual test camera function, but it is especially important to note that after the sports mode is turned on, the high-resolution video can only reach 2.8K.

Daytime 0.5x, 1x, 2x, 3x, 5x, 15x focal length imaging ▲Night time 0.5x, 1x, 2x, 3x, 5x, 15x focal length imaging

The focal length of the double mirror used to shoot portraits is particularly easy to use, especially when the portrait mode is turned on, the background blur is also very natural, and the blurring of the front and rear scenes has an excessive effect.

Summary: The actual experience is nothing new, but it is still a high-quality choice for the top-level flagship

After the official release of the iPhone 14 series, many netizens said that they felt like they were squeezing toothpaste this time, but although this is always said, the most popular mobile phone in the second half of 2022 will probably be won by the iPhone 14 series. Topics and sales guaranteed.

Although there are not many new ideas (why all mobile phones seem to be like this year), and the appearance has been used for three years, the iPhone 14 Pro Max has been improved for three generations after all, and it is a flagship mobile phone that is very stable and has no obvious shortcomings. , After the above test, we can see that whether it is audio-visual performance, battery life, performance, camera have excellent performance, it is indeed a very useful mobile phone, and if you add the value preservation, I believe there is no one This Android phone is on a par with the iPhone.

Assuming that you are using the iPhone 13 series and want to change to the 14 series, we really recommend that you consider whether you “want” or “need”. After all, just like the market reaction, the experience of the 13 and 14 generations is really not that good. There are many differences. But if you are not an iPhone 13 series user, and you want to buy a top-level flagship phone now, then the iPhone 14 Pro Max will still be a good choice for you. As mentioned above, in terms of various considerations, this phone still has a larger chance of winning, but only if your wallet is thick enough and your budget is sufficient.

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Title: Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max appearance, audio, and video, performance, battery, camera out-of-the-box measurement