Affordable Sea View Room in M-ATX Size | Unboxing the darkFlash Mirror Island MOTI Case

The darkFlash MOTI, whose name is a direct translation of “Mirror of the Island,” symbolizes “floating on Mirror Island.” It’s designed with double-sided glass and no A-pillars, which formulates a transparent sea-view room cabinet. Compatible with M-ATX size, this case accommodates 360mm water cooling, supports graphics cards up to 390mm long, and includes 3 built-in ARGB fans, two of which are reverse fans. Available at just 2390 yuan, it leaves little to desire.

Mirror Island MOTI Features:

  • Color: Available in Black or White
  • Dimensions: 455.8235430mm
  • Motherboard Compatibility: M-ATX and ITX
  • Video Card Length Limit: Up to 390mm
  • Maximum Cooler Height: 170mm
  • Storage Options: Support for up to 2 SSDs and 2 HDDs
  • Water Cooling Compatibility: Can accommodate top 360/240mm
  • Fan Support:
  • Top: Space for 3 x 120mm or 2 x 140mm
  • Side Panels: Space for 2 x 120mm
  • Rear Plate: Space for 1 x 120mm
  • Power Compartment: Space for 3 x 120mm

Panoramic mid-tower chassis with 3 ARGB fans as standard | darkFlash Mirror Island MOTI Unboxing

Cabinets with glass panels on the front and sides are often referred to as sea view rooms or panoramic cabinets. In the early days of sea view room cabinets, pillars were still present between the two pieces of glass. But now, to achieve more transparent visual effects, many manufacturers, including the creators of the Mirror Island case that was recently unboxed, choose to remove these pillars.

The internal layout of Mirror Island resembles the traditional mid-tower case with a bottom power supply, but with the significant changes of adding glass to the front and sides and including two fans beside the motherboard for improved air intake. Additionally, three interconnected fans in the power supply compartment enhance heat dissipation, and the IO position is conveniently located on the side of the case, ideally placed for right-hand access on a table. After all, nobody buys a sea view room case to leave it on the floor!

Mirror Island has a range of features, including:

  • Motherboard Compatibility: Support for the largest M-ATX boards
  • Water Cooling Support: Top space for up to 360mm
  • Air-Cooled Radiator Height: Support for up to 170mm
  • Fan Support: Room for 9 fans in total, with 3 ARGB fans included by default. Among these, two are reverse fans mounted on the motherboard’s side, which oppose the standard air intake direction of ordinary fans. This unique arrangement helps to avoid the visibility of unattractive fan-bearing brackets.
The side of the mirror island case.
The front of the case.
No A-pillar design.
There are 2 large ventilation holes on the back panel.
5-slot PCIe, power supply placed below.

The Mirror Island case features its IO (Input/Output) panel on the side, providing convenient access to various ports and controls. This includes the power button, one USB 3.0 port, a 3.5mm headset combo jack, and one USB 3.2 Gen2 Type-C port.

Chassis IO.
IO wire is also all white.

The sides of the Mirror Island case are secured with buckles, facilitating tool-free disassembly and reassembly. This ease of access is complemented by dust-proof nets found at both the top and bottom of the case, adding an extra layer of protection and maintenance convenience.

The front and side glass can be disassembled without tools.
To remove the top panel, you need to unscrew the rear hand screw first.
The top panel is made of plastic, with a dust-proof net attached to the inside.
The back panel is also tool-free.
Magnetic filter at the bottom.

Mirror Island offers support for either two 3.5-inch or two 2.5-inch hard drives. These are positioned in the front part of the power supply compartment. One of the hard drives can be installed in the pull-out rack, while the other must be secured above the hard drive rack. This design allows for flexibility and ease of access when dealing with storage components.

Hard disk rack.
Tool-free hard disk rack installation.

The Mirror Island case is equipped with 3 ARGB fans: one pre-installed at the rear and two on the side. Uniquely, the two side fans are reverse fans. While most sea view room cabinets use fans where the bearing bracket is visible on the air intake side, the reverse fans in the Mirror Island case display attractive fan blades since the air intake direction is opposite.

This is an attention to aesthetic detail that distinguishes it from many sea-view room cabinets on the market. Some of those cabinets may not include fans at all, while others may not come with reverse fans, leaving users to purchase them separately. Given that the price of reverse fans is generally higher, darkFlash’s inclusion of these fans in the Mirror Island case demonstrates a thoughtful and considerate approach to design.

Rear fan.
The fan is reversed on the side.
The fan position corresponds to the opening on the back panel.
5V 3pin & 4pin PWM both support series connection.
Screw accessories box.

