Apple AirPods Pro 2 vs AirPods Pro – ULTIMATE Comparison!

AirPods Pro 2 vs AirPods Pro

The AirPods Pro 2 is that much better than the original AirPods Pro.

Today, we will find out because we’re going to compare everything from the sound quality noise cancellation and microphones to the battery life, new features, and more.

I must say that I’ve been waiting for these for about two years now. The competition is getting so good, and within the last year, I switched to the AirPods 3 because they sounded better.

Charging & Battery Life

The one thing I wish they did add was USB type c. They are still sticking with lightning.

That’s a major bummer, but instead, they allowed you to charge it with an Apple Watch charger which I don’t know why they would do.

Thankfully the battery life is up to 30 hours, with the case in up to six hours for the earbuds themselves.

Case Differences

Now the case size looks identical in both the front and the back look the same as well, but if we look at the side, we now have this little port for a lanyard which I don’t have a use for.

What is useful is the speaker on the bottom of the case, and we’re going to show that off the first time I noticed it when I popped it open, and I heard that sound right there, and that tells you it’s ready to pair, and the last difference that not many people are talking about is.

The case is now also ipx4 water resistant, just like the earbuds where the old one wasn’t, and my other pair ultimately died because it went through the wash, which sucked because my Apple Care just expired.

Bud Design Changes

The buds themselves have also been slightly redesigned.

Apple got rid of the proximity sensor and they’re using a skin detect sensor and the vent have now moved up higher let’s get these things paired.

Wow, that was instant I wonder if that’s because of the new H2 chip and the new Bluetooth 5.3 which my iPhone also has.

We noticed that on the Apple Watch Series 8 and the ultra pairs super fast while I’m swapping out the ear tips for the large ones I want to mention they have extra small now which are tiny but I have some pretty large ear canals.

New Touch Controls

Right, I’m going to turn off the active noise cancellation. They feel identical in my ears, and the only thing that’s changed as far as controls disability swipes. I want to try that out, all right, enjoyable each time. There’s a little thump, so it tells you it’s adjusting.

As you guys can see, I just swipe up or down. It moves it up not by that much, surprisingly. Then as I’m doing that, I am Shifting the earbuds in my ears unless I’m being super careful, so I don’t know how useful this will be day to day next. I want to test out the active noise cancellation and the transparency mode because the AirPods Pro 2 processed 48 000 times a second compared to 200 for the original AirPods Pro now.

Active Noise Cancellation

Turning on the noise cancellation on the original AirPods Pro knocks out much of that sound.

We have an AC vent over there, but I still hear some low-end sound. The Originals were pretty good when they came out, but in the last couple of years, the competition has gotten much, much better, alright, the Moment of Truth, all right, that’s not too different. It’s very similar.

I hear a little bit less noise. My voice is quite a bit different from the AC event. I still hear a little bit of that low-end Rumble, but let’s go ahead and make this a bit more challenging I turned on some Cafe noise so that we can have a noisier environment to test it. These originals knocked out a lot of that low-end right away, but the high frequencies are still reasonably present. The new ones, all right, there you go. That’s much more of a difference. The low end is gone completely, and I still hear a little bit on the high end. The eyes are brought down a ton, and I can’t tell what’s happening in the background. That is a huge difference—this is a little example of what I heard.

Transparency Mode

The transparency of the Airpod pro was the best. Let’s go ahead and turn that back on sounds unique but even go ahead and say something, hey, watch your Apple watch Ultra review. Yes, watch every. We tried very hard for the comparison. At least you sound perfect. I don’t know how they can make this any better, and of course, this mode uses the microphone.

If it gets any better, I mean some microphones also get better. Let’s listen to the new ones. All right, Vadim, say something subscribes to Max Tech. Hey, subscribe to Max Tech, but I did notice only one difference my voice sounds a little bit worse unless I’m just getting sick because we’ve been working way too much, but your voice, I get more of that low-end uh, so it doesn’t make it that much better but that it does sound more natural so I guess they did improve it.

Microphone Quality

Regarding microphone quality, the original AirPods I’m using were never exceptional. They’re okay, and lately, they have also been superseded, and this is the microphone quality of the AirPods pro 2. now, you guys let me know in the comments if they sound any better. If they do, I think it might be because that Bluetooth 5.3.

EDM Music Comparison

Now, I’ve been waiting for what I’ve been waiting for for years now better audio quality. We’re going to start with the track. You guys will see my expression live. We’ll go through a couple of genres. Let’s get started. Unfamiliar bring me back.
All right, I was not disappointed the difference is not massive in some of the parts. The intro is very similar. Uh, her voice sounds a little bit more natural. It’s not like that has been turned down sounds smoother, which is nice, but when that bass kicked in, the bass is a lot deeper, and I love that.