M-ATX size, up to 9 fans | Mirror Island MOTI installation and measurement Mirror

Mirror Island is designed to support the largest M-ATX motherboards, with ample installation space for other components. It can accommodate top water cooling of 280mm or 360mm, graphics cards up to 390mm in length, and a total of 9 fans. The top cooling radiator is strategically pushed out to prevent interference with the motherboard’s heat sink or power supply lines. Additionally, the back offers up to 30mm deep space for cable management, making it easier to maintain a clean and concealed arrangement with the provided invisible-to-clean cable management method.

When it comes to fan installation, the case has specific recommendations for achieving optimal airflow:

  • Air Intake: Two fans on the side and three fans on the bottom
  • Air Outlet: Three fans at the top and one fan at the rear
  • Reverse Fans: Three can be installed at the bottom

Long screws are provided with the case accessories, allowing for direct locking in the power supply compartment from top to bottom. However, an essential note is that although the fans come with series wires, it is advisable not to connect more than 3 wires in a series to avoid excessive current. This guidance ensures the longevity and efficiency of the cooling system within the Mirror Island case, reflecting a thoughtful approach to design and functionality.

Maximum M-ATX motherboard, 5 slots PCIe.
It is recommended to insert the wires under the motherboard first and then install the bottom fan, which will be easier to install.
Case accessories provide long screws.

Viewed from this perspective, the advantage of pushing the cooling radiator (cold row) outward, away from the motherboard, becomes apparent. This strategic positioning offers better compatibility with the motherboard’s heat sink, the power supply line, and the memory components. By providing additional space and reducing the potential for interference, the design ensures optimal functionality and easier installation of these critical components.

The Mirror Island case offers a generous cable management space of up to 30mm on the back, and the power compartment at the bottom provides ample room for concealing cables. This design not only helps in maintaining a clean and organized look inside the case but also contributes to improved airflow and cooling efficiency. It makes managing and hiding cables an easier task for builders, emphasizing aesthetics and functionality.

In the Mirror Island case, there is a specific opening reserved in the power supply compartment, allowing the power supply cable of the graphics card to pass through. This design feature ensures a clean and organized routing of the cable, minimizing clutter and enhancing the overall appearance of the interior. It’s another thoughtful detail that emphasizes ease of assembly and aesthetics in the case design.

Complete lighting.
A 45-degree angle.

DarkFlash mirror island MOTI heat dissipation test

The heat dissipation capabilities of the Mirror Island chassis were tested using a combination of an Intel i7-13700K processor and AMD RX6800 XT graphics card, equipped with 360mm AIO water cooling. With all 9 fans fully installed, the testing simulated a high-load scenario using AIDA64 FPU and FurMark, and the average temperature over 10 minutes was recorded with HWiNFO64.

Test Platform:

  • Processor: Intel Core i7-13700K
  • Motherboard: ASRock B760M PG SONIC WIFI
  • Graphics Card: AMD Radeon RX6800 XT
  • Memory: KELVV DDR5-6200 16GBx2
  • Operating System: Windows 11 PRO 21H2
  • Radiator: Lianli GA II TRINITY 360 ARGB White
  • Power Supply: FSP Hydro PTM X PRO 1200W White

The results showed that the chassis could control the temperature very well when the CPU and GPU were individually tested (single-baking). However, in the double-baking test, where both CPU and GPU were under extreme load, the temperature exceeded 100 degrees Celsius due to the CPU water cooling absorbing the waste heat from the graphics card.

It’s important to note that such an extreme situation is unlikely to occur in everyday use, as the CPU load in daily gaming or regular tasks will not be excessively high. Overall, the heat dissipation of Mirror Island performed well, but there was a compromise in the noise level. The 9 fans running at full speed produced relatively loud noise, a trade-off that may have been made for the sake of appearance.


Contrasting with the double-chamber structure often found in sea-view room cases, Mirror Island employs a configuration with the power supply located below, reducing the width of the case without sacrificing internal space. Even though it cannot house an ATX motherboard, the case can still accommodate high-end configurations, including 360mm water cooling, a CPU radiator height of 170mm, and a graphics card up to 390mm in length. The thoughtful design, with appropriate threading holes and 30mm backplane space, makes the installation process smooth and easy.

When I first discovered that Mirror Island was sold at the original price of only 2,390 yuan, I was both astonished and concerned, wondering if such a bargain price would mean a compromise in certain aspects. However, the result was entirely unexpected. Not only does the case offer excellent workmanship for a sea view room, but it also comes with 3 built-in ARGB fans. Considering the features and the price, Mirror Island provides exceptional value for money, making it a highly cost-effective choice!

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Title: Affordable Sea View Room in M-ATX Size | Unboxing the darkFlash Mirror Island MOTI Case