Sound Leakage

Yeah, I could hear a lot of the beacons, too. Did you hear more leakage? Yeah, like literally hear the song, but not with the air plus pro one.

No, no, I could barely hear it. Do you think the vent is venting out a lot more because I have the same ear tips on or just a lot more volume? Uhh, it did get a little bit louder yea,h it did contact a little bit louder but not significantly, yeah, so it has to be the venting, so if you guys don’t like a lot of leakages and you love maxing out, your speakers your earbuds like I do they’re going to get louder.

Modern Classical Comparison

The next song is an upbeat modern classical that sounds way better on my AirPods 3 than on my original AirPods Pro.

So I hope to see a big difference in foreign guys. Apple’s done an excellent job; this is not even the most complex test. One thing I noticed is that.

In certain parts, these are a lot louder, not all the time, but the way the AirPods work, they have their adaptive EQ, so if something’s going to distort, the volume will get adjusted down, not that you notice. You know, sudden drop-off, but in certain parts where there could have been Distortion with the other one, these drivers could play it now obviously more bass, as I mentioned before, but the hi-hat had such a nice distinct punch, almost like a punch on your face. Still, it’s with the hi-hats, and that kind of like a more significant separation from the base, so the drivers are a lot better, and the same thing with the sound stage.

Rock Music Comparison

Now for this challenging rock song with a bunch of different stuff going on, foreign guys for a second there, I had this weird look. It almost sounded like something in the background that maybe should have been there, but I did not notice it at all with the original AirPods. It might be one of those little drums.

Uh, I don’t know what they’re called, like a little whisk thing on the drum, but anyways, I heard on this one these stayed louder as well, which was lovely, and the separation between the instruments is better now. I’m used to hearing that on my AirPods Max as well. It sounds fantastic and better than AirPods Pro 2, but these are a step up in every single way. I think the one thing that might be a downside is, uh, the tweeters when some parts are a little bit lower. Maybe because there’s more separation, I’m not sure I think a lot of people like that because people don’t like harsh Highs, but in general, man, the sound quality has been improved quite dramatically.

Personalized Spacial Audio

Now one interesting new thing is this ability to personalize.

A spatialized audio will use the front camera with the lidar sensor to scan your face and ear to make the sound better with the spatialized mode. Let’s try that out looks like I’m setting a face ID again, and now it’s going to do my right ear, and it’s going to shoot a bunch of tiny lasers in there. It starts automatically.

I can’t even see what it’s doing, but here you are, ready to tell me what it says. I don’t know what to do. Oh geez, okay, wow, it did it. It’s done now. One thing you have to know is this is not only for the AirPods Pro 2.

You can also do that with the original AirPods Pro to improve spatial audio now. I listened to the song before we did that, so I know what it sounds like with spatial audio. Let’s take another listen, all right? I don’t have to listen to that whole track. That was an improvement. The one thing that I noticed when I tested out the spatial audio before was the synth. Once all the other instruments got smacked in there, I couldn’t hear it when I enabled spatial audio without. It sounded better, which is why I rarely use spatial audio now. Some of these tracks got louder, and that synth was still audible, so maybe I will use the spatial audio more now.

Find My with Sound

I think one of the best new features is the ability to find it with the ultra-wideband chip so here I’m in my find my app. I can go ahead and play a sound on here, or I can click find nearby, showing me exactly where it is.

This is amazing because my parents lost their AirPods for a year because they slid in somewhere and couldn’t find them, and a lot of people use AirPods all the time, so that is so awesome to have. I can also play that sound and listen to that that is pretty loud. That’s louder than an air tag. Yeah, it’s almost as loud as a siren on the ultra watch. I think the sirens are more audible but not as loud as we thought. That is so awesome. You guys see that flashes right there as well. If it’s dark, you’re going to know that. I think that’s such a killer reason to buy the new AirPods Pro 2.

Which AirPods Should YOU Buy?

If you’re trying to choose which one to buy that leads right into that final Choice, should you upgrade, and which one should you buy? Well, as far as which one you should buy, I think unless you’re strapped for cash, and for that reason, you probably shouldn’t be buying the original AirPods Pro.

Anyways I think you should get these new ones. The sound quality is better. Yes, the battery life is better. Yes, but having the ability to track it right there is a 30 value for an air tag. Still, it’s built-in with that loudspeaker, and that can save you the total value of the AirPods in case you lose them, and then, of course, the better sound quality and that much better active noise cancellation, I think your apps absolutely should spend the money compared to a discounted pair of AirPods pro 2 with that should you upgrade.

If you already have AirPods Pro, well, I think if you love your AirPods and use them every single day, you’ve had these for a while, you are going to enjoy the benefits of the new ones, so if you have the money, I would say yes sell your old ones get some of that money back and upgrade.

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Title: Apple AirPods Pro 2 vs AirPods Pro – ULTIMATE Comparison!